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Publication numberUS1395948 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 1, 1921
Filing dateJun 9, 1921
Priority dateJun 9, 1921
Publication numberUS 1395948 A, US 1395948A, US-A-1395948, US1395948 A, US1395948A
InventorsBernhard Drager Alexander
Original AssigneeBernhard Drager Alexander
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Helmet and mask for use with respiratory apparatus
US 1395948 A
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Patented Novfil, 1921,



hi it i t E 3-1.:



App ication filed June 9,

To'aZZ whom it may concm:

ing at Liibeck,-Germany, have invented cer tain newl'and. useful Improvements in Helmets and Masks for Use. with Respiratory Apparatus, (for which, I have filed appliczn- 26, 1920, and Great, Britain, June29, 1920,)

of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements in helmets and masks of the type which are usedv in connctionwith respiratory apparatus for breathing in smoke, noxious gases and the like and which include a mouthpiece forming the termination of the breathing tube of the respiratory or breathing apparatus and connected in a gas-tight manner with an aperture or inlet opening of the rigid wall of the helmet or mask. The invention more particularly refers to the connection of the mouthpiece with or in the wall-aperture of the helmet or mask, and has for its object the provision of a novel connection whereby the mouthpiece is rendered capable of movement relatively to the helmet or mask and to the mouth of the wearer while the apparatus is in use. The object aimed at is attained by freely suspending the mouthpiece in a sufliciently wide aperture of the helmet-wall by means of a sleeve or pouch of flexible gas-proof material, such as leather or the like.

In accordance therewith my invention consists in certain novel features of construction and combinations of parts as will be hereafter fully described and pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanying drawing there is shown partly in section as a constructional example an elevation of a smoke mask made in accordance with the invention. Figures 1 and 2 of said drawing show the mouthpiece respectively in the inoperative and operative positions.

In an aperture, provided preferably in the lower wall of the smoke mask a, there is fastened, for example by means of a ring a and a cord a a conical sleeve 6 of leather or other pliable material. In the example illustrated the mouthpiece is of two-part form. It consists of a suitably shaped pipe section d and of a bent pipe section 6 forming the mouthpiece proper, said sections 0! and e being screwed together by means of a box-nut or screw-block f Be itknown that I, ALEX NDER BEnN-- HARD Delicate,- a citizen of Germany, residing end oftheportion w ell known manner by tions in Ger'many, l1eb, 26, 1919; Aus triav and Hungary, June. 17, l920; France, June the wearer, by catching s cification of Letters Batent. I Patefited NQv, 1, 1921,

1921. Serial No. 476,236.

which engages with a screw threaded socket d of the section d. The latter is fastened for instance byjmeans of a cord d in the free opening of the sleeve Z). To the outwardly pr0jectd is coupled in the means of'a screw bolt c the cup-shaped end member 0 of the flexible respiratory on breathing tube or hose 0.

In practice putting on the smoke mask, hold of and lifting theimouthpiece d, d, e from the outside, may easily and conveniently adjust it from the inoperative position shown in Fig. 1 to the operative position illustrated in Fig. 2, in which it may readily be placed in the mouth and gripped with the teeth in the usual manner. On lifting the mouthpiece the connecting sleeve 6 is pushed or telescoped together approximately in the manner shown in Fig. 2. As may further be seen from this figure the respiratory tube is then suspended solely from the mouthpiece ol, al e and reliably held in position in the mouth of the wearer, and exerts no tractive stress upon the mask.

Should the wearer of the appliance desire to speak or permit his chin muscles to rest a little, he may simply open his mouth and allow the mouthpiece to drop out, so that it again sinks down from the position shown in Fig. 2 to the position of rest shown in Fig. 1. In this case in order to avoid jolting movements, thewearer of the appliance may, on releasing the mouthpiece, also use his hands to return it to the inoperative position. Owing to this movable arrangement the mouthpiece may be taken out of the mouth and lowered into an inoperative position in which it is of no inconvenience to the wearer, or re-inserted into the mouth, as may be desired or necessary. The extent to which the position of the mouthpiece is altered in the smoke mask is dependent upon the length of the connecting sleeve 6.

I claim:

1. In a helmet or mask for use with respiratory apparatus, the combination of a rigid face covering having an inlet opening, a breathing mouth-piece movably mounted in said inlet opening and extending into said face covering, said mouthpiece being capable of movement relatively to said rigid face covering within the same to an operative position in registry with the mouth of the wearer and to an inoperative position out of registry therewith when the apparatus is in use, and a breathing device connected with the said mouthpiece and suspended thereby Without strain upon the face covering when said. mouthpiece is in its operative position.

2. In a helmet or mask for use With respiratory apparatus, the combination of a rigid face covering having an inlet opening in the Wall thereof, a mouthpiece, a sleeve or pouch of flexible or pliable material for suspending the mouthpiece in the said inlet opening so as to be freely movable in all directions, and a breathing tube connected with the mouthpiece.

3. In a helmet or mask for use With respiratory apparatus, the combination of a rigid face covering having an inlet opening in the wall thereof, an outwardly projecting anemia pipe section, a connecting sleeve for movably suspending the said pipe section in the inlet opening, an inwardly projecting pipe section removably connected to the first pipe section and forming the mouthpiece proper and a breathing device connected to the free end of the outwardly projecting pipe section. I

'45, in a helmet or mask for use With respiratory apparatus, the combination of a rigid face covering having an inlet opening, a flexible connecting sleeve secured to said face COVGIIIIg a mouth-piece fixture connected with said sleeve and suspended thereby in saidopening, said mouth-piece fixture projecting outwardly beyond said sleeve and. including a mouth-piece located interior-1y of said mask, and a breathing device connected with the outwardly projecting end. oi said. fixture.


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U.S. Classification128/206.29
International ClassificationA62B9/04, A62B9/00
Cooperative ClassificationA62B9/04
European ClassificationA62B9/04