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Publication numberUS1382837 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 28, 1921
Filing dateFeb 15, 1921
Priority dateFeb 15, 1921
Publication numberUS 1382837 A, US 1382837A, US-A-1382837, US1382837 A, US1382837A
InventorsMartin Jurek
Original AssigneeMartin Jurek
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US 1382837 A
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l ,382,837 'Patented Julie 28, 1921.




Specification of Letters Patent. l Patgnted June 28, 1921.

lApplication led February 15, 1921. vSerialNo. 445,086.

and State of Texas, have invented certainnew and useful Improvements in Refrigerator-Doors, of which the following-is a specification.

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in refrigerator doors.

In certain types of refrigerators a chamber containing several compartments and constituting the main storage portion, is closed by a single door; thus when 1t is desired to remove a single article from one of the compartments the door must be'opened which exposes all of the compartments and admits warm air thereto.

The object of my invention is to provide an 'individual door for each compartment and disposed within thel chamber; so that when the refrigerator door is opened none of the compartments will be exposed and whereby access to a compartment may be had by opening the individual door thereto, without exposing the other compartments. Another object of the invention is to produce 1 the compartment doors in the form of an attachment which may be applied to a refrigerator after the latter has been built or even after it has been in use.

A construction designed to carry out the invention will be hereinafter described t0- gether with other features of the invention.

The invention 4will be more readily understood from a reading of the following specifcation and by reference to the accompanying drawings, in which an example of the invention is shown, and wherein:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a portion of a refrigerator equipped with a door attachment embodying my invention,

the doorway I mount a rectangular metallic frame 12 having a laterally and outwardly directed surrounding flange 13 overlapping the face of the innermost shoulder 14 of of the compartments.

the doorway. The frame is held in place by means of narrow metallic strips 15 nailed in the angle at the intersection of the shoulder 14 with the next shoulder. These strips not only hold the frame but give the attachment a finished appearance.

The frame .has an angular channel 16 extending therearound and projecting into the refrigerator' storage chamber. Rubber or other packing strips 17 are conlined in this channel. The storage chamber is divided by horizontal shelves 18 into superposed compartments 19. At the front edge of each shelf, a mullion channel 20 is provided and carries a packing strip 21 of rubber or other material. The channels 20 have their ends fastened to the channel 16.

For each compartment an individual door is provided and each door includes a frame 22, which may be of any suitable construction, but which I prefer to form of sheet metal bent upon itself to form an outwardly directed ange 23 and angular bezel 24 receiving the edge of a glass or other transparent plate 25. A keeper frame 26 engages over the frame 22 and overlaps the edge of the glass plate. The frames 22 and 26 are fastened together by screws 27.

Each door frame 22 has hinges 28 fastened thereto and secured to one side of the frame 12, whereby the doors are hinged in front The doors swing into the channel 16so that their extended flanges 23 overlap the faces of the packing strips 17 and 21. Spring handles 29 fastened on the doors engage knobs 30 on the frame 12, thus holding the doors closed.

It will be seen that when the compartment doors are closed, each compartment 19 is thoroughly closed by its door and the contents of each compartment may be readily observedu through the glass plate 25 of its door. When the chamber door 11 is opened all the compartments are exposed to view, but none is exposed to the warm air until its individual ldoor is opened. When it is desired to remove an article from any one compartment, it is merely necessary to open the individual door thereto. This. can be done without opening the otherv compartments vas is obvious.

Various changes may be made in the construction and dimensions without departing from the spirit of the invention.

What I claim, is:

1. TheI combination with a refrigerator` having a main door openin and a mainl door to close said opening, o an attachment frame arranged within the main door opening and formed separate therefrom,.means for securing the attachment frame to the wall of the main door opening, and a plurality of individual doors pivotally mounted upon the attachment frame.

2. The combination With a refrigerator having a main door opening, the Walls of said opening beine' stepped, and a main door to close the main door opening, of a separate attachment lframe having its` Wall stepped in cross section and fitting upon the inner` portion of the stepped Wzfll of the said main opening, means to secure the separate frame to the stepped wall ofthe main opening, individual doors hinged upon the separate frame, and means to hold the individual doors closed.

3. In a refrigerator door construction, an attachment frame adapted to be arranged within Vthe door opening ofa refrigerator and havin its material bent to form a channel extending around the attachment frame,

a packing strip held within the channel and having its forward side exposed, a plurality of Vmullion channels extending transversely within the main frame and secured thereto, packing strips Withinthe mullion channels with their forward sides exposed, and individual doors hinged to the attachment frame and having portions thereof engaging the forward exposed sides of the said packing strips.

4. n a refrigerator door structure, an attaclrment` frame adapted for arrangement Within the inner portion of a refrigerator tending across the attachment frame in spaced relation and secured thereto, packing strips held Within the-last named channels, a plurality of individual doors, each individual door embodying a frame formed of sheet metal bent upon itself to provide a flat frame portion adapted to engage 'with said packing' strips, a co-acting hat frame portion arranged opposite the first named fiat frame portion, a section of transparent material held between the inner portions of the flat frame portions, means for pivotally' mounting each individual door upon the attachment frame, and means to retain each individual door closed.

In testimony whereof I afx Iny signature.


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U.S. Classification312/291, 62/441, 312/296, 312/271, 49/67, 126/200, 109/68
International ClassificationF25D23/02
Cooperative ClassificationF25D23/025
European ClassificationF25D23/02C