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Publication numberUS1398208 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 22, 1921
Filing dateSep 19, 1918
Priority dateSep 19, 1918
Publication numberUS 1398208 A, US 1398208A, US-A-1398208, US1398208 A, US1398208A
InventorsTrial Leila A
Original AssigneeTrial Leila A
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Portable shower-bath apparatus
US 1398208 A
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F494 Anwm L. A; TRIAL.


,2 Patented NW. 22, 1921.





1,398,208. BatentedNov. 22, 1921.


l l u l l I N VEN TOR.




Application filed September 19, 1918, Serial No. 254,855. Renewed October 24, 1921;

T 0 all whom it may concern Be it known that 1, Mrs. LEILA A. TRIAL,

a citizen of the United States, residing at Shower-Bath Apparatus, of which the fol lowing is a specification.

My object is to make a portable shower bath apparatus which may be readily bundled for transportation, and especially adapted for soldiers, campers, and the like, to carry in their knapsacks, hampers and the like, and my invention consists of the novel features herein shown, described and claimed. I

Figure 1 is a front elevation of a portable shower bath apparatus embodying the principles of my invention, and showing the water bag supported by the limb ofa tree and the soldier or camper standing under the water bag and receiving the shower.

Fig. 2 isa rear elevati'on showing a flexi I ble hose inserted between the water bag and the shower nozzle.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged sectional detail of the shower nozzle and regulating valve connected directly to the water bag, and taken on the line 33 of Fig. 1. i

Fig. 4 is a bottom plan of the-shower nozzle and scrubbing brush as seen looking in the direction indicated by the arrow 4: in Fig. 3. y

Fig. 5 is an enlarged fragmentary plan of the water bag construction with especial reference to the r'egulating valve, the view being taken looking in the direction indi c'ated by the arrow 5 in Fig; 3, that is looking at the bottom of the bag from the inside, the major portion of the bag being broken away.

Fig. 6 is a top plan view of the water bag collapsed'and looking in the direction j indicated by the arrow 6 in Fig. 1 before the water is placed in the bag.

Fig. 71s a plan view illustrating the manner of folding the bag and apparatus for transportation; i

Fig. 8 is a view analogous to Fig.7, and showing the packing operation still further advanced.

Fig. ,9 shows the complete package in end elevation. H

' A. ,regulatingvalve 1 is placed in the bottom of the water'bag 2. The shower nozzle '8 is connected either directly to the Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented ov. 22, 1921.

hose 5 asin Fig. 2

The details of theregulatin valve 1 an, as follows c "l hepipe nipple 6 is provided with transverse openings 7, an internal screw thread 8. an external screw thread 9, a fiaiige 10 at its lower end and an integral cap or closure 11 at its upper end, the lower face of the cap being finished to form the valve seat 'water bag as in Fig. 1 or with a fl xibl 12 above the openings 7. The valve stem 13 is straight and tubular and has an ex- 'ternal screw thread 14: fitting the internal screw thread 8 and a finished end 15 fitting he valve seat 12, so that when the stein 13 is screwed up to bring theend 15 tight against the seat 12 the valve is closed, and

when the stem 13 is screwed down until the end 15 passes below portions of the open- 1ngs7 the valve is open, and the passages through the openings 7 arere'gulated to increase or decrease the flow by adjusting the positions of the end 151 relative to the openings 7. i

r The details of the water bag 2 are as follows: I

In side elevation the empty water bag has a lower horizontal straight edge 16,.an upper horizontal straight edge 17 parallel with the edge 16, vertical straight edges 18 and 19 at right anglesto the edges 16 and 17, the lower slanting corners 20 and 21, and the upper slanting corners 22and '23. Inmalc ing the body of the water bag a piece of heavy duck is selected and the piece of chick is folded upon itselfto make the seamless straight lower edge 16. Then the duck is unfolded and a reinforcing patch 24 is placed against the inner face of the cloth across the line 25 which connects the lower 7 ple 6 against the flange 10, and theval've casing is inserted upwardly through the open my". sp l ing washer 28 is. inserted downwardly around the valve casing against the inner face of the duck, and a nut 29 isscrewed Serial no. 510,103.

Then a'similar thin metal gasket or- V down upon the tread 9' against thegasket 28 I to firmly grip the duck between the nut 29 and flange 10 and hold the valve casing in 'ing 33 and 34 are applied across the front 7 half 35 of the duck parallel with the edge 17 to make a reinforcement or binding around the mouth 36 of the water bag. Then lines of stitching 37 and 38 run from the ends of the lower straight edge 16 along the lower inclined corners 20 and 21 along the verti cal sides 18 and 19 and along the upper inclined corners 22 and 23, so as to connect the edges of the back 32 and the front 35 together all the way around except at the mouth 36 as required to make a bag. Openings are punched through the binding around the mouth 36, and eyelets 39 and 40 are fixed in these openings. A piece of rope has both ends inserted through the eyelets 39 and 40 across the mouth 36, and

knots 41 and 42' are formed in the ends of Y the rope to prevent withdrawal from the eyelets, thereby forming a loop to serve as a handle 43 for suspending the water bag, and serving as ameans for closing themouth 36. When the handle 43 is free, as in 6,

it the sides 44' and 45 of the mouth may be spread open for the insertion of water and the like and then when the handle 43 is pulled to lift the, load the sides 44 and 45 of the mouth will be drawn together and the mouth closed.

The details of the shower nozzle 3 are as follows:

The facing46 isformed ofsheetmetal and comprises a circular flat central portion 4?, an annular inclined portion 48 ex- -tending downwardly from the periphery of the portion 47, a fiat annular foraminous portion 49 extending outwardly from the lower edge of the portion '48 and the annular portion 50 extending upwardly from the outer edge "of the portion 49, thus producing the annular trough 51 with the perforations 52 in the bottom of the trough. The backing 53 isformed of sheet metal and fits the-upper outer edge of the portion 50, and a flange 54" is spun from the periphery of the backing 53 downwardly around the up- -per edgei of' the portion 50, and a boss or reinforcement 55 is formed at the center of the back1ng'53, said boss having a central vscrew threaded opening to fit the "screw thread'14up0nthe valve stem13, and the central portion'47 having a-screw threaded 'central opening through which the valve stem 13 extends The valve stem 13- is inserted through the 'boss55 and through the portion 47 and soldered in place. A chamber 56 is formed between the facing portion 47 and the backing 53 communicating with the trough 50. Openings 5'? are formed through the valve stem 13 within the chamber 56, and the lower end of the opening 58 within the valve stem 13 is closed by a wall 59 and the lower end of the valve stem extends some distance through the portion 47 to form an imperforate screw threaded nipple 60.

The shower nozzle 3 thus constructed serves as a handle for the valve stem 13 for manipulating the valve for regulating the flow of water. A brush seat 61 is formed below the portion 47 and within the portion 48, and the brush head 62 is circular in plan and its loosely in the brush seat 61, and a boss 63 is formed at thecenter of the upper face of the head 62 and screw threaded tores when theshower nozzle is'connected directly to'the bag. When'desired the hose '5 provided with a valve stem 65 may be attached with the valve stem 65 screwed into'the valve casing 6, and the shower nozzle 3 may be connected to the lower end of the hose 5 by screwing the valve stem 13 into the coupling 66. Then the shower nozzle 3 serves as a handle for the brush as well as a shower nozzle. 7 v 7 A strap 67 is secured at its upper end to the outer face of the back 32 near the mouth 36 and extends downwardly, and a buckle 68 is secured to the upper endof the strap, or with the upper end of the strap, and'extends upwardly. The valvestem 65 operates thesaine as the valve stem 13.

When it is'desiredto fold the apparatus into a package for transportation, the hose 5,the shower nozzle 3 and the brush 64 are separated, the water bag. is laid fiat upon itsback, the. hose 5, the shower nozzle 3 and the brush 64 are placed in a close assembly, as in Fig. 7,.upon the center of the front side of the water bag 2, and the edgeslS and 19 are swung upwardly and inwardly to fold therwater bag on-lines extending substantially from the outer ends of the edge 16 to the outer ends of the edge '17, thus makingthe flaps 67 and 68 partly covering the loose parts. Then (the lower third of'the water bag'is folded upwardly shower bath and over upon the flaps 67 4 and 68, thus producing the flap 69. Then the handle third 7 0 of the water bagis folded upwardly on to the flap 69 and the strap 67 is brought upwardly and inserted through the buckle 6S and drawn as tight as desired, thus pro ducing the package, asshown in Fig. 9.

The construction and arrangement of the parts all contribute, more or less, to the compactness and convenience of'the package. The size and shape of the water bag, placing the valve casing in the water bag, placing the valve stem upon the shower nozzle, as in Fig. 3, or upon the end of the hose, as in Fig. 5, and placing the brush within the circle of the shower nozzle are all important considerations in making the package. Placing the handle liltO' extend from the opposite side of the mouth from the strap 67 and buckle 68, also'adds to the convenience of making the package. 1

Various changes may be made without departing from the spirit of my invention as claimed.

I claim: a

1. In a portable shower bath apparatus, a bag having a seamless bottom; a valve casing inserted upwardly through the bottom; a nut screwed downwardly upon the valve casing against the bottom, there being perforations in the upper end of the casing; a valve seat at the upperend of the casing above the perforations; and a valve stem screwed upwardly into the valvecasing and having an end fitting the valve seat.

2. In a portable shower bathapparatus, a bag having a seamless bottom; a valve casing inserted upwardly through the bottom; a nut screwed downwardly upon the valve casing against the bottom, there being perforations in the upper end of the casing; a valve seat at the upper end of the casing above the perforations; a valve stem screwed upwardly into the valve casing and having an end fitting the valve seat; and a shower nozzle fixed upon the lower end of the valve stem, there being a passage through the valve stem to the chamber of the shower nozzle and the shower nozzle serving as a handle for manipulating the stem.

3. In a portable shower bath apparatus, a

bag having a seamless bottom; a valve casing inserted upwardly through the bottom;

anut screwed downwardly upon the valve casing against the bottom, there being perforations in the upper end of the casing;

screwed upon the nipple.

4:. In a portable shower bath apparatus, a water bag comprising a piece of duck folded to form the two sides of the bag and a seamless bottom; a reinforcing patch secured to the seamless bottom; a valve casing mounted through the bottom and through the patch and having a flange fitting the lower face; a washer above the flange against the lower face; a washer upon the valve casing against the upper face of the duck; a nut screwed down upon the casing against thesecond washer; and stitching connecting the two sides of the ba'g to;- gether and leaving a mouth at the top.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.


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