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Publication numberUS1393239 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 11, 1921
Filing dateJan 7, 1920
Priority dateJan 7, 1920
Publication numberUS 1393239 A, US 1393239A, US-A-1393239, US1393239 A, US1393239A
InventorsEdward Morriss Frank
Original AssigneeEdward Morriss Frank
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US 1393239 A
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4 TTS.




Application filed January 7, 1920.

To all fw from t may concern,

Be it known that I, FRANK EDWARD Mon- Iuss, of London, England, a subject of the King of Great Britain and Ireland, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in or Relating to VVind-Screens, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to screens for motor vehicles of the type in which the standard is formed of telescopio' tubes, the screen being so mounted that the upper screen slides in front of the lower screen, the screen being adapted to be moved up and down by a rack or similar device. Y

The object of this invention is to provlde an improved screen of this type.

A screen made in accordance with this invention is characterized in that the glass is let into grooves in ianges integral with the standard and sliding tubes.

Means may be provided for raising the sliding members simultaneously.

Referring to the drawings filed herewith p Figure l is an elevation of one form of screen made in accordance with this invention Fig. 2 is a section to a larger scale of the sliding member on line 2, 2, Fig. l.

l? ig. 3 is a section to a larger. scale of the' sliding member and fixed post on line 8, 3,A

Ifig. l.

Eig. Zlisa sectional elevation showing the rack.

a a are a pair of hollow posts adapted to be secured to the car; Z) are a pair of sliding members adapted to slide in the posts a a. @n each post a a is mounted a socket c adapted to receive and support a sheet of glass CZ.l

@n each sliding member Z) b is mounted a soclret e adapted to hold a sheet of glass 7E referred to hereinafter as the sliding member.l Between the fixed posts is a shaft g Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Oct. itil, 192i..

serial no. 349,998.

carrying two pinions t t adapted to engage with racks formed on the lower parts of the sliding members. On the shaft g is a milled wheel j by which it may be turned. The glass j is adapted to slide in front of the glass d.

In use the sliding member may be raised and lowered by operating' the milled head or Wheel j. prings or other catches or stops may be provided to secure the sliding part in any desired position.

With the screen made in accordance with this invention any rain striking the glass cannot be blown between the upper and' lower parts as is frequently the case with screens as generally constructed. Any

vshape of glass can be used and the screen so made is entirely draft and rainproof.

Vhat I desire to secure by Letters Patent is A screen for motor vehicles, comprising a pair of hollow tubular posts er standards adapted to be secured to the vehicle, a pair of sliding tubular members adapted to 4fit slidably in the said tubular posts and to be supported and guided thereby along` the whole length engaging the said posts, said posts and sliding members being each pro vided with a grooved longitudinal fiange on the inner side adapted to receive and suppcrt a sheet `of glass, the flanges on the said sliding members being adapted to engage longitudinal slots in the said posts, a rack on each said sliding member, a bracket on each of said posts, a pinion on said bracket adapted to engage said rack, a common axle for both said pinions and a milled head on said axle adapted to operate simultaneously both of said sliding members so that the sheet of glass therebetween may be adjustable vertically in position.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.



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U.S. Classification296/89
International ClassificationB60J1/02, B60J1/06
Cooperative ClassificationB60J1/06
European ClassificationB60J1/06