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Publication numberUS1389380 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 30, 1921
Filing dateMar 1, 1920
Priority dateMar 1, 1920
Publication numberUS 1389380 A, US 1389380A, US-A-1389380, US1389380 A, US1389380A
InventorsRaab Herman
Original AssigneeRaab Herman
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US 1389380 A
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Patented Aug. 30, 1921.

Elvwewtoz T351 GHQ Luci 25 broken sectional view provements in Locks,

UNITED STATES-"PATENT,OFFICE. nnnunnmnaorm'rommr. v i x To all'w'homitmay concern:

Be it known that I, HERMAN RAAB, acitizen of Austria, and a resident of Bronx,

county of Bronx, and State of New York,

have invented certain new and useful Im-,-

of which the following is a specification.

The objects-of thepresen't inventioneare to provide-a safe and secure lock mechanism desi nod to be operated by t e one authorized to use such One of. the special features of tion is the combination with the the invenkfiey er- .tationiof'the dial in g throu h the-connections described tobring 66 by-a keyf'mbut only.

ated part of the lock, of a permutation ock mechanism arranged to permit the useor operation of the key only after the permutan illustrated the invention embodied in a practical rand, at the present time,' preferred form, but wish it understood that the i vention is not limited tolthis' articular disclosure,'as will be apparent rom'the scope of the appended claims.

-' In the. drawing referred to, Figure 1 is a permutation mechanismiset against the entrance of the key.

Fig. 2 is a cross sectional. view of the same lock and the cylinder as having been turned torelease the lock mechanism.

Figs. 4, 5 and 6 of the; three tumblers of the permutation lock mechanism.

The key plug in the lock illustrated is a key slot 11 to receive the key 12 which is bitted to release the'pin tumblers 13. At b its inner end the key plug carries a rollback 14 which may be of any usual or desired construction.

t1on mechanism has been properly actuated; Inthe accompanying drawing, I have of the lock with the;

prevented from taken on substantially the plane of line 2-2 permutation -of the are detached detail views designated and is shown as provided with:

At the outer end of the key plug is.

mounted the permutation lock mechanism which is shown as having a finger hold or dial member 15 rotatably seated concentrically in the support or look casing 16 about the key plug and arranged to operate through lost motion connections, a set'of three locking disks or tumblers 17,18 and 19 disposed within the same and arranged concentrically about the key plug. In. the

1s secured to the Specification of mm:- Intent. P t t u 30, 1 Application filed 1mm 1, 1920. Serial'll'o. $02,405.

illustration the lost nectlon is provided by a l'u'g 20 on the inner periphery of the rotating finger hold designed to engage with the'shoulders 21 and 60 the t ree lock disks'or tumblers into the positions indicated in Figs. 4, 5- and 6 with theslots 24, 25 and 26 in said tumblers all in re stry.

1 en the tumblers registrationof the slots described forms a pocket to receive the outer end portion of a locking pin 27 carried by a spring 28 which casing of the plug at 29, sald pin being arranged to an opening 30 in said casin 1nto the key slot in. the lug. In Fig. 1, t e pin is illustrated as t us projecting into the'key slot and as being held'in this condition by all, three of the permutation lock the entrance of the key and to assist in looking the plug against rotation. v

y "reasonof thls construction, the key is being inserted i to the key slot until the ermutation mec been operated in the propercombination.

In Figs. 2 and 3 I have'shown how-when the; permutation tumblers are operated in the proper combination and blockin" pin 27 is free to be projected out ey slot by the entering edge of the key and that when thus displaced from the' key slot, the key plu is free to be turned'by the 'key in the usual way. may be biased so as to automatically withdraw the key blocking pinas soon as] the disks have been turned to the requisite comlnation.

fore, it will be seen requires both the possession of the right key and also a roper lmowledge of the combination for which the permutation mechanism has been set. The

ock is thus doubly safe-guarded and even 106 one finding the key would be unable to unlock the lock without knowing the proper combination. On the other hand, one knowing the combination would be unable to operate the look without the proper key. 110

The invention is readily applicable to the steering mechan sm or other partsof an a u- I r, I motion operating cenare thus operated, the

project through 76 disks to thereby 80 anism has 86 the slots have thereby been brought nto registration, the 90 The spring 28 To operate the lock mechanism, theretomobile and when pumperly applied is secured\ against unlaw l tampering.

What I claim is:

1. Ina lock, a key plug, a key actuated tumbler or tumblers for securing said plug, permutation elements and a locking in controlling engagement of the key an key plug indepen ently of the'tumb er 'or tumblers, said lockin pin being under control of the permutation elements aforesaid.

2. In a lock, a key plug operable by a key, a key actuated tumbler or tumblers for securing said key plug, a set of permutation disks mounted concentrically about the key plug and a locking pin controlling engagement of the key andkey plug, said locking pin being independent of t e tumbler or tumblers and being controlled by the permutation disks.

' '3. In a lock, a key plug operable by a key, a key actuated tumb er or tumblers for securing said key plug, a set of permutation disksmounted concentrically about the key plug, a locking in controlling engagement of the key and ey plug, said locking pin key .beingindependent of the tumbler or tumblers and being controlledbly the permuta-- tion disks, said norma standing in the path of'the ey in the ey plug and s ring means for retracting said pm when t e rmutation disks are set at the proper com ination.-

4. In a look, a key plug, a key actuated tumbler or tumblers forsecuring said key plug, permutation elements, a locking pin y contro lingiengagement of the key and plug independently of the tumbler or tumlers, said locking pin being under control of the permutation elements aforesaid, said permutation tumbler being in' the from of a in arran to locki path 0 t e key in t e key p ug and a spring support for said locking pin tensioned to retract the pin from the path of the key when the permutation mechanism is set at the proper combination.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set myhand this 3rd day of February, 1920. HERMAN RAAB.

roj ect into the

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