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Publication numberUS1381616 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 14, 1921
Filing dateJan 27, 1921
Priority dateJan 27, 1921
Publication numberUS 1381616 A, US 1381616A, US-A-1381616, US1381616 A, US1381616A
InventorsClausen Julius C, John Buckley
Original AssigneeClausen Julius C, John Buckley
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Choker-line attachment
US 1381616 A
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Patented June 14, 1921.





Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Jun@ lill, 1921i.

Application filed. January 27, 1952.1.b Serial No. 440,541.

To alt/whom t may concern:

Be 1t known that we, JULiUs C. Cini-renin and JOHN BUCKLEY, both citizens of the United States, and both residents of BuckV ley Bay, in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Choker-Line At tachments, of whicl the following is a specification. l

Our invention relates to improvements in i choker line attachments, and the object of saved since the device is comparatively light,

inadvertently detached.

is very easy to handle, and cannot ecoine We attain this object by the construction illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which- Figure l is a face view of the device. Fig. 2 is a face view, in part aection., F'ig. 3 is a side view. Fig. 4 is a fragmentary side view, in section.

Fig. 5 is a plan view. y Fi 6 is a view illustrating the practical application of the invention.

Similar figures of reference indicate similar parts throughout the several views. a

,The device consists of avery strong plate 1, preferably per end of which is provided with an eye 2 to which the hauling line 3 is secured while its lower end is turned outwardly at right angles to the body of the plate, as -at 4, and is slotted from the back of the plate to within a short distance of the outer lend of the portion 4, the slotbeing-indicated by the numeral 5, and this slot is carried longitudinally of the plate, as at 6, to about its midlength where it terminates 'in an annular longer than it is wide, the upis formed by recessing the periphery of the opening about its midwidth, in which groove is rotatablyV mounted a rin 10 having divided ends l1 and 12 sprea apart a dis tance substantially equal to the width of the gap 8 .hereinbefo-re mentioned, one of the ends being bent, as at 13, to provide a means :for manually rotating the ring.

14 Yindicates the choker line which is provided at bothends with knobs 15 and 16 re- 65 spectively the diameter of which is less than the diameter of the opening 7 but greater than the width of the slot 6. One of theknobs may be dispensed with and the end provided with an ordinary hook and swivel, if desired. n

The manner in Vwhich the device is used will be readily apparent on reference being had to the drawings, particularly Fig. 6, and may be briefly described. The hauling line 3 beingsecured to the eye 2 and it being desired to connect the choker line all that is necessary is to pass the knob 15 through the'opening 7 from the back of the plate,

. the ring 10 being first of all rotated to bringl 80 the space between its divided ends. 11' and l2 into registration with the gap 8, as shown in Fig. l, and then pass the line through the Ygap and along the slot 6, after which the ring .is rotated so that the undivided portion straddles the gap, as shown in Fig. 2, and thus the line can not become' inadvertently detached from the plate. The strain on the line when attached to an object such as a log, and under load, seats the knob 15 90 against theportion 4 so that it is held in place in an eiiicient manner.

From the foregoing it will be seen that we havevdevised a simple means for attaching choker lines to hauling lines, or for other analogous purposes, which is practical, etiicient, and of eat convenience to those engaged in logging or haulingoperations.

What we claim as 'our invention is vplate adapted at one end for connection to a.

hauling line, said platebeing provided with an annular aperture intermediate its length and a slot extending from said aperture, the

vperiphery of said aperture being recessed to form an annular groove, and a ring rotatably seated in said groove having divided ends spread apart a distance substantially equal to the Width of said slot.- f

3. In a device of the character described, a choker line having a knob on one end, and a plate adapted for attachment to a hauling line, said plate being provided With an aperture of greater diameter than the said knob and a slot extending from the aperture of less Width than the knob and Wider than the line diameter.

4. In a device of the character described, a choker line having a knob on one end, a plate adapted for attachment to a hauling line, said plate being provided with an aperturepf greater diameter than said knob and a slot extending from the aperture of less Width than the knob and Wider than the line diameter, and means for closing the entrance to said slot.

5. In a device ofthe character described, a choker line having a knob on one end, a

plate eyed at one end and turned at its opposite end at right angles to the body, said plate being provided with an aperture of greater diameter than the said knoband a slot of less Width than the knob and Wider than the line diameter extending from the aperture through the right angled end, and' slot and aperture, said ring having one end thereof formed to present an operating knob. L Dated at Buckley Bay, B. C., this 27 day of Dec., 1920.


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U.S. Classification24/115.00R, 24/715.4, 294/82.14, 294/74
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