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Publication numberUS1404302 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 24, 1922
Filing dateSep 28, 1921
Priority dateSep 28, 1921
Publication numberUS 1404302 A, US 1404302A, US-A-1404302, US1404302 A, US1404302A
InventorsFeth Edward L, Krieter William J
Original AssigneeDuffy A Matot
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US 1404302 A
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1,404,302, Patented Jan. 24, 1922,





Patented Jan. 24,1922.






To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that we, WILLIAM J. Klamm-:R and EDWARD L. FETH, citizens of the United States of America, and residents of Chilcago, county of Cook, and State of Illinois,

have invented a new and useful Improvement in Refrigerators, 'of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to refrigerators designed to receive ice-cream bricks in a. plurality of columns according to flavors and is intended for use in stores where such icecream bricks are retailed. An object of the invention is to provide a refrigerator of this class wherein a receptacle for ice-cream bricks inside of the container may beA surrounded by ice at its sides and top but having provision for the convenient removal of bricks/from the bottom of each tier of bricks. A further object of the invention is to provide an improved drain for the icecontaining compartments which drain is in the form of a coil below the brick-containing compartment and serves, b the brine passing therethrough, to -refr1gerate the lower end of the brick-containing compartment.

The objects of the invention are accomplished by the design shown in the accompanying drawings wherein,

Figure l 1S a view in front elevation showing a refrigerator constructed in aci line 3 3 of Figure 2.

Figures 4 and 5 are respectively plan sections taken on lines 4 4 and 5 5 of Figure 2.

The objection to refrigerators as at present designed for the retailing of brick icecream is the liability of the wrappings of the individual bricks coming in contact with salt water and the difficulty of removing ice from the top of the container and selecting the desired brick and the loss in the cooling effect of the ice by opening the refrigerator either at the top or throughout a large space atthe front.

With the present construction bricks of a Specification of Letters atent. Patented J an. 24, 1922. Application led -September 28, 1921. Serial N9. 503,902.

selected flavor may be rapidly removed from 'the refrigerator without exposing the lice therein to the outer atmosphere and without requiring the lifting or. removal of bricks above the selected brick. The construction as illustrated in the drawings comprlses a refrigerator having the generally approved arrangement of insulated walls and removable to through which the bricks and ice are passe in filling the refrigerator. The brick container proper consists of a cen'- trally located receptacle having an individual cover and partitioned to provide individual compartments for bricks of different flavor. At its lower end the rear wall of this brick container is inclined forwardly so that the lowermost bricks of each column will be projected forwardly slightly, due to the weight of the bricks above them, into position vfor convenient removal through a door at the lower end of the refrigerator. A coil of pipe is located at the lower end of the brick container and serves compartment at its lower end to receive rounding casing which is preferably formed of sheet metal walls 8. The brick containing compartment is provided with a removable cover 9 and its rear wall as indicated in Figure 2 is inclined downwardly and forwardly at its lower end 10 in order that the lowermosti bricks will be projected forwardly a slight distance bythe weight of the downwardly moving column o'f bricks when one is removed lfrom the lower end. The bottom 11 of the brick container is spaced upwardly from the floor/i 12 of the refrigerator caslng in order that the forwardly projected bricks may be removed and to provide a space for a. refrigerating frigerator so that the coil may serve asa drain. A separate drain V17 is -provided in order that the apparatus'. may be more rapidlyY and thoroughly drained whenwashed.

The brick container 7 is'provided with a plurality of longitudinally extending partitions 8 in order to divide this container into described individual compartments for bricks of different iavor and in the operation-olf the device these separate compartments are lled accordingly. Y The cover 9 is then placed upon. the brick container and ice isl packed' around all of the side walls of this container and over the cover. Then the refrigerator cover 5 is replaced and' it is not necessary to remove eit er of the covers 5 or 9 until the supply of bricks and ice is replaced. The lowermost brick of each column of bricks is projected forwardly as indicated in Fi re 2 and therefore may be easily remove Since the door 6- does not allow the outer'air to enter `the ice containin compartment there is comparatively little oss due to the opening of this door and' such loss is substantially compensated for by utilizing the drain 13 of the ice containing compart'ment as a refrigerating coil within the brick containin compartment 7.

Although but one spec c embodiment of this invention has been herein shown .and

it will be understood that-numerous details of the construction shown may be altered or omitted without departing irom the spirit of this invention as defined by the following claims. y Y

We claim: 1. A refrigerator of the class described having surrounding walls and an article receiving rece tacle, the walls of which are s aced inwar y from the refrigerator walls t us roviding an ice receiving com artL ment Ween the refrigerator walls an' the article receptacle, said receptacle havingone df its walls inclined inwardly at its loweli` end a refrigerator door communieating with the inclined portion of its wall, and a drain for' the ice containing compartment in the said article receptacle opposite 4 form of Aa coil located in the article-containing. compartment.

2. A refrigerator of the class described having surrounding walls and an article receivin receptacle, `the vwalls df which are s ace inwardly from the refrigerator walls t us an ice receiving compartment tween t e refrigerator walls-and tlhe one of its walls inclined inwardly at its article. receptacle, said receptacle having lower end, a refrigerator door communicating with said article receptacle opposite the inclined portion of its walls, vertically c xtending apparatus dividing said article-contaimng receptacle into a. plurality of compartments, and a drain lfor the ice -contai compartment in the form of a coil located in the article-containing compartment.

- Signed at Chicago this twenty-sixth day of September, 1921.



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