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Publication numberUS1402465 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 3, 1922
Filing dateSep 22, 1920
Priority dateSep 22, 1920
Publication numberUS 1402465 A, US 1402465A, US-A-1402465, US1402465 A, US1402465A
InventorsWood George A
Original AssigneeWood George A
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Traffic post
US 1402465 A
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APPLxcATloN man SEPT. 22. 1920.

, Patented Jan. 3,.1922

1 THQ-7nd" H" 'A Troma?.




pecicatlon of Lettera Zetent.A

Patented dan..

Application ilcd dept/einher 22, '19%. Serial No. 412,011.

To all whom t @1l-ay concern: 'i

Be it known that-rl, Gnome A. Woon, a

cit'zen `of the United States 'of America, re

sidxn atlimira, in the countyof Chernung and tate of New York, have invented cer tain new and usefullmprovements in T raiiic Posts, of which the 'following is a specification.

This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements 1n traflic posts known inthe art as silent cops and is'especially.

designed forl mounting at the intersection ot crossing streets to indicate to the drivers of vehicles the proper course to pursue in pass ing a vstreet crossing.

A further object of the invention resides in the provision of a traiiic'post in the formA of a sign post indicating to drivers of vehicles the proper direction of travel and -whereinthe post includes a resilient mounting to cause the 'same to assume a perpendicular fposition and also to permit the knocking down of the same in any direction when engaged by a moving vehicle, thereby preventing damage to the machine and in -suring the restoration of the same to its proper engaging position.

7 ,y With the above general objects in view'and others that will appear as the nature of the invention is better understood, the same consists in the novel form, combination and arrangement of parts'hereinafter more fully described, shown 1n. the accompanying drawu f ing and claimed.

throughout the several views,

in the drawing, wherein 'like reference characters indicate corresponding parte Figure 1 is a vertical sectional' view ci resiliently mounted traic indicating post taken on line l-I of Fig. 1,


constructed in accordance with the present invention,

Figure 2 is a horizontal sectional view Figure 3 is a 'fragmentary sectional viewy of a modified form oi the invention showing a prolate spheroid mounting base, and

Figure .4 is a horizontal sectional View taken on lineIV-IV of Fig; 3.

Briefly described,` the invention has for its main object to provide a traffic indicating sign post adapted for positioning at the center of crossing ustreets, and other places to y indicate to motbrists, and drivers of other vehicles the correct direction of travel. The

post' may have a metallic cylindrical cover spring ing, or the covering may be oi' o, cushioning material such as leather or rubber, Awhile the lim@ v mounting base therefor extends downwardly of being knocked down in any direction when struck by a moving vehicle and subsequently restored'to its perpendicidarposition by the sprmg engaging the base of the post within the housing.

.Referring incre` in detail to the accompanying drawing, there is illustrated a traffic lndicatuw1 s1gn post mounted in a cylindrical housing H sunk Within the ground as indicatedvby section with the upper end ther-eciQ terminating adjacent the line of the street. The .indicating post includes amounting base E of substanttelly henjiisplierical construction entirely received within the open upper end of 4the honsin when in its perpendicular position an is provided with a centrally threaded socket'ior the reception of a vertical rod B theaded therein at its lower-end. An annular. shoulder is carried by the upper end of the mounting' base E and is of sucient dia'netfEi-"to be re-v ceived in the annular` seat H. in the upper end of the housing H to hold the mounting base at the upper end ofthe housing. A tubular covering C encloses the rod B and may be of any desirable material, either metal, rubber, leather, etc., and to lhold the tubular covering-C in position on the 'rod with the lower end thereof engaging the mounting basefE, there is .provided a screw cop A threaded on the upper end ci the rod B- engaging the tubular covering and clamping the same between the cap and the mounting base, thereby locking the dish to the mounting base E and also securing the tubu-Y lar covering on4 the rod. rllhe resilient mountin for the base/ 1E` includes a coi-i secured at its upper end to the eyebolt F depending from the lower side 'ci the mounting base E while.`the lower end of the spring engages the `cross bar l extending transversely of the lower end' of the housing H, thusmaintaining the post above the street line in a normally perpendicular position as indicated.

painted or otherwise impressed onu the tubuf desired, any notation whatever may be 'Y cffited9 but EL Aiso,

ier covering C to indicete the direction of isravei of vehicles. in operatiom'the post is 'in itsjnormzrny vertical position as indishouid e vehicie contact the same the post'wiii befirnociied' down in any direction bythe vehicle against the tension of' the spring G and nite-r such engagement the spring will return -the post to its normal perpendicular' positlonthereby eliminating l serious'dznnage to the vehice and immedintey presentin'gthe'post for its p ioper'in- ,dicati'ng friction-As the mountingbese E is of substantially hemispherical construction and the shoulder D is of onnuior formation the post will be permitted to be knocked down in any direction opposed to the lforce v of e striking vehicle.

g While the forms ortho invention her-ein that vminorchmiges may be mede therein Without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed.

What is claimed as new is y Atrayiiic indicator of the type described comprising a tubular housing an indicator post, inciuding a mounting 'base disposed Within the upper end of the housing, said "shown and described are believed to be prei u erable, it isl Anevertheless to be understood' mounting base being of substantially hemispherical form and having en annuler shoulder superposed thereon for engaging uponv the upper end of said tubular housing, n rod threaded lat its opposite ends having one end threaded into the base, u tubular cover for said rod being sp'pported at its 'lower end upon the substantially Het ,upper surface of the hemispherical base and rigidly engagedupon Said rod by a nut threaded upon the upper endof the rod and contacting with the upper end of said tubular cover, and a resilient cbnnection' between the mounting bese and housing.

' In testimony whereof I veffin my signature.

Geenen A. wennv

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U.S. Classification40/608, 52/113
International ClassificationE01F9/017, E01F9/011
Cooperative ClassificationE01F9/0175
European ClassificationE01F9/017B