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Publication numberUS1399227 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 6, 1921
Filing dateOct 8, 1920
Priority dateOct 8, 1920
Publication numberUS 1399227 A, US 1399227A, US-A-1399227, US1399227 A, US1399227A
InventorsFrederick W Rohrs
Original AssigneeFrederick W Rohrs
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US 1399227 A
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Patented Dec. 6, i921.

2' '0 all whom it may concern Be it known that I, FREDERICK W. Ronnie, citizen of the United States, residing at Rosedale, State of Maryland, have invented new and useful Improvements in Motor- Fuel, of which the following is a specifica-= tion.

The present invention relates to a motor fuel which, while in some respects it resembles gasolene and is intended to be used as a substitute for gasolene, for example in running automobile engines and the like, possesses many properties much superior to the properties of ordinary gasolene which has a specific gravity of'56 degrees to 61. degrees Baum, and whose initial boiling point varies between 80 degrees to 160 degrees 1 and its final boiling point from 368 degrees F. to 400 degrees 1 and the object of the invention is to produce a fuel which will be substantially better than ordinar gasolene for the purposes above specified. In compounding my fuel, I preferably start with kerosene of Baum at '2' 0 F, the specific gravity of kerosene being between 54 and 32 degrees Baum, and having a boiling point or 100 to 600 degrees F.

This substance is mixed by the addition of one-half ounce acetone to 16 ounces of the kerosene. The acetone employed is preterably chemically pure, although acetone of any of the commercial grades of purity,

' relatively free from water, can be employed.

To the amount of the mixture produced as above stated, is then added one gallon of ordinary gasolene of 64 Baum at 80 F.

The material is then thoroughly mixed and v is ready for use in the same manner as ordinary asolene is used. The carbureters of automobiles should be carefully adjusted, when changing from any other kind or fuel (such as ordinary asolene) to this fuel.

At Y0 degrees the followingformula has been found to give the best results:

, 1 oz. of liq. acetone or approximately 1%,

Application filed detoher 55, 1am. Serial Ho. 415,568.

16 oz. of kerosene or approximately 11%, i728 oz. (1 gal.) gasolene or approximately I am aware that various mixtures have heretofore been proposed for use as substitutes for gasolene. i luch materials in many cases have contained benzol, camphor, alcohol and other coal tar products, these materials invariably have been found to produce excessive quantities of carbon, poor cooling or the engine and consequent overheating of the engine. These materials and motor fuels containing-the same and also motor fuels containing various other substances heretofore proposed have been found to also injuriously aifect metal parts of the engine, carburetor and fuel system, whereas, the fuel of the present inventio'n is free from these defects. Many of the artificial fuels heretofore proposed have also been found to injure shellac, gaskets and the floats of carburetors, which my fuel does not do. lroducts in the nature of motor fuel have heretofore been extensively advertised and it has been claimed that many of these will remove crystallized or free carbon from the interior of the engine cylinder. 1 make no claim to remove free carbon from the cylinder, but it the adjustment of the carbureter is proper, there will be no free carbon deposited in the engine cylinder, in the valve or on the spark plugs. The action of the acetone on the kerosene is to regulate and control the vaporization of the kerosene so that better vaporization of the fuel will result.

1 claim: l. A motor fuel consisting of l to 3% acetone, 8 to 15% kerosene and 80 to 90% gasolene.

2. A motor fuel consisting of 1% acetone, 11% kerosene and 88% gasolene.

In testimony whereof I ailix my signature.


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U.S. Classification44/439
International ClassificationC10L1/18, C10L1/14, C10L1/16
Cooperative ClassificationC10L1/1857, C10L1/1616, C10L1/14
European ClassificationC10L1/14