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Publication numberUS1396289 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 8, 1921
Filing dateApr 19, 1920
Priority dateApr 19, 1920
Publication numberUS 1396289 A, US 1396289A, US-A-1396289, US1396289 A, US1396289A
InventorsScott Walter B
Original AssigneeScott Walter B
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US 1396289 A
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APPucATxoN FILED APR. I9, 1920.

Patented Nov. 8, 1921.

,Zvei W6. W



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Nov. `8, 1921.

Application led .AprilV 19, 1920. Serial No. 374,799.

T o all fw iwf/n t may concern Be it known that I, WALTER SooTT, a citizen of the United States, residing at Marblehead in the county of Essex and State of lVfassachusetts, have invented an Improvement in Toys, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a vtoy having propelling means comprising an elastic band connected with a stationary component and the axle of the toy and adapted to be stretched by winding it upon the axle whereby to propel the toy by retracting to its unstretched condition.

An object of the invention is to so arrange the toy that an ordinary endless rubber band as used for various purposes may be employed as the driving means and in which the band is readily laccessible and may be quickly detached from the toy when broken and be replaced by an unbroken *A band.

Specifically this object of the invention is l carried out by looping the endless rubber band over a projection on the driving shaft and a fixed part of the toy, to both of which it is detachably secured, by which the band is separated into two elastic strands' adapted to wind equally on the shaft on each side of the projection'.

A further object of the invention consists in a novel method of xing the wheels of the toy to the driving shaft; and other components of the toy together; and specifically a metallic to a non-metallic member.

A further object is generally to improve and simplify the design and construction of a toy of the type 'above set forth.

Figure lis a side view of a toy embodying my invention. i

Fig. 2 is a plan bottom view of the toy illustrating the endless elastic band in an unstretched condition.

Fig. 3 is a plan bottom view of the body of the toy illustrating the band wound upon the driving shaft.

Fig. 4 is an end elevation of the toy body illustrating the slotted holder for the band.

Fig. 5 is a detail illustrating the method of detachably securing the band to the shaft.

Fig. 6 is a sectional detail of the driving shaft and a Wheel and illustrating the method of xing the wheel to the shaft.

Fig. 7 is arsectional detail illustrating the game method applied to another part of the t As here shown my invention is embodied 1n a wooden toy cart having the body 10 resting on and securedto the two shafts 11` which extend behind the body and have the cross-bar 12 secured to the extended ends, and also extend in front of the body. The front ends ofthe shaft are drawn inwardly toward each other and are held in fixed relation by the tie-rods 13 in a manner hereinafter to be set forth. A block 111 shaped to simulate some animate being, and in this specific illustration a dog7 is disposed between Said shafts and supported on said tierods. A wheel 15 eccentrically `pivoted on vthe supporting member 16 fixed to the block 14 serves to support the forward end of the toy and causesit to move up and down when the toy is propelled whereby to simulate'the natural motion of the animal imitated. Eyelets 17 secured in said supporting member 16 on each side of said wheel and with their flanges adjacent the wheel serve toY under the body and have 'apertures therethrough. A tubular bearing member or eyelet 19 having an end flange 20 is pressed in the aperture in each bearing block and is adapted to extend beyond the block. kSaid extended end is turned over to form thel l that it would not wabble and would stay tight thereon, the wheel being thin and of relatively soft material adapted to change its dimensions because of variations of atmospheric conditions. l have found that by my method of uniting the wheel and shaft the two will be permanently rigidly and firmly united.

In carrying out kmy method, the wheel is formed with a central aperture therethrough and the metallic tubular member as an eyelet 24C having an end flange 25 is forced therethrough. The end of said member is adapted to extend beyond the body of the wheel and the extended end of said member is upset to form the outwardly extended flange 26. Said flanges are compressed toward each other and thereby are caused firmly to shafts 11. The ends of the shaftsV are sub- Y stantially parallel before the block 14 is placed therebetween and the ends are brought toward each other as illustrated in F ig. 2 and held by the tie-rods. Apertures are'formed through the ends of the shafts and metallic.` tubula'rmembers or eyelets 27 having the end flanges 28 are forced there- I "in and the extended ends flanged over as for the wheels. The tie-rods are inserted therein and soldered thereto with the result that the shafts are firmlyheld in position. In some instances the flanges on the eyelets are arranged on the outside of the shafts and the eyelets need not extend entirely through the shafts, for the natural resiliency of the Vshafts tends to move them apart, and when the tie-rods have been soldered to the eyelets, the flanges Will ,firmly hold the shafts in position.

The propelling means for the toy includes the endless rubber or elastic band 30 of suit- Y able length and thickness and preferably V'is the ordinary elastic band used'for various-purposes, whereby band renewals may be conveniently made. Y Y

VAs a convenient means for detachably securing the band to the shaft a ring 3l vof larger internal diameter'than` the shaft is arranged thereover and fixed thereto as clearly indicated in Fig. 5, thereby forming a projection of the shaft and providing'a spafce between it and the shaft through which the band is extended for detachable 'connection' with the ring.

A band holder is fixed to the under side of the cross-bar' l2 and comprises a'bloek 32 of substantial length but preferably shorter than the distance between said shaft)I 11 havingband-receiving slots 33 in its ends and the band is adapted to be detach-ably received in said slots.

Y -By reason of the substantial distance be- The band is under the body of the toy and is freely accessible.

I claim: Y

l. The combination in a toy, of a rotatably supported shaft having band-engaging means, a fixed support carried by the-frame of the toy, and an endless-elastic bandl detachably connected with Vsaid fixed support and band-engaging means, said support and band-engaging means cooperating to separate saidv band intoy two spaced strands adapted independently to wind about said shaft.

2. The combination, in a toy, of a rotatably-supported shaft,-having a projection,

a fixed Vsupportl having Vtwo spaced 'bandsupporting portions, andV an endless jelastic band detachably secured to said projection and detaehably secured-over said-spacedV supporting portions vof said support and separated by said support into two separate divergent strands adapted to wind labout saidshaft spirally on opposite sides of said projection. I

3. The combination, in a toy, of a body, a shaft having a projection intermediate its ends, spaced-apart bearings rotatably supporting said shaft o'n opposite sides of said projection,Y an endless elastic band detachably secured to said projection,"and a fixed support for the band ,carried by said body having slots'in its ends in which the lband is detachably receivedV by which it is dividec into two strands each Vadapted to wind about said shaft. Y

WALTER B. scorri.

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