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Publication numberUS1382696 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 28, 1921
Filing dateMay 22, 1920
Priority dateJan 5, 1920
Publication numberUS 1382696 A, US 1382696A, US-A-1382696, US1382696 A, US1382696A
InventorsCharles W Van Vleet
Original AssigneeRobert C Riddick, Charlotte A Maxwell
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Projectile-throwing device for game apparatus
US 1382696 A
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l `APPLlcATxoAnl snvumfgz. 1,9120.A 1,382,696.:

' Patent-ed June 2851921` "QATENT 0F-FICE..

^ Ws. `VAN ivmsmsr, br Allriiiresfi'oir, raroiu, .A ssrenon Lor 44:ro

'To all`wkomtmaycncem.f -V`Be it Y`kn "'w""th"a't 1,1CrIA-RLns WLVAN VLEET, a citizen of the"United""States, and residentv o-f Kin sten, in ,the` county of Ulster and State of ew Yorkfhaveinivented certain new and useful Improvements in Projectile-Throwing Devices for Game Apparatus, of which the following is a specificatlon.

This application for patent is a division of my pending application Serial No. 349,409, filed January 5th, 1920, for game apparatus.

The subject of the present case is a projectile-throwing device of simple and efcient construction and operation for .use more especially as an element of a game apparatus comprising a board and movable game-pieces; said device being adapted to be mounted on or `adjacent the board and to be manipulated by a player in such a manner as to throw a projectile toward and against a target or game-piece located on the board.

suitable base, a member pivoted thereon having an upwardly-projecting arm bearing a projectile holder, and also having a depending tail-piece, and a trigger pivoted on said base and having an arm provided with a part adapted to be detachably engaged and held by the tail-piece, whereby when the trigger is manually actuated the said tail-piece is quickly raised and the socket bearing arm is perforce thrown forward in a vmanner to shoot the projectile from the holder'and toward a target or game-piece, as determined by the aim of the player, as will be herein- 40 after more fully described. The precise scope of the invention will be defined in the appended claim.

In the drawings- Figure 1 is a plan of a projectile-throwing device embodying my'invention, said device being illustrated as pivotally mounted on a game-board; a part of which latter is shown. Fig. 2 is a sectional elevation of the said device and the adjacent portion of the gameboard.

Referring to the drawings, 10 designates a portion of a game-board with which movable game-pieces are employed, such, for exblance of a fort, as at 18.

The preferred form of embodiment of my invention herein illustrated comprises aY l .specimenofmmrent. .resented annees, 1921. for'iginal.zanrlicatiqfilegiunitary 5,1929, .serial No. 349,409. Divided and this applitiolitied-:xay

" i "132,192.01seril@ 383,338.2: f,

ample, Las described in pending 'applica- "tionfSerial .No. 5349 ,409' aforesaid. EMyvv improved'Aprjectilelthrowing fd'evice lis fil'lu's- 't'rated as mounted atthef'front'of` the f'board, *the "adj acentwall `of' whichf,ikfn` the fpresent instance, is indented and formed 1n sem- The construction of the device is Such that it may be trained to throw a projectile at a game-piece wherever located on the board. Said device, in its preferred form, comprises a base plate 19 having at one end an upstanding pintle 20 adapted to be pivotally supported in a vertically-perforated lug 21 at the front of the board, so that the base plate and its appurtenances may be swung horizontally to various angular positions with relation to the board, at the will of the layer. On this plate are formed, in space relation to each other, two pairs of lugs 22, 29, respectively, betweenthe former of which, adjacent the pivot 20, is pivoted a vibratory member 23 having a depending tail-piece 24 and an upwardly and outwardly extending arm 25.V This arm bears at its free end a projectile holder constituted by a tubular socket-piece 26 adapted to receive a pellet, as 17. The tail-piece 24 is adapted to be detachably engaged by an upstanding lip 27 on the longer arm 28 of a trigger lever comprising a plate which is pivoted invand between the lugs 29 adjacent the outer end of the base plate. The lip 27 is constituted bythe angular bent extremity of the arm 28.-

The coperative relation of the parts just described is such that whenthe lip of the trig` ger lever is engaged with the tail-piece 24 of the member 23 the latter is held in position with the arm 25 extendin outwardly and upwardly and the socket-plece 26 fortoward the target or game-piece, in accordance with the accuracy of the aim of the gunner. Such aim depends upon the anguiar relation of the gun to the'target and the amount of pressure applied by the player to the trigger; the proper throw and" ing muc details of constrctionherein disclosed, `as the samemay be varied within the principle of'my invention and'fthescope off-the ap.- l'

. v Y piece bythe actuation of which the longer member imparts an upwardswinging movepended clai111..y

Iclaim-" 5I Y j In a projectile throwing device for game Y ,Yappara i:us,'a,j base, an Vupwardly-extending swmgin'garm pivotally Vsupported" at its lower end-on said base,v :1 -projectile holder ionpthenpper end of the 'arm,'patailpieee 2 E, depending angularly fromrsaid arm adjacent the pivotof` the latter,` anda lever fulc'rumed on said base at a pointV in'spaced vhrelation' to the Ypivoted 4'end ofthe 5 Swinging arm,'f the longer member :of said lever eX- tending towardftle pivoted endoffth'e arm andy yterminating; ,in annnpsltanding angular portion in frictlonal contact with the lower surface of the Said tail-piece, and the shorter member of the lever constitutingua'nger ment tothe tailiece and the arm.

Signed at. KmgstomHin-the -rcountylof Ulster andv State of New York thisy thday `of May, A- D: 1920- f f 1 oHARLES;w.r viii?y VLEET. t.

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U.S. Classification124/4
International ClassificationA63F9/02
Cooperative ClassificationA63F7/249
European ClassificationA63F7/24B7