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Publication numberUS1394662 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 25, 1921
Filing dateMar 11, 1921
Priority dateMar 11, 1921
Publication numberUS 1394662 A, US 1394662A, US-A-1394662, US1394662 A, US1394662A
InventorsBlomquist Ernest O E
Original AssigneeBlomquist Ernest O E
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Floor waxing and polishing device
US 1394662 A
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Patented Oct. 25, 1921.


' QUIsT, a



Application led March 11, 1921.

To all whom yit may concern:

Be it known that I, ERNEST O; E. BLoM^- resident of county, State of New York, and a citizen of the United States of America, have invented certain new and useful IImprovements in Floor Waxing and Polishing Devices, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements in devices for treating floors, particularly waxed floors, and has for one of its objects to provide means whereby a floor can be waxed and thereafter polished without the exertions required when said operations are carried out by a person upon their hands and knees.

To mechanical device arranged to both apply wax to a floor and afterward polish the applied wax. j

lily improved appliance is in the form of pads applied to and arranged to be heated by a suitable mechanism, preferably an electrically heated coil, which can be connected to an electric-light fixture by means dof asuitable plug.

in combination with the above l employ a reservoir for wax, which when heated will flow onto a pad arranged for the purpose and saturate the same. By means of a suitable -handle the device lcan be moved in contact with and along a floor, thereby applying the wax, whereupon the heating coil will be applied to a second pad which will be relatively heavy, said pad beingcovered by a suitable polishing fabric. After this second pad has become sufficiently heated the device will again be moved along whereby the thereto-fore deposited be polished. My improved waxing ishing device can be the floor, wax will and polused by a person standing erect, or substantially so, whereby thel waxing and polishingv a floor' operation of will be rendered a comparatively easy matter. r

l will now proceed to describe my invention in detail, the novel features of which I will finally hereinafter claim, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, wherein- Figure 1 is a sectional arranged for applying Fig. 2 is a plan view Fig. 3 is a sectional vation, illustrating the polishing;

view of my device wax;


view, partly in eledevice arranged for i Specification of Letters Patent.

lVoodside, Queens 10. Within the casing or carryout my invention l provide a wires 17 and 18 lsuch for instance as rivets 25.

Patented Oct. 25,1921. Serial No. 451,460.

simple and effective embodiment thereof.n 1 and 2, the numeral 6' Referring to lFigs. indicates a casing or box having for a bottommember a metal plate 7 recessed as at 8 to provide space for the flow of wax in order that same while in molten condition can become distributed over the surface of a fabric sheet 9 which forms part of the wax applying pad, indicated generally by box 6 l place ay resistance .or heating coil or unit 11 suitably mounted on a core 12 of insulating material. The coil at each end will be connected t-o binding postslB and 14 by leads 15 and hen the device is in use the posts 13 and 14 will be connected by circuit wires 17 and 18 to any suitable source of electricity, an electric-light fixture for instance.

diagrammatically indicate the ordinary flexible conducting cable used in connection. with electrical appliances. Upon the casing or -box 6 locate reservoir 19 forwax, indicated by 20, the reservoir 19 being connected by a duct 21 with the recess 8 in the 7.

The waxing pad consists of a metal tray member 22 (see F ig. 5) perforated as at 23, a fabric lining, hereinbefore referred to and indicted by 9, and a fabric facing 2li' which is secured to the tray 22 by suitable means, The pad is releasably attached to the bottom member 7 of the heating element, with a flange 26 to form a pocketed structure to receive the bottom plate 7 of the heatingelement, generally indicated by 27 To lock the heating element 27 and pad 10 together while in use, I provide latches 28, pivoted at 29 to the plate 7 of the heating 'memben Each latch carries a nose 30 to enand is providedy 4Fig. 4 is a fragmentary side elevation sufficiently saturated with hot wax the wax will How through perforations 23 onto fac# ing 24, which it will nally saturate. After facing 24 has become saturated the device may be moved along the fioor to bewaxed,

-by means of handle 32, which operation'will apply Wax to the licor. After Wax has been applied, the latches 28 willV be moved out of engagement With slots 31 and the heating device 27 lifted ofi1 the pad 10 and placed in a polishing pad 33 (F 1g. 3) consisting of a relatively heavy plate 34 having an annular flange 35 to provi-Ade a pocket to receive plate 7 of heating element 27.. .After the heating element has been applied to pad 33 the latches 28 Will-be moved into engagement with slots 36 in flange 35, thereby locking the polishing pad 33 and heating element 27 together. The plate 34 will be faced With a suitable polishing fabric 37. After may be stopped by closing valve 38, which Imay be an ordinary shut-off valve; hence plate 34 will not become smeared With Wax. By the above described arrangement I am able to provide a combined W. Xing and polishing outfit, the heating element being pplicable to both thewaxingvpad and the polishing pad.

Having now I claim is: v

l. In a device for waxing floors, a heatdescribed my invention, what Vin element consistin of a casing, an electrical heating coil Wit in same, a metal bottom for said casing, a pad, an upstanding flange carried thereby to provide a pocket to receive the bottom plate of the heating element, and means to detachably connect the plate and pad.

2. In a 'device for Waxing floors, a heatin element consisting of a casing, an electrical heating coil With'in same, a metal bottom for said casing, a pad, an upstanding flange carried thereby to provide a pocket to receive the bottom plate -of the heating element, and means carried by the bottom plate to releasably engage the flange on said ad. p 3. In adevice for waxing fioors, a heatin element, a reservoir for Wax carried thereby, a bottom plate for the heating element having a recess, a duct connectingA the reservoir and recess, a pad alin'ing with said recess consisting of a perforated plate and a fabric covering extending over the outer surface of the plate, and means carried by the bottom plate to releasa'hly engage the pad.

4. In a wax applying device, a heating element, a reservoir for wax carried thereby and arranged to be heated by said element, a pad carrled by the heating' element consisting of a perforated plate, a fabric covering 't erefor, and means to convey molten wax from the reservoir to the perforated plate.

5. In a Wax applying device, a heating `element, a reservoir for Wax carried thereby and arranged to be heated by said element, a recessed platecarried by the heating element, a duct connecting the reservoir andrecess in the plate, and a covering of absorbent material for said recess.


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International ClassificationA47L13/10, A47L13/32
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European ClassificationA47L13/32