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Publication numberUS1399683 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 6, 1921
Filing dateNov 9, 1920
Priority dateNov 9, 1920
Publication numberUS 1399683 A, US 1399683A, US-A-1399683, US1399683 A, US1399683A
InventorsBeavers Lambert E
Original AssigneeBeavers Lambert E
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US 1399683 A
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Patented D60. 6, 1921.

z @Ens-SHEET l.

INVENTOR av v ' ATToRNEY L. E en/ewa yf, N W


` Patented Dec. 6, 1921 2 SHEETS-SHEET 2.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec.. ti, M121..

Application filed November 9, 1920., Serial No. 422,883.

To all whom t may concern.'

Be it known that 1, LAMnnR'r E. Bniivnns, a citizen of the United States, residing at Philadelphia, in the county of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania, have invented new and useful Improvements in Umbrella Supports, of which the following isa specilication.

This invention relates to improvements in devices for supporting umbrellas or the like when in use and has for an object the provision of means which may be quickly and easily adjusted to the body of a person for holding an umbrella, thus leaving the hands free, the device being especially useful for postmen and others.

Another object of the invention 1s the provision of a device of the above. character which is capable of various adjustments to accommodate it to persons of different sizes and is further capable of adjustment te regulate the height and position of the umbrella.

With the above and other objects in view, the invention also includes the following novel features and details of construction, to be hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings and pointed out in the claims.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the device showing `by dotted lines a portion of the figure of a man and illustrating the use of the invention.

Fig. 2 is a front elevation of the same -with the drain cup shown in section.

Fig. 3 is a top plan view of the invention per se.

Fig. 4. isalr enlarged section on the line 4--4 of Fig. 3.

Fig. 5 is a similar view on the line 5 5 of llfig. 2.

Referring to the drawings in detail, wherein like characters of reference denote corresponding parts, the device as illustrated includes a belt 10, which may be .made of leather, canvas or other suitable material and which may be adjustably secured about the body of the user of the device through the medium of a vbuckle 11. Connected to the belt are shoulder straps 12, which are adapted to extend over the shoulder of the` wearer to hold the belt in proper position and these straps are removably and adjustably secured to the belt by means of hooks 13 which are secured to each end of the straps and which are adapted to engage spaced eyes 14- provided in the belt, 10.

Supported by the belt is a holder which is in the form of a tubular member 15 and which is adapted to receive the end or handle 16 of an umbrella 17. ylhe handle 16 is adapted for insertion within the tubular member 15 and is adjustably secured therein by means of pins 18, the latter being inserted through registering openings provided in both the tubular member and handle 16. rlhe height of the umbrella may thus be regulated to suit the convenience of the user.

Extending from diametrically opposite sides of the tubular member 15 are trunnions 19, the latter being received within hollow cylindrical bearing members 20 which are disposed upon opposite sides of the member 15 and which are provided with openings 21. rllhese openings are adapted to be brought into register with similar openings 22 provided in the trunnions 19, so that the pin 2li may be inserted through these openings and the tubular member 15 maintained in adjusted position. rllhis provides means whereby the umbrella may be maintained in direct vertical position, or may be inclined forward or rearward as desired. The hollow bearing members 2() are supported. by brackets, each of which comprise a substantially horizontally arranged arm 25, one end of this arm carries a sleeve for telescopic engagement with the bearing 2O and which may be adjustably secured' to the sleeve through the insertion of pins 26 through openings provided in the bearing and sleeve. In addition to providing rotary adjustment,

the holder may also'be adjusted as to its width so as to accommodate it to the sine of the person upon whom it is secured. 'llhe arm 25 is also provided with an extension 27 which projects in the direction opposite the sleeve and mounted upon this projection is one end of an inclined arm 28. The opposite end of this arm is adjustably secured to the belt 10 as shown at 29, while the inner end of the arm 25 is adjustably secured to the shoulder strap 1Q by means of a loop 30 which is carried by said arm and which receives the shoulder strap.

'The tubular member 15 is also provided with a set screw 31 for engagement with the rod of an ordinary umbrella so as to permit of the use of the latter with the device.

The umbrella 17 is provided at the errule end of the rod With a cup shaped receptacle 32, the said receptacle being open at its inner end, that is, the end toward 'the umbrella, so that when the latter is closed and in inverted position, the water dripping from the umbrella will enter this receptacle.

The invention is susceptible of various changes in its Jr'erm, proportions and minor details of construction and the right is herein reserved to make such changes as properly Jfall within the scope of the appended claims.

vHaving described the invention what is claimed is 1. An umbrella support comprising a hollow tubular member adapted to receive the handle of an umbrella, means for adjustably securing the same therein, outwardly and oppositely extending trunnions carried by the tubular member und located intermediate its ends, a bearing located upon opposite sides of the tubular member und receiving the trunnions, means for adjustably holding the trunnions against movement and means for securing the bearings upon the body of the person.

2. An umbrella support comprising a hollow tubular member adapted to receive the handle of an umbrella, trunnions extending from the opposite sides of said member, hollow cylindrical bearing members for receiving said trunnions, means whereby the trunnions may be longitudinallyv and rotultably adjusted in said bearing members :1nd means for securing the bearing members to the body of a person.

In testimony whereof I affix my si ature.


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