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Publication numberUS1387454 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1921
Filing dateMar 28, 1921
Priority dateMar 28, 1921
Publication numberUS 1387454 A, US 1387454A, US-A-1387454, US1387454 A, US1387454A
InventorsColeman William H
Original AssigneeColeman William H
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Footrest for registers
US 1387454 A
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APPLICATION FILED mm. 28. 192 1.

1,387,454. Patented Aug. 16,1921.

JLJLJ? 7/ 1%)- VA @S.

. INVENTOR. William H. Coleman tion.


roornns'r ron REGISTERS.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 16, 1921.

Application filed March 28, 1921. Serial No. 456,425.

useful Improv-ementsin Footrests for Reg isters, of which the following is a specifica- This invention relates to improvements in foot rests for registers. The mam ob ects of th1s invention are:

First, to provide an improved foot rest which may be easily attached to or detached from a register and adjusted to registers having different types of grids or faces.

Second, to provide an improved foot rest for registers which does not obstruct the pas sage of heat from the register and is neat and attractive in appearance.

Further objects, and objects relating to structural details, will definitely appear from the detailed description to follow.

I accomplish the objects of my invention by the devices and means described in the following specification. The invention is clearly defined and pointed out in the claims.

A structure-which is a preferred embodiment of my invention is clearly illustratedin the accompanying drawing, forming a part of this specification, in which Figure I is a fragmentary front elevation of a register having my improved foot rest mounted thereon.

Fig. II is a vertical detail section on a line corresponding to line 2-2 of Fig. I.

.ln the drawing similar reference (111211 5101 ters refer to similar parts throughout both views.

Referring to the drawing, 1 represents the face plate of .a wall register having a suit-.

able grille or grid work for the escape of the heat. I

My improved foot rest comprises a pair of end members 2. in general the shape of right angled triangles, the end members being formed of wire. These end members are connected by cross bars 3 mounted on the front portions 4, the rear cross bar 5 mounted on the rear portions 6 of the end members, and the bottom cross bar 7 mounted on the bottom portion 8 of the end members. The bars 3 are welded to the front sides of the portions 4, while the cross bars 5 and are mounted on the inner sides of the portions 6 and 8 of the end members.

This arrangement allows the rearportion 6 of the end members to rest flat against the face of the register and the cross bars 3 being arranged on the front side of the portions 2 of the foot rest stress thereon does not break their fastenings.

Hooks 9 are slidably mounted on the cross bars 5 to be engaged with the register face. This permits the adjustment of thehooks to the particular register on which it is desired to mount the foot rest.

My improved foot rest is very light in weight, economical to produce and neat and attractive in appearance. It may be adjusted to the face of practically any commercial register with which the applicant is familiar.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. A foot rest for registers comprising triangular end members and front, rear and bottom cross bars welded thereto, said end members and cross bars being formed of wire, the end members being disposed with their front portions upwardly inclined when their rear portions are resting against the face of a register, there being a plurality of cross bars mounted on the outer sides of the front portions, the cross members mounted on the rear portions being disposed on the inner sides thereof, and hooks loosely mounted on the rear cross bar to be adjusted thereportions upwardly inclined when their'rear portions are restingagainst the face of a register, and hooks loosely mounted on the i rear cross bar to be'adjusted thereon and engageable with the register face whereby the foot'rest is supported thereon.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal in the presence of two witnesses.


Witnesses: i


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U.S. Classification248/303, 248/225.21
International ClassificationA47C16/02, A47C16/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47C16/025
European ClassificationA47C16/02B