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Publication numberUS1404689 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 24, 1922
Filing dateNov 15, 1919
Publication numberUS 1404689 A, US 1404689A, US-A-1404689, US1404689 A, US1404689A
InventorsFrederick Humbert Fair-weather
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Air gun
US 1404689 A
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Patented Jan. 24, 1922.



Specication of Letters Patent. Patented Jan. 24, 1922.

Application led November 15, 1919. Serial No. 338,398.

To all whom t may concern Be it known that 1, FREDERICK HUMBERT Fainwnafrrmn, a citizen of Canada, residing at Bridgeport, in the county of Fairfield and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Air Guns, of which the followirnT is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements 1n air guns, and the object of my improvement is to provide an efficient manner of compressing the air and retaining the compressed air, to provide a magazine that is operative with projectiles in the form ot' bullets oil spherical form and means for retaining the bullet in the firing position with the muzzle depressed, to provide a breech mechanism that permits of the use of difi'erent types of projectiles, having convenient means Yfor loading, and a stock structure oit a Aterm that is cheap and convenient to in anu facture.

ln the accompanying drawingzw- Figure 1 is longitudinal sectional elevation along a vertical central plane, with the parts .in the loaded position, 'ready to di,"- charge.

Figure 2 is a transverse sectional view on Vthe line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

l `igure 3 is a transverse sectional view on the line 3--3 of `Fig. 1.

Figure all is au enlarged view ot certain parts shown in Fig. 1, showing the magazine mechanism and showing the breech in he open position.

Figure 5 a plan view of the breech, showing the locking device.

Figure 6 is a "fragmentary sectional view, corresponding to Fig. 1, showing a modification of air retaining valve structure.

Figure 7 a diagrammatic view of the parts that form the toggle structure for locking the plunger tor l'iolding` the air under compression.

My improved air gun comprises a stock 10 that supports the different parts, consisting or the barrel 11, air compressing mechanism 12, valve mechanism 13, and a magazine 14, the barrel 11 being so mounted as to have longitudinal sliding movement and a rotative movement relatively to the stock for providing access to the interior of the breech 15 for the purpose of loading with darts and other special projectiles, other than spherical bullets.

The magazine 14 is at the front end portion of the stock 10 and the barrel 11 is operatively mounted by its rear end p0rtion on the upper side of the said magazine.

The butt 16 is at the rear end of the stock 10 and has on the under side a recess 17 that is of suitable form for housing the air compressing mechanism 12.

Intermediate the butt 16 and the magazine 14, is the shank portion 18 of the stock 10, which is crossed generally vertically by a chamber 19 in which is housed the valve mechanism 13. The said vertical valve chamber 19 is extended outwardly for con` necting with the rear end portion of the bullet chamber 2O and housing the front end portion of the collapsible rubber tube 21 and a passage 22 serves to house the rear portion of the said tube 21.

The rubber tube 21 connects the front end of the air compressor cylinder 23 with the said rear end portion of the bullet chamber 20, passing through the valve chamber 19, where it is engaged by suitable valve devices 13.

The said valve devices or valve mechanism 13 correspond generally to the :form shown and described in the patent issued to me July 8, 1919, No. 1,309,321, comprising a backing plate 24 on the upper side that closes the upper side of the chamber 19, against which the tube 21 is forced by the reciprocating plunger 25, positioned on the lower side of the said tube 21. i

The plunger 25 is capped on the upper end, that engages with the tube 21, by a rubber cushion head 26 and has a notch 27 in the side 'for receiving the upper end of the pivoted trigger lever 28 for being locked in the upper position for holding the tube 21 compressed, the said trigger lever being operatively engaged by a spring plunger 29 that serves to position the same for cooperation with the valve plunger 25.

In the form shown in Fig. 1 the effectiveness of the valve mechanism 13 is improved by means of an inwardly projecting rib 30 that is opposed to the cushion head 26,

whereby the tube 2l, when the valve parts are engaged, assumes the torni of a reverse curve. As shown in Fig. l the rib 30 is termed by means ot' an inward bend or indentation ot the backing plate 24.

ln the modified .form ot trigger and valve mechanism shovvn in Fig. 6 the rib 30a is in the form of an outward bend of the backing,v plate 24a, so as to form a concave seat on the inner side and the cushion head or pad'Q/G that cooperates therewith has a rounded upper end.

The cushion head 26a is rigidly mounted on the upper end of a swinging member 3i that is pivotally connected by its lower end with the upper end of the trigger 1rever 25@4 that is mounted on the pin 32, the lower end of the said trigger lever 25"L being exposed and accessible for operation as the trigger. The swinging member 31 serves as the valve device for collapsing the valve tube 2l, the cushionhead 26, that is made ot rubber, serving as the contact portion that contacts with the said tube2l and being adapted to yield slightly so as to permit the parts 4to be shiftedbetween the locked or valve-closing position vand the open position.

The interior Wall structure oit p ber'19a, in'vvhich the swinging' member and the body portion ot the trigger lever 25 to which it isconnected are operatively housed', is` oft suitabie form igor limitino; the movement of these parts to the extreme positions, comprising as one extreme the locked and valve closing position' shown in iuli lines in Fig. 6, and the open position as the other extreme, and indicated by broken lines in the said Fig. 6.

As described, the swinging member 8l and the triggertlever 25@ cooperate as a toggle device, so that an increased power effect is obtained in the' reverse movement ot the trigger lever in the final stages of,collapsing` the tube 21 that compensates Vtor the relatively increased resistance usually involved in operating on the said tube 2l during?,- such iinai stages. f i

The air compressing' mechanism l2 coinprises the cylinder 23 that is open at the rear end and terminates at the iront end inthe form of the nipplek 33 that receives the end ot the rubber tube 2l.

The piston 84 that operates in the cylinder the cham* V23 is provided on the iront end with packingf;

35 of cupped form, oi leather or cclluloid, after the manner ot' packing hydraulic pis-- tons7 and at the rear end is connected with the link 36 by means of the pivotal pin 37'.

The linlrSG extends rearwardly from the piston 34 and has its rear end pivotally connected by means of the pin 3S with the .trent end of the rear brancher arm 39 of the bell crank lever 40 that is` pivotelly connected to the stock l0 at its rear end by means oi the pin el. The front portion of the bell crank lever l0 is bent and shaped suitably to serve as the operatingI handle 4:2, 'which in one position, corresponding` to the position oi: compression or the air in the cylinder, engages with the opposed portion. ot the stock l0, so as to serve as a stop for limiting' the movement of the parts and locking the said parts, in cooperation with the resilient or spring` etect o. the compre, sed a in the cylinder, being the position shown in Fig. l. The linlt 75 3G and the arm 39 cooperate as toggle mem bers, beine` brought to a. position back ot the line oi centers nnen locked in thev manner described, and as indicated in Fig. 7.

The parts are shoivn in the open position by the broken lines in F l.

rEhe line of centers is indicated by the dash line in Fig.

rl'lhe advantage oiA the toggle effect in the operation oif the bell crank comiiressingr lever et() corresponds to that oi' the toggle in the trigger and valve device described and shown in Fig. 6, in that there is increased poiver eitect in the iinai stages to compensate torthe increased resistance due to thev high pressure ol'? the confined air.

rihe breech structure. i5 is in the 'form of a tube or sleeve that is seated in a depression 3 inthe stock i() and in the bore thereof enter-cd the ront end ot the tube SO that contains the bullet chamber 2O and the rear end 'ot the barrel ll, the said tube 'J being tine f secured Within the end tion ont the said and the barrel ll i ing slidahly housed in the iront portion reet'. The rear part oifsaid 'front portion oit the bore is designated by the chaiacter e?, and serves as Vthe projectile rcceivin@ chamber.V

Adj the i'ro iter 2t the side iv is ovided 'with o et, 'orisinf' the op neig on the upper side that is oi appreoialfile size, suitably Yfor adinittingv darts to the portion i7 oit the bore oi b 't l 1 and on the under side ico 'th end oi the bullet cha er i oit the breech tin/ie l5 on opposite sides,

the bre' ci. o ie the p ertoratio nv 4 S tor a cani Vbe described. tubular Vform,

2O is et upper Well of the part that is telescoped Within the breech sleeve 15 for housing e ball 54-V or other device that is part oi? e. spring` plunger device. Vlhe said sleeve 'i5 sin opening 5e in registration with the opening 53 that completes the chamber for the seid spring` plunger device. The seid chamber, composed oi' the openin iii the side well of the bullet cheniber Q0 :it the inner end end the opening` 55 in the side virili oli' the breech sleeve 15 it the outer end, is closed et the outer end by the opposed pert of the retaining bend that serves to lioldtogether the parts oi the gun structuree as will be described7 and is positioned suitably to cover the opening 55.

rllhe bell 5d is backed by the coil spring and the mouth of the opening);` is per .Lizilly closed, so as to normally permit the cell 54 to project into the bore 58 siiiiiciently to serve es e stop ttor preventing the bullet el@ from rolling out of the bullet chamber when the muzzle is depressed. The spring 57 is rele-tively light, so as to he adapted to yield duringl dischiirge7 when the 1Juliet contacts with the ball 5e end iiionienterily forces the said bell 51x eivey lfroin its sent in passing by the opening 53.

rlhe barrel 11 is a. sliding in the bore l? ind has longitudinal inoveinent therein suiiicient in extent to perniit the inner tapered end 59 to be sented against the end 52 of the bullet cheniliei' et the iiin-erincst position and rit the outermost position to uncover the breech opening ed and the bullet opening- 45.

For manipulating the barrel 111, end also for guiding end locking; the saine, there is providerh es shoivn7 e bell hzindle 60 that is inounted on e stein 6l, the letter traveling in the slot i8 iii the breech sleeve l5. slot d8 is longitudinally directed ior trie inost part end hes et the i er end ii helical branch (52 that serves :is e cani slot for co opeii'ziting With the stcni Gi Yfor locling the barrel 1l in the reiirinost position, corre spending` to the position :tor iiiiiig'.

The retaining band 5G is positioned eiljzicent the front end oi the shzinlr 1.85, entends around the stock l() and the rear end portion the breech sleeve l5, the

ions l Jo end por'- t being` brought together et the upper soo :ind hel-fil k Y ylier by rivets Gli. The seid tiro end portions {5inre positioned iii ieee to Ahice coiitsctj so es to project up iverdly shove the breech sleeve 157 :ind the enti" ne or tip ends ere tapered so is to conibine to giorni :i i-sheped depression tlisit serves :is the rear sight.

The liront portion oit the barrel ll is opiorfiil in that the barrel 11 is slidzibly inoiinted iithin the seid bend 66 sind the ends G7 are shaped so as to combine to forni en A-sheped projecti n 68 that serves es the liront sight.

'Lillie niegiixine lai; comprises e storsge cheniber G9 for the storage of o supply of bullets il@ that is closed et the iront end by screiv plug` 70 :incl s feed Wheel cheniber ivnteig'iiied i te the seid storage cheniber @9 i the ps ,ration in the breech sleeve that ser f es a channel for the b lets.

du .c i i i i -m 'l m ,i

ine ieee. iifiieei clienieei ii is en opere e I F-ieel i2 that l i. il. ited iii the shalt housed thegeiii,

open iig ffii that coniniunicetes with the sto-r cliziniber G9, for exposing the bullet receiving .rioiches in the wheel 72. As shown, there ere tour such notches 7 5, equally spaced inbound the periphery of the Wheel, and they are Lidepted to individually receive e bullet and deliver the seine to the posseggo df 1when the ivlieel is turned. Freni the passerxc 425 the bullet is delivered to the brilletchzirnber 2() by gravity ivlieii the gun is held verticelli,7 one. the Vrel il is pushed outwardly so :is to uncover the sain pes serre The shei't 73 projects through the side oi? 'he stoel; l() end is provided on the enter end with ivheel hendle 7 5 that notch 77 that correspond in lnumber and position to the bullet receiving notches 75 et the Feed Wheel 72. suitably te serve d ineens for iiidicsitnoj the :ing` and position. i

lie stoel: l0. es will be noted, is provide-1 li e. 1oliirelity oi chambers chenne peculiar torni, sind l line it desirable in order to oscilitete providing these diiierent 'tentures to nielre the stock 1G oi? tivo meting ii'irts that nieet along' the medial iilene, the

perte being; similar, except that one is right hen led and the other lett handed,

Thus in l there is shoivii in side elevation substantially the entire lett heL d. stock' member 78. TFreni. en inspection oi 21S Te l. n :in eir grin hitting in ziir compressing; clieinber end ai` @hing-,iger operativo therein, e pecking); Ytor the seid plunger of cup i' side Wells oil` the being ine' with the torni 'lier e?. L: l seid chziniber, end the seid :f ieclringg iornied oil Celluloida 2. ln :in nir nir having' ai cyl the seid cylinder, end e toggle device lier (fpoi'iitiiig` the sei l piston, the seid toggle degun as described in claim 2,

the :fh an ensien that serves as a v .ating` the said pu' p.

fun, a eelt, a nunip cylineer Y i, t. e seid 'pun i clj e 'ont end cennected te the irel anc having' an @pen rear end, a pisten lxcnscd in the said cylinder, a lever ectuatinii device having a hanillle at ene end and havin the other end pivetally connected te the said stock7 and a link 'projected through the saidfepen rear end eilthe cylinner, ceiinected by eine end te the said deif'ice, and connected by the other end directly to the said piston.

ln an. air gun, a collapsible tube lier (ifonnecting' the air chamber with the barre and a valve device :ler compressing the seid said valve device, the said valve device cc1nlever, pireta y Jended beyond the stoel-I and a swinging?, ineniber ier engaging n ich G. ln an air gun as describe(L in claim :3,

said valve device and adagten te serve as a ver.: torni lor the portions that engage With the tube.

7. an air L`(run, a breech structure having' a bullet chamber, the side Wall et the said bullet chaniber being' provided with a lateral chamber thatconnects with the said bullet chamber by means ot a reduced opening, a plunger housed. in the said lateral chamber and adapted to project through the said reduced opening, and a baciring' spring` in the said lateral chamber' that tends to position the d plunger in the said lateral chamber.

8. In an air grain, abreech sleeve .in the torni ot a tubular structure, h aving an openingA .inthe side Wall ter admitting a projectile, al bullet chamber member telesceped within the rear portion of the bore of the said structure,` iixedly secured therein, and having a bore that serves as a bullet receiving chamber for receiving a projectile adsaid toggle members being rnitted through the said opening, and a barrel telescoped by its rear end in the front portion of the said bore, and the parts beingconstructed and arranged so that the said barrel has liniited rotative and longitudinal increment relatively te the said breech sleeve `for @ern of ccweringand uncovering the said opening and lcclring the said barrel in pcsitien.

Si :in an air gun as described in claim 8, the end wel oit t" e said bullet chamber ieosed to the said opening` sleeve eilig of tapered torni to Ytecilitai'ce t-,ie passage el' preiectiles troni breech sleeve the bullet receiving chamber.

l0., ln air gun as described in claim 8, guide and lecking' ineens tor the saidbarrel comprising a handle device that projects radially from the said barrel, the said breech sleeve liavi le; a main slot extending longi- 1'ually tor the passage ci' the said handle nieniber that is o in the breech l da fe and a loc ring ranch of helical forni at one end of the said main slot, one border 'wall ot the said locking' branch serving` as a earn device in cooperation with the said handle device 'for locking` the barrel in positioifiu 1l. 'ln an air gun as described in claiin 8, the said breech sleeve having; a second 0pen- 'ter admitting' prejectiles, one ot the said uening's being' adapted to adn'iit bullets and the ether heine; adapted to admit darts.

l2., ln an air lgun, a stock structure, a barrel supported by the said stock structure, the said stock structure being provided with a bullet receiving chamber at the rear end of the said barrel, having bullet Vstorage chamber at oneside et the Vsaid barrel, and

haif'ingi' a ieed Wheel chamber intermediate the said storage chamber and receiving chamber and connected With the said chambers by passageivays, and a leed Wheel rotatively housed in the said iced Wheel chain ber and having,- notches iter receiving bullets 'frein the passage connecting` with the storafzfe chamber and delivering' the said bullets the passage connecting With the said hnllet rceehiingi chamber.

13. ln an air run as described in claini l2, the said leed Wheel having a disk handle, and the said handle having notches in the periphery to correspond to the said notches in the iieed Wheelv lli. ln anV air gun, a stock, a barrel and of the gun, and e portion of the seid band being extended above the bem'el and formed. so as o be adapted to Serve as a sight.

l5. En an air gun having bullet chamba? at the fear end of the balrel, the side Wall of the said Chamber having e perforation 'fol' providing a housing :for e spring plunger that serves to retain the bulle in the seid Chamber, a closure for the outer end of the Said housing, and the Said closure i4 being the form of a metal band that e11- eireles the adjacent pets 01"' the gun strueture.

16. In en air gun described in claim l5, @che said band being extended above the said gun structure and formed so as to be adapt-- ed to Serve es e sight.


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