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Publication numberUS1388784 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 23, 1921
Filing dateAug 5, 1920
Priority dateAug 5, 1920
Publication numberUS 1388784 A, US 1388784A, US-A-1388784, US1388784 A, US1388784A
InventorsYoungblood Joseph C
Original AssigneeYoungblood Joseph C
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US 1388784 A
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APPLICATION men 16.5, I920.

Patented Aug. 23, 1921.





T 0 all whom it may concern Be it known that I, JosErH C. YOUNG- BLOOD, a citizen of the United States, resid ing at Denver, in the county of Denver and State of" Colorado, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Air- Pumps; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of' the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the, letters and figures of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.

This invention relates to air pumps and one of the objects thereof is to provide a simple, durable and eflicient air pump with the minimum number of parts, the construction being adapted to be simplified so as to eliminate liability of leakage and to insure the proper functioning of the pump when in operation.

One of the important features of my invention is that I have provided a reciprocatory piston pump in which the valve is integral with or at least rigidly secured to the piston rod so that when the piston pump is moved in one direction by the piston rod, the valve will unseat and when it is moved in the opposite direction by the piston rod, the valve will seat.

A novel form of packing is also provided to prevent leakage and means is shown whereby the pump may be pedally held in place while the piston is being operated.

In the drawings- Figure I is a vertical, longitudinal, sectional view of a pump constructed in accordance with my invention, the piston rod and .valve being shown in elevation. I r

Fig. II is a sectional view through th piston, a part of the valve and piston rod being shown in section.

Fig. III is a sectional view through the piston leather before it is applied.

Fig. IV is a similar view after the piston hose or tube 7 adapted to be secured to a common in the art.

Specification of Letters Patent. Patellted Aug. 23, 1921.

Application filed August 5, 1920. SerialNo. 401,300.

The boss or projection 3 extends from the The pump piston is shown as consisting of a head 8 having a threaded collar 9 over which may be fitted a piston leather 10, the flange 11 of which extends over the perimeter of the head 8 and said piston leather is secured to the head by a jam nut 12 on the threaded collar 9. The threaded collar is hollow to provide a valve seat 13, through which the stem 14 of the pump rod 15 projects. The stem 14 is provided with a nut 16, screwed to the end thereof so that there will be limited play of the stem 14 with respect to the piston 8 to permit the valve 17, illustrated as a ball, to be seated and unseated as the piston moves in opposite directions.

The head or piston 8 is provided with ports 18 communicating with the bore or seat 13, as will be clearly seen in Fig. II.

The piston 15 also extends through the cap there being air inlet ports 20 provided for the escape of air within the cylinder. The head 2 carries a bar or yoke-shaped, pedalengaging member consisting of the bars 21 and 22 connected by the curved crossbar 23, the bars 21 and 22 being pivotally secured to the head so that normally the pedal-engaging member may be swung up parallel with the cylinder, but when it is desired to hold the pump during the pumping operation, the bars 21 and 22 and the cross bar 23 are swung horizontally in the position shown in Fig. V, so that the operator may place his foot thereon to hold the cylinder in place.

lVhen the parts are properly assembled and it is desired to pump, the operator will press up on the handle 24, unseating the valve 17, the unseating movement being limited by the stop or nut 16. Therefore, air will pass from the upper portion of the cylinder through the valve seat and through the ports 18 into the port or chamber'of the pump cylinder.

When the piston has reached the limit of its upward or intake stroke, the movement at the h n le 2% Wi l be reve d; hat is,

the operator will press down upon the handle 24, the initial movement imparted to the rod 15 being effective in seating the valve 17 which is integral therewith, or at least rig- 4:, out through the conduit or tube 7 into the.

tire or other receptacle adapted to receive the compressed air. s

It will be noticed that the lower beveled edge of the piston will enter the groove in the bottom of the cylinder at the limit'of the down stroke ofthe piston but the ball-valvecarrying piston IOCl-Wlll contact with the cylinder bottom in advance of the piston so that' the valve will be unseated. Thus it rod.

willflbeseen that a stop is provided for the piston and stem without liability of injury to the piston'or'to the ball valve 17.

What I claim and desire to secure by Letters-Patent is:

A pump comprising a cylinder, a piston in the cylinder having an integral, upstanding-threaded collar, said collar comprising a valve seat, ports-leading from the valve seat through the piston, a piunp leather on the piston surrounding the collar, a nut threadedon the collar to holdthe piston leather in place, apump' rod for limiting the reciprocatorymovement with respectto the pump piston, and a valve on the pump In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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U.S. Classification417/511, 92/240
International ClassificationF04B33/00, F04B39/00
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