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Publication numberUS1387586 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1921
Filing dateOct 29, 1919
Publication numberUS 1387586 A, US 1387586A, US-A-1387586, US1387586 A, US1387586A
InventorsL. L. Bradford
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Bttst-pad holder
US 1387586 A
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1,387,586, Patented Aug. 16,1921.

Inveniov': LouilseL.Ba-.adford,

in fOSltlOIl therein. 11




Application filed October 29, 1919.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, LOUISE L. BRADFORD, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Allston, in the county of Suffolk and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in Bust-Pad Holders, of which the following description, in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a specification, like characters on the drawings representing like parts.

This invention aims to provide a novel and improved holding device or appliance for bust pads.

Prior to my invention, the most common method of providing bust pads where considered necessary, has been to attach them to the inner faces of the corsets, but with the advent of low corsets, such mode of attachment has, of course, been impossible. F urthermore, direct attachment to the corsets or to any similar article is objectionable in that the pads do not always follow the changing positions of the body of the wearer.

My invention provides a holding appliance which is readily and inexpensively made, may be accurately and reliabl positioned and permits the utmost free om of movement of the wearer.

In the drawings 2- Figure 1 shows a holder or appliance illustrating one embodiment of my invention, as it will appear when in use, a typical low corset being also shown to indicate the relationship of the two articles;

Fig. 2 shows the holder upon an enlarged scale, and spread out to show the pad holding pockets, and

Fig. 3 a cross said pockets and section through one of the showing one form of pad the particular embodiment of my invention selected for illustrative purposes herein and shown in the drawings, the holder comprises the member 4 adapted to encircle the upper part of the body in the vicinity of the bust, and is provided at its ends with suitable fastening means, conveniently buttons 5 and button holes 6 by which to secure the holder about the bust portion of the body.

This holder may be of any desired material, preferably a thin or light fabric, it being desirable as a rule to make it as light in weight and inconsp1cuous i-n appearance as possible. Its lower edge 7 is preferably in Specification of Letters Patent.

with the pocket-forming members Patented Aug. 16, 1921.

Serial No. 334,161.

the form of a band. It is preferred that it be drawn fairly tight about the wearer. Ordinarily it will be drawn about the body in a position over-lying the upper edge of the corset 8 to which it may be attached by suitable attaching means, conveniently by buttons 9 secured upon the outer upper edge of the corsets and adapted to engage button holes 10 in the lower edge of th e,pad holder. Of course the attachment may be made to a girdle, belt or other device than a corset so long as it is suitable to prevent lifting of the pad holder.

At its..upper edge 11, the holder is also fashioned as indicated and otherwise dimensioned to engage the body of the wearer across the top of the bust as closely as may be without inconvenience to the wearer, but between its upper and lower edges and in the region of the pocket forming members the holder is preferably fulled by gathering its edges at 12 to whatever degree necessary to XIOVlClG the effect desired.

t its inner face, the holder isprovided 13, stitched or otherwise secured at their edges to said holder and of shape and dimensions to accommodate bust pads 14, of desired shape and size. These pads may be of any suitable construction, either pneumatic or filled with hair, or any equivalent or desired material. As here shown the pockets are. elongated and extend well around under the arms of the wearer, but they may be made more nearly circular in contour if desired.

The pocket-forming members 13 are divided intermediate their ends to provide entrances 15 through which the pads may be inserted or withdrawn at will, and preferably the two halves of the members 13 overlap at the opening to form suitable closures for the pockets when the holder is in use.

The upper edge of the holder is shown provided with shoulder straps 16 which may be wholly or partly elastic and are made as narrow and inconspicuous as possible. In the present instance, the single members of the shoulder straps are in elastic, they being secured at their ends 17 by buttons or other suitable fastening means to the divided or bifurcated elastic end portions 18, which latter are in turn attached to the holder itself.

While I prefer to make the holder for direct attachment to the top of the corset, direct attachment thereto is not strictly necessary. V

\Vhen in use, the pad holder is securely and reliably retained in proper position both against vertical and circumferential displacement by the attaching means at the bottom and at the top, and consequently retains the breast pads in exactly the position desired. Because it is securely positioned in the respects mentioned, the holder itself may be made as full or as easy as desired, so that no physical discomfort will result from the use of the holder, and also to preserve the pads from deformation under the tension required for secure positioning.

Another advantage resulting from the decribed construction and which will be evident is that whatever distorted or deflected position may be assumed by the body of the wearer, the holder and pads carried thereby will follow in every instance and thus preserve the desired simulation to the human figure.

While the holder may be conveniently and perhaps preferably brought together and secured at the front of the wearer, it is not necessary that the fastening be retained at that point; also while I have found it convenient to make the holding member 4: as a continuous, unbroken member, such continuity is not essential, nor need it be made of a single piece of fabric, as distinguished from assembled parts, all this being variable to suit the fancy of the wearer or the necessities of dress.

- M invention is not limited to immaterial details but may be varied within the spirit and scope of the invention as set forth in the claim.


A bust pad device comprising a pliable and conformable pad holding member constructed to be drawn tightly in the vicinity of its upper and lower edges and beneath the arms, and fulled between its top and bottom edges, pad holding means within the fulled area of said holder, shoulder straps engaging the top edges of said holder, fastening devices distributed along the bottom edge of said holder to secure the latter to a corset or other article encircling the Waist, the whole providing a device reliably securable against vertical displacement, said device being free from stiffening means, thereby presenting entire absence of restriction or binding of the wearers body between the top and bottom secured edges, whereby the pad holding means, and any pads carried thereby move with the body as if a natural part thereof.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.


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