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Publication numberUS1391753 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 27, 1921
Filing dateMar 29, 1921
Priority dateMar 29, 1921
Publication numberUS 1391753 A, US 1391753A, US-A-1391753, US1391753 A, US1391753A
InventorsStanley Baier L
Original AssigneeStanley Baier L
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Safety head-gear
US 1391753 A
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SAFETY I-IEAD-GEAlif Specification of letters Patent. Patented Sept, 27, 1921.

Application filed March 29, 1921. Serial No. 456,544.

To all whom 2'25 may concern:

Be it known that I, L. STANLEY BAIER,

a citizen of the United States, residing at State of Oregon, have invented a new and useful Safety Head-Gear, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in safety head gears in which a crown of spring steel wire is provided with an aluminum vizor and an air cushion in the sweat band. r

The objects of my invention duce a head gear which In external appearance is indistinguishable from an ordinary cap; V Can be very cheaply manufactured;

Is comfortable to wear;

Aliords goodventilation; and a Protects the heads of ball players against injuries from base balls, as also the heads of workmen where danger from falling bolts,

nuts, rivets, stones, and such like objects prevails.

I attain-these objects with the mechanism illustrated in the accompanying drawing in which- Figure I is a plan view of the entire head gear without the cloth covering.

Fig. II is a side elevation of Fig. I.

Fig. III is a section through Fig. I along the line AA with the cloth covering in place.

Similar numerals'refer to similar parts throughout the several views.

The crown of my head gear comprises plurality of meridional pieces of sprlngsteelp wire 1 attached to a polar ring 2 andalso to an equatorial ring 3. Two or more latitudinal rings 4 of spring steel wire are thereupon distributed over the resultant semispherical shell. The crossing points of the meridional and latitudinal wires are spotwelded to form a rigid connection in regards to each other, yet elastic when considering the shell as a whole. To the inner circumference of the equatorial ring is riveted, soldered or otherwise attached in any desired manner an aluminum band 5. Affixed to the latter in any suitable manner is a leather sweat band 6; and held in the fold of'the leather sweat band is a rubber cushion 7, oblong in cross section, and filled permanently with compressed air. A vizor 8, of conventional are to pro- 7 shape and outlines is fitted to the rim at the .outside of the head gear and spotwelded -where convenience permits. Portland, in the county of Multnomah and J The entire head gear may thereupon be covered with fabric 9 of any desiredcolor or material. The place where the fabric is sewed to" the sweat band is indicated by a numeral 10', in Fig. III.

This device furnishes a very-light head gear which possesses sufficient elasticityto repel small objects, andto regain its shape after a slight distortion Having thus described my invention it will be seen that my objects have been accomplished, and, though I have shown the preferred form of construction I reserve to myself the right to make minor changes,

provided I do not violate the Spirit and principle of my invention- Especially do I wish to emphasize that the meridional strands, instead of terminating at the polar ring, may cross the pole from one side to" the other in a semi-circle without being considered a transgression of the scope of this invention.

I claim. v 1.- In a safety head gear, the combination of a crown comprising a plurality of meridspring steel wire, spotwelded at the cross mg points, ametal vizor spotwelded tothe rim of the crown, and an air cushion at the .rim within the crown.

2. In a safety head gear, the combination of a semi-sphericalcrown comprising meridional and equatorial spring steel wires spotwelded at their intersection, an aluminum of a crown formed of intersecting spring i steel wires an aluminum'vizor rigidly at tached to the rim of the crown onthe outside thereof, a rubber air tube attached to ional strands and latitudinal rings both of the rim within the crown, and textile fabric covering the crown and the vizor. Signed by me at/Portland, Oregon, this 22nd dayof March, 1921.


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U.S. Classification2/413, 2/416
International ClassificationA42B1/08, A42B1/04
Cooperative ClassificationA42B1/08
European ClassificationA42B1/08