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Publication numberUS1382586 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 21, 1921
Filing dateJan 18, 1921
Priority dateJan 18, 1921
Publication numberUS 1382586 A, US 1382586A, US-A-1382586, US1382586 A, US1382586A
InventorsWalter Wilson John
Original AssigneeWalter Wilson John
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US 1382586 A
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J. W. WILSON. C OMB. ArPLlcArlon. FILED JAN.- ls. 1921. 1,382,586. Patented June 21, 1921.






1,382,586. Patented June 21, 1921.

' J Mazze/mism M INVEN'roR BY @im l ATTORNEY WITNFSS:





spcieation of Letters Patent. Patented June 21', 1921.

' Application led January 18, 1921.v Serial No. 438,213.l

Vcomb which is particularly designed for applying a desired quantity of dye to hair for restoring the color thereof.

The primary object of the invention is to produce a comb for this purpose in which the dye can be applied in desired or determined quantities without being rubbed in the scalp or inflicting injury thereto, and Without danger of staining the hands of the operator. Y n

The foregoing and other objects .which will appear as the nature of the invention is better understood, may be accomplished lby a construction, combination and operative arrangement of parts such as is disclosedby the drawings which accompany and which form a part of this application.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a comb constructed in accordance with the present invention. f-

. Fig. 2 is a substantially central vertical longitudinal sectional view therethrough. Fig. 3 is a sectional view on the line 3- of Fig. 2.

Fig. f1 is a view of the comb element detached, parts being broken away.

Fig. 5 is a similar view of the handle member, with the cap disconnected therefrom.

Fig. 6 is a similar view o'f the dye containing sack. Y Referring now to the drawings inV detail, the improvement is broadly indicated by the numeral 1, and comprises essentially a comb proper which is indicated by the numeral 2 and a handle which is indicated by ranged a fabric sheet 5, which is held on the body and compressed thereagainst by a plate Y 6, which is removably secured to the body by means 7. The plate 6 on its outer face is centrally provided with a boss 8 that has a threaded bore designed to be engagedfby a threaded extension 9 on the tubular handle 3. The extension 9`is in the nature of a piping, and passing therethrough is the restricted neck portion 10 of the compressible sack 11 which contains the dye; The sack is of a length slightly less than that of the bore of the handle, and has bent against its outer and closed end a reinforcing metallic element 12. Arranged against one face of the sack 11 there isa metallic plate 13 which, of

' the connected portions thereof.

The outer and open end of the handle is l normally closed by a threaded cap 15, and

on one side of the handle there is an outstanding bifurcatedv boss 16 between the .v arms of which there is pivotally connected a link 17, that is in kturn pivotally connected .to one endof a lever 18. The lever 18 has pivotally secured thereto a .pin or rod 19 ythat passes through a suitable opening 2O inV the handlel and yis in contacting engagement with'the compressor plate 13. The tension exerted by the spring. normally holds the lever 18 atan angle with respect to the handle. The outer end of the lever is flattened, and a pressure thereof will cause the pin or rod to be moved inwardly of the handle and Aforce the compressor plate against the sack, thus ejecting fluid from the said sack, and directing the same against the fabric sheet' 5. By reference to the drawings it will'be noted that the construction of the vbody fof the comb, and the plate 6, is such that only the edges and outer end of operating thelever the dyeing fluid will saturate the projecting end of the fabric, and


by drawing the comb through the hair a proper amount j of Idye can be Yapplied thereon.v

The improvement may be constructed ofany desired materials. The rnormally angularly arranged handle is directed toward the combend of the device and is at afproper angle to receive thereon the thumb of the operator. It will be further apparent that by removing the handle from the comb proper, and inserting the same into a receptacle containing a dye, the lever may be reciprocated to permit of the 'compression' and expansion of the sack, and thus cause the fluid to be drawn into they sack through the neck thereof. y s Y ItV isbelieved that the foregoing description, when taken in connection with the vdravvnfrs. will amel set forth the construc- :D f l y tion and operation to those skilled in the art toI which such inventions relate.

Having' thus described the invention, what vis claimed i as new,y is

1. A dying comb including a comb proper, a fabric or sheet on 'the body portion thereof, a hollow handle arranged right angularly with respect to the comb, means for removably securing the handle to the comb, a dye sack -in the' handle having a mouth portion communicating with the fabric,y and means on the handle for vcompressing the ysack to eject -fluidtherefrom onto the fabric.

2. Inv a hair dying comb, a comb proper having a fabric sheet on the body' portion thereof, the end of which being arranged over the teeth, a plate secured to the comb and compressing vthe edges and ends of the fabric against the body of said comb, a handle removably secured to the plate, a dye containing sack inthe hollowhandle having a Vreduced neckporton passing therethrough and disposed in contacting engagement with the lfabric sheet, and means on the handle forcompressing the sack to eject iuidtherel from onto t the fabric.

A V3.A A hair ,dying comb includingv a` comb proper having a Hat portion providing a body beyondnthe teeth thereof, a sheet of absorbent. material resting on the body and having an-end projecting onto thetoothed portion of the comb, a plate arranged over the sheet, secured to the bodyV of the comb, and compressing the outer edge and the ends of the sheet against said bcdy,'a removable hollow handle threadedly connected with the plate, a dye containing sack in the handle having a reduced neck portion entering the plate and contacting with the sheet, a flat plate in the bore of the handle in contacting engagement with the sack, a lever pivotally supported on the handle, a pin therefor passing through an opening Vin the handle and secu-redt@ the fiat plate and the handle portion of the said lever beingv directed toward the comb.y

4. 'In a hair dying comb, a comb proper having a body portion, an absorbent sheet thereon, having an edge projecting onto the toothed surface thereof, a plate secured to the body and compressing the outer end and l sack, a pivoted operating'lever on the handle,

pinV carried thereby entering the'handle and engaging the compressor element and retaining the lever normally atan angle "withrespect to thehandle;

In testimony whereof I aiiiX my signature.


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European ClassificationA45D24/26