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Publication numberUS1399766 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 13, 1921
Filing dateJul 17, 1919
Priority dateJul 17, 1919
Publication numberUS 1399766 A, US 1399766A, US-A-1399766, US1399766 A, US1399766A
InventorsGrosjean James E
Original AssigneeGrosjean James E
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Sole for boots and shoes
US 1399766 A
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mf bj I Mv I AQ I I I I I I I I I I l/l "I muy W will Wm i will timidi it ttm .application tiled July it?,

soles shown and described are designed tov replace leather soles. it sole of the general type of which this is an improvement is shown in hltontgomery llteissue Patent No, 11h57?, dated Dec. 2li, 1918, and it is the ob ject of this invention to improveA upon this vtype of sole in certain respects as will appear as the description proceeds.

lin the drawing:

Figure 'l is a plan view of a sole made in accordance vwith this invention.

. Fig. 2 is a. longitudinal cross section through the sole. l l 4 rlhe improved sole of this invention comy prises a backing,` orinsole. strip of fabric, or'similar material indicated by the numeral l which backing forms abase or foundationfor the entire sole, and preferably, extends over the sole, except for a certain marginal area 2 which embraces the heel portion, the purpose of this area being to avoid the exposure of the edge of fabric about the heel of the finished shoe.

Un this base or backing is built up the sole which comprises a tread portion 3 at the forward part of the sole, a shank portion t and a heel portion t. The tread portion may be of any preferred form and may be composed of alternate layers of fabric and rubber, the fabric being set on end in parallel rows as shown at 5, so that the fibers are oresented eiidwise to the @round to D the rows beinp; separatedby narrow strips of rubber, or .rubber composition, 61 @ther constructions of the tread portion may be substituted for this particular structure, it

beingi practicable to replace'the fabric and :rubber in rows as shown with fabric and rubber arranrred in any other design or with rubber and fibrous material ground uptopether.. lin place of the fibrous material Vmentioned, there may be substituted other ingredients such as ground cork orthe like. llie narrow separating strips of rubber may be ot a composition similar to that referred `tipeeiiication of Letters Patent.

llftatented Decm ililtmil; isis. senat nu. airis?. i

to above, and the fabric may heal-ranged in any preferred relationship, the parallel rows being shown as the preferred arrangement merely.

rlllie heel 4t and shank portion @La of the sole is composed mainly of an insert 7 which may/entend over part or the entire area of this portion of the sole. Ground cork may be used in combination with rubber as this gives an efficient substance for that portion of the sole and lightens it. Over this portion of the sole is extended a .strip of fabric 8, which may be of one or more plies. The forward end ofthe fabric strip is bent downwardly at the instep as shown at 9 in Fig. 2 and extends for a short distance under the tread portion of the sole.

The purpose of this construction is to closely unite or tie together the tread ,portion of the sole and the heel and shank portion and prevent separation or cracking at the point where these two parts meet, the strip 9 servingr as a bond 0r link connecting and holdingV together the two dissimilar parts of the lin the shank portion of the sole, it may be advisable to insert a stiif reinforcing plate 10 which is designed to distribute over a large area, the pressure of whichfrequently occurs in use at this point. This reinforcing' strip or plate may be of any de sired substance, preferably metallic, and may be of braided wire. llVhen this strip is embedded in the sole as shown, constant pressure on a pedal o r similar portion of machinery may be applied by u1the wearer of the shoe without tiring the foot.

Around the edge of the entire sole may beV placed a finishing' strip in the form of a rubber margin l1, which also may extend between and separate the tread portion and the 'shank of the sole. rl[`his margin 's not essential and may be omitted if there is no objection against having the ends of the fabricstrips show at the sides of the shoe.

lit is obvious that changes and modifica tions ...may be made from the exact -form shownl and the invention is not limited to such details as have'been set forth but may be varied within the limits-Tof: the appended claims and within lthe scope of the invention.

ll claim:

l. A sole for boots and shoes comprisingr a tread portion and a heel portion of ffering' compositions and a link between theV two said portions securelyY embedded in eaeh 'two said portions.

2. `A sole for boots and shoes comprising a tread portion and a heel portion, a flexible base extending over the upper side of said sole, the tread portion ofl said sole being Composed of fibrous material `and rubber` a layer of fabric on the under side of said heel portion inelosing the same and extending forward and embedded within the tread portion.

` 3. A sole for boots and shoes eomprisingrg` a tread portion and a heel portion, al flexible base extending over the upper side of said sole, the tread portion of said sole being` composed of fibrous material and rubber, a layer of fabric on the under side'of said heel portion inelosing the same, and extending forward, Crossing over at the instep and secured to the under side of the tread portion.

t. A shoe sole comprising a tread7 a heel, and a shank portion, the first named portion being composed of fabric strips arranged endwise, the other portions being composed of a rubber composition, `and a fabric strip joining the said portions being united to the heel and shank portions and extended under and embedded in the tread portion.

5. A shoe sole eomprisiin a tread. a heel. anda shank portion` the first .nained portion being eomposed of rubber and tabrie stripsl arranged endu'ise, the other portions beinecomposed of rubber and eork composition` a fabric strip lioinine' the said portions extending over the top ol' the heel and shank portions and bent nudel and embedded in the tread portion` and a. flexible base over the sole.

(i. A. fiexible composition shoe sole har ing a reinforcing and stitl'ening' plate ein bedded in the shank thereof` said plato beinler Composed of braided wire.

T. A composition shoe sole havin;r a tread. a heel and a shank portiom lsaid portions each being; composed in part of rubber, a flexible fabric strip extending trom one portion to the other and embedded therein` and a inetallie pressure plate embedded in theI shank portion of the sole.

S. fr tiexible eoinposition shoe sole haring, a reinforcing and stitieninf.: plate embedded ,in the shank thereof1 said plate beingy (foinposed of "woven Wire.


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U.S. Classification36/59.00B, 36/30.00R, 36/32.00R, 152/212
International ClassificationA43B13/12, A43B13/02
Cooperative ClassificationA43B13/12
European ClassificationA43B13/12