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Publication numberUS1404453 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 24, 1922
Filing dateNov 26, 1920
Priority dateNov 26, 1920
Publication numberUS 1404453 A, US 1404453A, US-A-1404453, US1404453 A, US1404453A
InventorsWellesley Lynn John
Original AssigneeWellesley Lynn John
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US 1404453 A
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Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented J an. 24, 1922.

Application ed November 26, 1920. Serial No. 426,601.

To all whom t may concer/n Be it known that I, JOHN lVnLLnsLnY LYNN', subject of the King of Great Britain and Ireland, resi-ding at Cheltenham, in the county of Gloucester, England, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Gloves, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relatesv to improvements in gloves of the kind in which provision is made for extruding the fingers or the finl gers and thumb for occasional use without necessitating the removal of the glove from the hand, such for instance as a slit or opening in the palm.

The object of my invention is chiefly to facilitate the protrusion of the fingers and thumb when desired and prevent undue interference of the cover of the opening with the freedom ofthe fingers and thumb when protruded.

These objects are attained in the improved glove hereinafter described and illustrated in the accompanying drawings.

Referring first to the drawings, the several figures represent a glove made in at cordance with my invention.

Figure l represents the improved glove in elevation looking on the palm side. with the opening closed. similar view but .wit-hthe opening' exposed and the cover turned up. In the glove represented by these two views, there is no separate thumb stall.

Figure 3 represents also a corresponding view of the glove to that shown in Figure l, and Figure 4 a corresponding view to that shown in Figure 2. In these two latter views the glove is shown with a separate thumb stall.

Figure 5 represents in section one view of a device which is employed in some cases to further facilitate the protrusion of the thumb.

The improved glove may be made of any suitable material either of knitted or woven material or of felt or of skin. The wrist band illustrated is elastic. I may use any other suitable means for contracting the glove at the wrist part when worn. The fastener of the cover, shown in the drawing is a convenient one to employ but I may use any other suitable known means for the purpose. The glove is shaped in contour Vfrom the wrist part upwards preferably as shown in Figures l, 2, 3 and t, in gloves in Figure 2- represents a which there are no defined finger stalls, and the part below the wrist band mav be in contour as shown, that is to` say bellinout-he-d below, which is a convenient form for Sportsmen, military and naval use and for workmen and others. In some cases the wrist band may be dispensed with and the glove formed with a buttoned over or strapped wrist part as used in ordinary gloves. With any form of wrist portion, however, the glove may be formed with separate stalls for the several lingers and the' thumb, the stalls being of course of generous proportions to permit these members of the hand being easily withdrawn.

Referring to Figures l and 2. The glove body l is formed with an opening 2 extending across the palm from close to the fourth finger side 3 to about half way or well into the portion which encloses the thumb, the opening ending at 4t which is about opposite to the centre of the second bone of the thumb between the first and second joints as indicated by the broken lines 5 which represent the members of the hand. Thatend of the opening nearest to 3 is preferably made narrow. The opening opposite to the first linger is made fairly wide and needs to be wider than the end nearest 3 need be. The cover 6 is preferably made somewhat as shown in shape that is to say deeper under the first and second fingers than under the fourth. The fastener 7 shown which is of t-lie press-button type is preferably located in a position under the first finger and over the root part of the thumb. The cover 6 is oined to the upper part of the glove along the mar- `gin of the upper part 2 of the opening. llVhen the cover is raised to enable the fingers and thumb to be protruded, the act of pulling it upwards tends to pull also the upper margin of the hole forwards and upwards and facilitates the protrusion'of the thumb and also of the fingers by enlarging or stretching the opening. .In Figure 2 the cover is shown raised and the opening uncovered.

The glove is shown in a modied form in Figures 3 and 4, having a separate stall 8 for the thumb. This stall 8 only separat-ely encloses the upper part of the thumb in order to permit the opening to extend well over the lower face of the thumb as referred to hereinbefore. In these two views is shown a device which I may sometimes use for further` facilitating the prot'rusion of the thumb. This device consists ot a strip 9 see also Figure 5, secured partly to the thumb stall 8 and partly to the cover 6 Where it overlaps the thumb portion so that when the cover raised it shall pull the upper end part of the opening extending into the thumb portion so as to stretch the openiiig'in vvidth5 the form or' the cover shoivn in Figures 3 and 4; being slightly modified Where it covers the thumb portion.

The Wrist band is represented by l0 and that shown is an elastic one ivliich ivhen the glove is on the hand passes preferably right round the ivrist and between the skin of the glove and the lining exccptthat the band emerges through slits ll in the glove and passes outside the glove across the Wrist part as shown in the several figures of the drawings.

l may sometimes insert light spi'ing strips such as indicated at l2, Figure 3, in the upper back portion of the glove so that when the fingers are protruded the upper portion of the glove remains straight and Will not fall on to the backs of' the fingers.

In a glove made in accordance with my invention, the cover can When both hands are gloved, be conveniently opened and secured again with the other gloved hand. The cover is comparatively shallon7 iii depth and when the fingers are protruded, it does not when resting on the backs 'thereof cause any inconvenience and leaves the fingers Vperfectly iree for use. The Wrist part of the glove retains its proper position onV the hand due to the contracted Wrist band and pulling the coverto uncover the opening does not tend to pull the glove off' they hand.

l. A glove having a separate thumb stall, an opening across the palm extending into aposition over the centre of the thumb, and a fiap cover rooted above and adapted to cover said opening, said cover extending beyond its rooted portion to cover t-he opening in the thumb portion, means attached to said cover and to the edge margin of said opening in the thumb portion for raising said edge margin by means of said cover, means for securing said cover belovv said opening, and means for causing the glove to grip the Wrist.

2. A glove having a separate thumb stall, an opening across .the 'palm and extending into the thumb portion and a. flap cover rooted above and adapted to cover said open- 3. A glove having an opening in its front portion across the palm, a foldable cover having one portion rooted above said opening and having free edges at its sides and bottom extending over said opening, and said cover adapted to'be turned up against the upper front portion of said glove.

4t. A glove having an` opening across the palm, means in the upper portion of the glove for retaining said portion in extended positioii,a foldable cover having one portion rooted above said opening to close the same, and said cover adapted vto be turned up against the upper front Vportion of said glove. e Y

5. A glove having anopening across the palm, and a foldable cover having one por- Ation rooted above said opening to close the saine, and longitudinally extending spring strips in the upper back portion of the glovefor retaining said portion in extended posi# tion when the cover is folded back to permit protrusion ofthe fingers.


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