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Publication numberUS1398736 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 29, 1921
Filing dateApr 2, 1920
Priority dateApr 2, 1920
Publication numberUS 1398736 A, US 1398736A, US-A-1398736, US1398736 A, US1398736A
InventorsArthur P Paine
Original AssigneeWinchester Repeating Arms Co
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US 1398736 A
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Patented Nov.V 29, 1921.4.

SWW/nto@ Arhu F Paine, ms

@51g @whoa UITED I P A'Il'lfl'l-'i()FFAIC-i.`


4,lamps of. the type in which abattery com@ or C'ONNECTICUTl l Be known that I, ARTHUR P. PAINE, a ci izen ,of the United States, residing at New Haven, State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements 'in Handlampsyand I do hereby'declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of.` the invention, skilled in the" art 'make and use the same.

-This' invention relates to tubular hand posed of a number of dry cells placed end to. end and -connected in iseries, is housed within a cylindrical casing and electrically connected to an yincandescent bulb vcarried in ia 'reiiector which is mounted at one end of the casing and is surmoun-ted by .a lens. The

lens and .the reflector are usually heldin place by a flanged ring vscrewed upon the ed tojbe inserted the casingand is avoid thisv .di'iculty manly;l

have been .proposed for loc 'ng Athe actuatothe casing or in those cases in which the casing 1s constructed of insulating material. upon a. collar surrounding and attached tothe casing. TheV battery is adaptheld in place. by means of a spring within acapl which is screwed upon thev end of the'cas'ing or upon ajcollar wh1ch:- v

f Figure -1 is an external view of a hand are'ma eV of relatively thinmetal, and since the threaded portions of the. ring and cap are 4exposerhthey frequently become dented,

particularlyif-the lamp is subjected to hard usage.

Not onlyis the lamp thus *disgured, but the Yring and cap vcannot easily be removed, and theelamp may even be rendered' useless for further service.

Inhand lamps Of'this type a-sivvitchmust be provided for controllin 45 the lamp cir-v cuit. .It isv customaryto p ace the 'mechanism of the switch within a' housing at-k tached to the outside of the casing` As this housing projects from danger that the actuating mechanism of the switch-may be accidentally operated, thusl to be lighted withvconsel causing the lamp quent wastage of they battery'. In order to v 'Application-filed April 2,

lamp is to be placed withina in the county of New Haven,

Such as will enable others to which it appertalns to through the other end of,

the casing there is arrangements with i. Speciieation of Letters Patent. A llatenfed N0V,f2 9,1921;'

1920.1 serial No. 370,643.

o r anything within whichl itl rled.

4a battery hand lamp in'which the ring which holds the drioal casing as tO-resist the effect of blows directed against them during usage, and also to `present a smooth outer 'surface free from any corrugations produced by screw threads', and therefore imparting to the lamp a morelnished and attractive appearance by glvlng a stream-line e-ii'ect to the caslng and the parts attached thereto.

paket', a Case, is tobe car- Itis an Object olfjthis invention to provide I lens vand reflector in place and thev cap whlch holds the battery in the casing are so constructed land so related to the cylin- The'invention further provides a switch mechanism having i its actuating member substantially Hush with the outer face of the casing thereby eliminating the -needl of a projecting housing and a locking'device for as well as other objects and advantagesthe'switchand rendering the lamp less liable .to accidental lightingwhen it beingA carthereof will appear'mor'e clearlyv from a dei scription ofjcertain preferred embodiments f as shown' in the accompanying drawing in' lamp Fig. 2 is a'longitudinal sectional view l ofthe-lamp; f A v Fig. 3 isv an" enlarged sectional View lof a portion pofthe ring yfor holding the lensyand reflector in place;

Fig. 4 is a sectional viewo a'modilied-` l' for-m of ring; and .y Fig. 5 is a sectional View olf -a cap VVfor holdingthe battery in pl Referrin' to the drawigsvlOldenotes a casingwpr erably off'metal andv vprovided with a frontlar'ing end'. 11. This end Of thel casing may.1 be of slightly increased diameter asin tubular. type, greater diameteras in hand lamps vof the called miners. type.'

rBeyond the outwardly-'bent portion ofthe casing the di vameter of the latter is reduced, thus form? ing a shoulder 12 against'which the lensyond the-shoulder 12 the casing is formed and lamps of the sopcalled `or it may be of 'relatively holding ring "is adaptedy to -be"sea`ted. #Bescrewthreads landvaninwardly di- 11.0

` cent bulb 18.

rected flange' 14 which carries a ring 15 of insulating material, upon which is seated a reflector 16 provided with avthreaded inner end 17 adapted to receive an incandes- -Aheld permanently in place betweenI the Y Figs. 2 and rin and 23 and adapted to engage flanges 22 13 of' the casing to the threaded portion hold the. ring in' place thereon. 'stiffens ring 20 and is itself, fully inclosed and protected frominjury; .Y

Instead of the two-piecering shown in 3 and described above, 'this' member may bemade of a single piece o metal as shown inv Fig. 4, cylindrical portion 25 will be provided with ya smooth outer face and a threaded inner face. The thickness of this portion of the should be such as to. cause 4 its outer face to lie @lush with the outside of `the casing when the ring is in'place thereon. The thickness of metal thus required for this portion ofthe ring will make it sufficiently strong to prevent it from becomin dented from blows received during usage. This ring should be providedat one. end with a flange 26 adapted to engage the lens, andr the other end of the ring Ishould be beveled as at 27 to -fit against the shoulder 12 of the casing.

Within the cylindrical casing 10 is a batteryfcomposed of a number of dry cellsl 28 placed end to end and connected inl se.- ries. They are placed within a carton 29 in the usual manner. The battery is adapt-- ed to be held in p ace within the casing.' with the carbon elec rode of the forward" cell in engagement with the'lamp, lby means of a: spring 30 engaging the bottom of the zinc terminal of the rear cell of the battery'.

The spring-is` compressed against the battery to hold the latter' in place by means ,of a seamless metal cap 31 which in Fig. 2is composed of an outer portion 32 having the 'same external tdiameter as the casing 10 and provided at its open end -With an inwardly extending flange 33l "adapted rto engage a shoulder 34 which isV formed by decreasingthe diameter of( the casing 10 nearV its" end. This reduced portion of the 4casing is threaded as at 35 to receive a cor-` respondingly threaded stiifening member 36 place, this This ring in which case thethe' cylindrical portion 37 of the cap is provided vwith a smooth outer face adapted to lie flush with the outside'of `the casing 10 when thecap is in place and an inner threaded face 38 adapted to engage the threaded end'35 of the casing. The cap should beof suiicient thickness to resist the effect of blows directed against it,fand its edge should be beveled as at 39 to fit tightly l against the shoulder 34 when the cap is in place.

In order to control the circuit of the lamp, there is provided a switch consisting of a spring linger 40 placed within the cas- .ing 'and having its forward end bent in wardly to engage the reflector. The casing 10 is provided with an elongated depression or recess 41 within which is mounted a thumb piece 42, the outer face of which f lies vsubstantially flush with the outside of the casing and is preferably roughened as at 43, in order that it may be more adily manipulated. The thumb piece 42 is connected tothe spring linger1 40 by means pf studs 44- Ypassing 4through slots at the ottom of the recess: .Preferably the space occupied by-the' recess, the spring ngerV 40 and the inner ends of the studs should .be sufficient to cause aslight displacement of the battery Vwith respect to the center when the lamp is placed upon a ,flat sur-4 face, its tendency to roll .willbe lessened andit will assume a position in which the thumb piece is on top in position to be conveniently reached when the lamp is 'line of the lamp, as shownin Fig. 2, so that l spring linger 40 untilits inwardly directed end engages the reiiector 16 to completev the lamp circuitfrom the zinc electrodeof the rear cell to the spring 30, cap 31, casing 10,

spring' finger 40, reflector 16the outer terminahof the lamp 18, 'the vfilament thereof and through the inner terminal to the car- -bon electrode of the forward cell of the battery.

n will thus be Seen-that the inverfuon .v

fprpv'ides afbattery hand lamp in which the ends of the body 'of the lamp are strengthened bya ring and acap which are internally reinforced, and wherein the threaded 'portions of the ring andcap are concealed and protected. 1 These and the associated Aparts are also of sufficient .strength to prevent them `from becomingmdented or otherwise damaged, even when the lamp is subjected to hard usage. .The lamp accordingly possesses a smooth exterior. surface free from any. corrugations caused 'by Ascrewthreads, and thus'presenting a more attractive appearance i than the usual types of lamps. l'-The actuating mechanism of. the switch lies flush with the casing, thus'avoidv ing the use ofprojecting housings and les- 10 the invention have been shown and de- Yzo in place therein,

'- videdv at the frontend scribed, it will be understood Athat various .changes in the details of construction may bemade without departing' from the principle vof the invention as,` dened in the appended claims.

l. A hand lamp comprising a casing* adapted to contain a battery and provided at each end with' a. threaded portion `o freduced diameter, a reflector mounted upon one end of the casing, a lamp carried by the reflector, a lens mounted upon the outer edge of the reflector, a. ringiadaptedto be screwed upon the corresponding reduced portion lofthe casing for clamping the lens andreiector in place', and a cap adapted to be screwed upon the reduced portion at'A the othei end of the casing to hold the battery said ring and said cap being lformed with smooth outer' surfaces adapted to lie flush with the exterior of the casing when the ring and cap areiin .place thereon. Q-

2. A' hand lamp comprising a l metallic casing adapted to contain a battery: and prowith' an integral v threaded portion of reduced diameter terminating in. an inwardly directed ange, a

. yreflector seated upon 1 the flange, a lens mounted upon the reflector and a metallic v of the same diameter as the portion of the ring for clamping the lens and reflector in place, said ring having a smooth outer face casing adjacentrto the reduced portion, and

,a 'threaded interior face adapted to ,be

screwed into the threaded porti-on yof the casing. f

3. Ajhand lamp comprising a metallic l casing adapted to contain a battery, and provided at the rear'end with a smooth cylindrical ,portion terminating inv -a` threaded. portion of reduced diameter, and a metallicv cap internally vreinforced andthreaded on- I, the reinorceto engage thevthreagded por-` smooth cylindrical 4. A hand lampV comprising a casing 7 tion 'of reduced'diameter, the internal reinforce bei'` of a' thicknes' cause the outer surface o the capfto vbe iushwith the portion of the casing.v

adaptedV to contain a battery and formed at each end with an inclined annular ledge and a threadedA portion' of reduced diameter, a

reector mounted upon one end of the casing 'having an inwardlyl against which the'v reflector bears, a lens mounted upon the outer edge ofthe relecl tor, a ring adapted to be screwed upon the corresponding reduced portion of the: casing ing, -a lamp' carried Jby the reflector, the cas;

directed flange.

for holdingthe lens and reflector in .place the ledges of the "ring and ca p are in place contain avbattery and provided. at oneend with a reflector, lamp and lens, the combination of a ring `for holding the reflector and lens in said casing flange -agalnstfwhich the reflector bears, and

place on the end of the casing,

en d having an inwardly directed a cap for holding the battery in the casing,

said ring and said 'cap being provided onV their interiors with screwA threads adapted to coperate with the screw threads on the 9asing,\and having smooth cylindrical outer surfacesadapted to Llie iush with the'eX- 4 terior of the 'casing when the ring and-cap are in place thereon.

. 6.. In a tubular hand lamp consisting of a 'sheet metal casingl having screw threads pressed therein at each end and adapted to contain a battery and provided at one end with a reflector, lamp and lens, the combination of a ring for holdingthe reflector and lensin place on the end of the casing,-

and a cap. for holding'the battery in the casing, said ring and said'cap each consisting of an outer cylindrical member having a smooth exterior face adapted `to lie flush' with the adjacent portion `of theasing and an' lnner screw threaded member adapted "to engageithe screw thread's'of the casing to holdthering' or cap thereon.

tubular. .bod

v'externally t readed, and fan cap and a-ring for engaging the said reduced ends, the cap and `ingl being reinforced internally ani threadedv atl the Areinforce for -engaging ,the

= reduced ends of the casing, said reinforce bei/ng of a depth to-cause the outer. surfaces of. the capand. lring-to be Hush with the outer surface of the casing and to form con- 'tinuations of said 'outer surface.

8. In a hand lamp, al casing 4comprising a tubular body havingl its vends reduced and externally threaded, and acap and a ring f rengaging the said reducedends, the cap ,7. In a hand lamp," a casing comprising a having its ends reduced and izo . ing a andthe ring being-of substantially the same *,9. In a hand lamp, a casing adapted to contain a battery, and carrying a lamp, a reflector and a lens, and means for controlling the circuit of the lamp, said-means includthumb piece,thefcasing having a longitudinally extending depression in which the thumb piece is mounted to slide, said' thumb piece havingits outer faceV flush with the surface of the casing,said-depressionbeing ofa length to be engaged at its ends by 'the endsof the thumb piece at completion of its movement in each direction.

10. In a hand lamp, a casing adapted to reflector and a lens, andmeans for controly ling the circuit ofthe lamp, said means incrludinga` thumb piece, the casing having a longitudinally extending depression in which the thumb piece is mounted to slide, said thumb piece having its outer face Hush with the surface of the casing, and vhaving meansin connection therewith 'for engaging the battery whenin the'casing to`v press said battery away from the thumb piece and off center with respect to the casing.

11. In a hand-1ampa casing comprising a body having one end reduced and externally threaded, a lens holding ring for engaging said end of the body, said ring having a plain outer face and internal threads for engaging the end ofthe body, the said end of the body `having an inwardly directed flange, and the lens and the reflector being clamped between said flanges.

vIn testimony whereof I aix my signature.


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