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Publication numberUS1387765 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1921
Filing dateAug 28, 1920
Priority dateAug 28, 1920
Publication numberUS 1387765 A, US 1387765A, US-A-1387765, US1387765 A, US1387765A
InventorsColonna Rudolph B
Original AssigneeColonna Rudolph B
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US 1387765 A
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Racial 2W5 6620mm Patented Aug. 16, 1921.




1 ,387,7 Patented Aug. 16, 1921.


m MM

fludozuh B. 00,20 121m UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.



Application filed August 28, 1920. Serial No.

from place to merchandise of interchangeably.

he invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings and will be hereinafter fully set forth.

In the drawingsigure l is a perspective View of a dis play stand embodying my improvements;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged detail perspective view of the upper end of the post or standard Figs. 3, 4t, 5, 6 and 7 showing difi'erentforms dise-supporting arms.

11 carrying out my invention, I employ a base 1 which is provided with spaced feet 2 whereby it may be readily supported upon the floor of a store room or of a show window and may be weighted so that it will be held against accidental tipping but will have a small area of contact with the floor So that mar-ring of the finish upon the floor will be minimized. Rising from the base 1 is a post or standard 3 which will preferably be given an ornamental outline, as shown in the drawings, and which may be hollow to permit wires to be run therethrough to carry current to an electric light (not shown) at its upper end. To the upper end of the post or standard 3, I secure a head 4; which, in the present instance. is shown as a circular block or disk. 1 that heads of various shapes and sizes may be employed interchangeably and the display thereby varied according to the wishes of the merchant. In the illustrated embodiment of the invention, threaded rods or bolts 5 are fitted in the upper end of the post or standard 3 and project above the same and the head 4 is provided with spaced openings to engage over the said rods whereby the head may rest upon the upper end of the are detail views of the merchan- Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 16, 192.1.

post and will be held against turning thereon y the rods. ing nuts 6 are fitted on the upper threaded entremities of the rods 5 ing arms of various diameters gaged 1n the head. the head, I provide conveniently be screw eyes threaded into the post, as will be readily understood. Near the lower end of the post, I provide vertical series of supporting retainers 11 which may also conveniently be screw eyes driven into the post and circumscribing the same. The merchandise to be displayed is supported by display arms consisting of rods or tubes 12 each having one end turned downwardly, as shown at 13, to enter and pass through one of the openings 7 or 8 in the head 4. The terminal portion 13 is preferably disposed on a straight line so that it will pass through the openings 7 or 8 as the case may be and also engage one of the sockets or retainers 10, the arm being thus firmly supported and held against rocking in a vertical plane. A set screw 14 is fitted in each socket or opening 8 to bind against the adjacent terminal member 13 and thereby firmly secure the same within the head. The outer end of the display arm 12 is bent upwardly, as shown at 15, and upon the upper extremity of this vertical terminal 15 is provided a rest upon which the merchandise may be placed or over which it may be draped. In Fig. 1, I have shown the display rest 16 as in the form of a disk which may, if desired, be permanently attached to the arm. In Fig. 5, I have shown a similar embodiment of the invention, but the rest 17 is rectangular and larger than the disk 16. The disks 16 are adapted for the display of small articles such as cups or small vases, while the plate 17 will carry larger articles, being specially adapted to have shelves for the display of illustrated arms of dry goods secured thereto. In Fig. 3, I have shown a further adaptation of the invention in which the outer terminal member of the display arm is hollow, as shown at 18, and receives the stem 19 of a head or block 20 which is equipped with openings 21 through which screws or similar fastenings may be inserted to secure any desired form of merchandise holder to the head. The stem 19 is vertically adjustable in the terminal 18 and is held in a set position by a set screw 22 mounted in the end of the terminal and bearing against the stem. It is frequently desirable to have the display arms upon a particular post all of one size but have the merchandise in different horizontal planes, and this result can be easily attained by using the form of the invention illustrated in Fig. 3 and just described. In Fig. 4, I have shown a display arm in which the outer terminal is threaded, as shown at 23, to receive an attaching head 2% which is in theform of a spider and to which any desired form of merchandise holder may be sccured. The spider also may be utilized as a merchandise holder inasmuch as the arms thereof are dished So that the spider is in the form of a bowl in which articles may be set.

It will be readily understood that the dis play arms may be given any desired form between their ends and may be of any desired length and in the drawings I have different shapes and lengths fitted upon a'single post so that the articles placed upon the stand for display will appear to have a haphazard relation to each other and this haphazard effect is very attractive with some classes of goods. In all the forms of the invention shown in the accompanying drawings, the intermediate portion 25 of the display arm extends in a general downward and outward direction thereby presenting a bight or bend 26 over which ribbons or similar materials may be draped. The adaptability of the device to permit draping may be utilized to display textile goods and also to ornament the dis play stand so to set oii, by contrast, the

articles placed upon the several merchandise rests. 1

In Fig. 6, I have shown a rest or merchandise carrier which especially adapted for draping of textile goods and consists of divergent arms or bars 27 disposed radially to the terminal of the display arm and intersecting at said terminal. these several arms 27 may be given an ornamental configuration, as indicated at 28.

When the display arms are long, it is ad visable to employ braces 29 engaged at their outer ends in openings in the arms and having their inner ends engaged in a cup 30 on The ends of the post so that sagging or springing of the arm will be prevented.

In Fig. 7 I have shownthe display arm as provided with a horizontal outer terminal 3 on which is a clamp 32 to engage and secure a ball 33 on the lower end of a stud 34; depending from a disk 35. A merchandise holder of any desired form may be secured upon the disk 35 and the ball and socket joint permits the same to be adjusted to any desired angle.

From the foregoing description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, it will be seen that I have provided an exceedingly simple display stand which will be light so that it may be easily carried from place to place and will. be stable when set up.. The several display arms may be very easily and quickly fitted to and removed from the stand so that an arm of one shape may be substituted for an arm of another shape at will without any waste oi time and the device thereby easily adapted for the display of any desired goods.

.iaving thus described the invention, what claimed as new is:

1. A display stand comprising a post, vertically alined retainers on the post, a cup on the post below the retainers, display arms having depending terminals at their upper ends to be inserted through the retainers, and bracing arms having their lower ends engaged in said cup and their upper ends engaged with intermediate portions oil: the display arms.

ZJA display stand comprising a post, a head upon the post provided with displayarm retainers and having sockets in its edge intersecting said display arm retainers other display-arm retainers disposed below and alined vertically with the first-mentioned display-arm retainers, display arms having upper depending terminals to be inserted through the vertically alined retainers, merchandise holders carried by the outer ends oi the display arms, and. set screws mounted in the said sockets and bearing upon the upper terminals of the display arms.

3. A. display stand comprising a post, a head removably secured uponthe upper end of the post and. having vertical openings therethrough adjacent its edge, display arms each having a vertical terminal adapted to be inserted through one of said openings, retainers on the post below the head to be engaged. by said terminals, means for securing the terminals against movement in the said openings, and merchandise holders carried by said arms.

In testimony whereof I atlii'; my signature.

nUDoLrn B. coLoNnA. [1,. 8.

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