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Publication numberUS1395485 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 1, 1921
Filing dateNov 15, 1919
Priority dateNov 15, 1919
Publication numberUS 1395485 A, US 1395485A, US-A-1395485, US1395485 A, US1395485A
InventorsDavid C Duncan, Russell C Duncan
Original AssigneeDavid C Duncan, Russell C Duncan
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Cozy for portable gas-generators
US 1395485 A
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' 1,395,485. Patented Nov. 1, 1921.

I I a gn'uentd'ts i! 3.2. 3. 5 v



S ecificatien 01' Letters Patent.

Patented Nov. 1, 1921.

Application filed November 15,1919. Serial No. 338,311.

gas 1 1 generators and has special referenc to portable acetylene gas generating receptacles in which tie g a g tank is of elongated tapering i. form which normally stands upil is tra portec from place to place tending i The principal object of the invention is to pr vide practical and efiicient, quickly adjusted, insulating blanket or cozy for such tanks, the express purpose being to prevent freezing of the liquid within the tank.

C ther' o ject" and special adaptabilities of the invention will appear in the further description thereof.

In all except severe sub-zero weather, the ieat from the generation of gas in this form of tank has proven sufficient to keep the water from freezing whil the light is in operation, but in very severe weather the use of salt or calcium chlorid is often employed.

The use, however of a cozy or insulating blanket as illuseratedand described herein, obviates the necessity of using any antifreezing compounds. or materials and permits tl e use of acetylene lights in any kind of weather, regardless of how severe and without trouble or inconvenience.

Referring to the accompanying drawings forming of this application and in which as like parts:

Figure 1 is a flat plan view or lay-out of the body-portion of the cozy.

F 2 is an ele i ion of an acetylene gas k with the complete cozy apreference characters indicate an enlarged elevation of a light tacle with th body portion of l ly applied thereto, and i a. vertical cent sectional through the cap portion of the cozy.

' 1 represents the metal generatingtank which contains the water and carbid common to portable acetylene gas generators view and in which it is desired to retain the heat generated therein sufiicient to prevent the water freezing during extreme cold weather.

The body portion of the cozy comprises a single piece .2 or" thick flexible insulating material such as hair felt or the like of the proper size and shape to snugly lit about the side walls of the tank 1, and a tightlv woven canvas cover 3, such as double filled canvas oucking or the like fitted upon one side of the felt 2 and overlapping same about all four of its edges where it is tightly stitched therethrough as at 4, forming a strongly protected hem wholly about the edges of the cozy.

About the lower end edge of the cozy and within the hem is incorporated a lace or cord 5, the free end of which is for lacing the cozy tightly about the receptacle, there being suitable staggered eyelets 6 therefor formed in both side edges of the cozy the entire length thereof.

Within the cozy and upon the opposite sides thereof are formed slits 7-7 positioned so as to properly register with the handles 8 of the receptacle when the cozy is applied thereto.

These slits are reinforced upon the out side of the cozy by rectangularly shaped strips 9, preferably of leather; they wholly surrounding the slits and being securely stitched entirely through the materials of which the cozy is composed.

Thecap 10 of the cozy is formed of the same material as the body portion having a depressed slightly convened upper end portion 11 through which suitable holes 12 are formed for the accommodation of the upwardly extending pipes of the light. This cap is of suflicient he; to extend well down over the upper end of the body portion of the cozy forming a complete snugly fitting warm covering for the entire tank.

It is to be nderstood that various modifications, within the scope of the invention, may be resorted to without departing from the spirit thereof.

Having thus described our inven ion what sin as new and desire to secure by Letgas generator reaccess th ough the up- 6 pipe connecsaid upper 11d, of a two piece which pieces is r-eniovably atleaving the lower end or base of the gen- In testimony whereof we hereunto aflix 1 erator bare, and the other piece of a. shape our signatures in the presence of two Wii;- 10

to act as a cap for covering the upper end nesses.

of the generator and acting as a closure for DAVID C. DUNCAN. the upper end of the other piece; said cap RUSSELL C. DUNCAN. overlapping the upper end of said other Witnesses: h piece, and said cap being removable with the D. DANIELSON,

upper end of the generator. PRESTON FISHER.

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U.S. Classification48/4, 150/154, D07/624.1, 150/901
International ClassificationC10H21/00
Cooperative ClassificationC10H21/00, Y10S150/901
European ClassificationC10H21/00