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Publication numberUS1390738 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 13, 1921
Filing dateSep 14, 1920
Priority dateSep 14, 1920
Publication numberUS 1390738 A, US 1390738A, US-A-1390738, US1390738 A, US1390738A
InventorsWilliams Owen J
Original AssigneeWilliams Owen J
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US 1390738 A
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Patentd Sept. 13, 1921.

E.. if@

WITNESSES A TTOHNEYS y UNITED STATES `:marina J. WILLIAlmaior oacannrang. new Yonai.` f

j j `et)cimit-Walmcit, i l

.i spcimens oftarsrant. fjPatented Sept'jl, 192:1..

"Appiicatmt inea september 14 `ratei serai N1 ironie..-`

To allwhomfmy concern." j Be if lmown that .I,` Gwen' J..WILL1uS, a citizen of the "United 'Sytatesj'and a resi# dent of Orchard Park, county dfll'rie,` and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved;"Socltet-llrencli, of which the following is a fullggclean and exact descrip- Thisinvention llelates to improvements in socket wrenches, an object. ofthe invention being `to` providea socket wrench having radially adjustable jaws,` whicli permits the wrench to accivlillmidate"itselfto` nuts of various sizes. .j j A. `further object istolprovide improved means for radially adjusting the jaws of a socket wrench, andwto rovide an" adjusting mechanismuwhich bwil beistrongand durable,` and notreadilydamaged in the ord1` nary course of` usage. 3 f i j j )A still further object is "to provide ya `wrench:which will becomparatively inex# pensive toumanufacture and `yet will ciently perform the `functions for which it is intended.

With these andother ob'ects in view, the invention consists in certain novel features of construction and combinations and arrangements of parts as will be more fully hereinafter described and pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanying drawings- Figure 1 represents a view in side elevation ot' the wrench adjusted to accommodate a small sized nut.

Fig. 2 is a View in longitudinal section on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a similar view showing the jaws expanded to receive a `large sized mit.

Fig. 4 is a top plan view of Fig. 1.

Fig. 5 is a bottom plan View of F ig. 1.

Fig. 6 is a view in transverse section on the line (3-6 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 7 is a plan view of the spring.

Fig. 8 is a view in section on the line 8-8 of Fig. 3.

Fig. 9 is a bottom plan view of Fig. 3.

Referring in detail to the drawings. 1 represents the hollow casing of my improved wrench. The casing is cylindrical in cross section with a reduced angular end 2 which is adapted to receive any preferred form of handle, or operating` member. The lower edge of the casing is beveled as shown at 3, and provided with a plurality of beveled recesses 4 spaced at equal distances apart. The walls of vthese recesses forn'iin effect cam faces.v The up er end of the casing "l is internally screwt readed asjsliowri1 at 5,"and accommodates a threadedfshank 6. The shank `6 is formed with a reduced portion f7 below the threads, and below' the reduced `portion 7, the shank is made .with an enlargement 8 Vforming an annular shoulder 9 around the shank.

Ilhe angulanjaws 1() of the Wrench corref apond inl number 'to the numberof recesses 4; and each jaw is provided with a lug 11 fittingone oftherecesses. "These jaws are arranged in an annular series forming a socket and any desired number of jaws may be employed in accordancewith the shapeoiI the nut to be turned. "jfAdjacent theirupper innerends, the jaws ill areprovided with inwardly projecting shouldersfl engaging'the shoulder A9011 the shank 6. The jaws form in effect levers which arefulcrumed on the shoulder 9 of the shank. Any suitable number of beveled faces suchfas 15 constitute the inner lwallsof the jaws. The outer faces ofthe jaws pref.- erably correspond tothe curvature of the casing 1. i

The enlargement 8 on the shank 6 is annularly recessed or grooved at 13 to accommodate a spring 14 which normally engages inner angular faces 15 of the jaws tending to spread the jaws apart and at all times maintaining the lugs 11 in the recesses.

The shank (i at its upper end is made with a groove 16 to accommodate any suitable tool for turning or adjusting the bolt.

The operation will be readily understood. When the shank (S is in theposition illustratcd in Fig. 2, the lugs 11 are engaged by the cam faces within the recesses 4, and the jaws are in position to form the smallest possible socket. the outer ends of the jaws icing forced toward their common center against the action of the spring14. Fig. El illustrates a bolt head gripped by the jaws when they are in this position. In order to expand the jaws for the accommodation of a larger bolt head, such as that shown in Fig 3, the shank 6 is moved outwardly allowing the spring 144 to expand `the jaws, the jaws fulcruming on the shoulder 9 and spreading apart at their lower ends.

It will thus be seen that the jaws are ci pable of positive radial adjustment in each direction so that they form sockets to accommodate various sizes of nuts. It is also equally useful and'o'pferate on the same 'prinf eiple if made in otherangular shapes.

lVhile I have illustrated one ofthepre" ferred embodiments of my invention, it is obvionsthat'I various slightchanges and al-y terations might be made in the general form of the parts described Without departing fromymy invention, and hence l do not wish to limit myself to the precise details set forth, butvconsider myself at liberty to make suclralterations and changes as fairly fall within the vspiritand, scope of the appended claims.y .j l, .e

Havingthus described my invention, .I claiinas ,newVv and ldesire to secure by Let- ,.'1 ters Patent: v.

. `1. .A.soclk et .ivrenclnycomprising a casing includinge threaded portion. adjacent its inneigend and havingV an `annnlarseries of recesses in itsouter nend, the Walls of. said. recesses yb'eingnbev-bled to form cam faces,..a threaded rod screwed into thev casing, said rod..including` anfannular reduced portion forming a shoulder, annannularA series rof jaws fulerurnedy `on* the shoulder andl coperating Vto form arsoekeubeveled lugs on the jaws- .fittingy the recesses and engaging'. the Acamfac es ,-iand1a star springjeariied bythe rodrengag'ing the` inner4 facesof the jaws land tending to spreadfthem apart'.

g l f A `socket wrench,comprising a casing including la threaded portion, adjacent its `inner endand having yan annular series of recesses in'its outer end, the Vvvv'allsof said recesses being:r beveled to form cam faces, a threaded rod screwed into the casing, said rodfincluding an annular reduced portion forming a shoulder, an annular series of jaws fulcrumed on the shoulder and cooperating to form a socket, beveled lugs on the jaWsitting' the recesses and eng-aging the cam faces, an annular groove around the lower end ofthe rod, a star spring lo cated in the `groove and including' a plurality `of radially extendingtongues engaging; the inner faces of vthe jaws, and tending` to spread them apart.

3. A socket wrench, comprising' a easing' including a threaded portion. adjacent its inner end and having' an annular series of recesses in its out-er end. the walls of said I 'ecesses beinel beveled to form cam faces, a threaded rod screwed into the casing, said rod including an annular reduced portion forming' ashoulder, an annular series of ljaws fulerumed "on the shoulder and cooperatingT to "form a. socket, beveled lugs on the jaws fittingr the recesses and engaging; the cam faces, an annular groove around the lower end of the rod, a star springr located in thegroove and including a plurality of radially' extending tongues engaging' the inner faces of the jaws, and tending to spread them apart, the annular reduced portion of the rod beingl adapted to engage the inner ends of the jaws and limit their spring actuated fnlcruming movement on the shoul der.


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