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Publication numberUS1403817 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 17, 1922
Filing dateSep 20, 1920
Priority dateSep 20, 1920
Publication numberUS 1403817 A, US 1403817A, US-A-1403817, US1403817 A, US1403817A
InventorsPinson Auguste Edouard
Original AssigneePinson Auguste Edouard
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Scrubbing glove
US 1403817 A
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f 2 mm WWW 2 n8 r w em Q m VP 4 1.. m w A J M 6 m P A. E. PINSON SCRUBBING GLOVE. APPLICATION FILED SEPT. 20, 1920.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Jan. 1'7, 1922.

Application filed'September 20, 1920. Serial No. 411,617.


To all whom it may concern 7 Be it known that I, AUGUsTE EDOUARD PINSON, a citizen of France, importer, residing at #738 Bloomfield Avenue, Outremont, Quebec, Dominion of Canada, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Scrubbing Gloves; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the same.

The present invention relates to improvements in a scrubbing glove or mitten which consists in providing the glove with a plurality of transverse ribs on the back of the finger portion and on the palm, so that when the hand is closed a rough or ribbed surface will be provided.

To better understand the invention referonce should be had to the accompanying drawings in which Figure l is a plan view of the back of a glove according to the invention.

Figure 2 is a similar view to the Figure 1 from the opposite side.

Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional View on line of Figure 1.

Figure 4: is a perspective view of the glove adapted on a closed hand.

Like numerals of reference indicate corresponding parts in each figure.

Referring to the drawings 1 illustrates a mitten, preferably made of a strong fabric, and having on the outer side of the back, adjacent the finger portion, a plurality of parallel cross ribs 2, consisting of cords 3, covered by a sheet of material and secured by the seams l between each of said ribs 2.

On the palm portion of the mitten are provided a plurality of ribs 5 similar in construction to the ribs :2, said ribs being disposed so that when the hand is closed, they will practically form a continuation of the ribs 2, thus offering a corrugated surface that will serve the same purpose as a washboard. The ribs 2 and 5 could be made in many other ways, without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

What I claim as my invention is A scrubbing mitten of the character de scribed, consisting of a scrubbing surface on the back and palm of the mitten composed of a plurality of parallelly disposed crosswise lengths of cord suitably secured, substantially as described.

Signed at Montreal, Quebec, Canada, this twenty-eighth day of August, 1920.



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U.S. Classification68/220, 15/209.1, 15/227, 2/158
International ClassificationD06F1/00
Cooperative ClassificationD06F1/00
European ClassificationD06F1/00