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Publication numberUS1405134 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 31, 1922
Filing dateApr 2, 1921
Priority dateApr 2, 1921
Publication numberUS 1405134 A, US 1405134A, US-A-1405134, US1405134 A, US1405134A
InventorsRobert Hoyme Christopher
Original AssigneeFrank Savoye W
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US 1405134 A
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APPLICATION man APR.2, 1921.

1,405,13%, Patented Jan. 31, 1922.

amvamtoz $5 Md a btozwcuav To all, whom it may concern:




Specification of Letters Patent. I Patented J an, 31, .1922,

Application filed April 2, 1921. Serial No. 457,975.

Be it known that I, CHRISTOPHER ROBERT .HoYMn, a citizen of the United States, re-

sidingat New York city, in the county of New York and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Books, fully described and represented in the following specification, and


the accompanying drawing,

forming a part of the same.

This invention relates to books, and isparticularly directed to providing anovel type of book for the entertainment and instruction of children.

Books for children are customarily provided with illustrations which form the portion of the book of first interest to the child. It has been found that the childs interest in the illustrations is usually coupled with a desire to play with them which leads him to tear them from the book, thereby destroying the book. In consequence, some childrens books have been so made that the illustrations may be torn out without injuring the rest of the book, but so far as I am aware, no childrens book has heretofore been provided in which illustrations removed by the child may be replaced so as to be retained in proper position in the book. An object of the present invention is to provide a book with illustrations which may be removed and used as playthings and thereafter replaced in position to be retained in the book ordinary book. It is provided with alternate pages of text. The page opposite each page of text contains an illustration relating to the text. The illustrations comprise pictures printed or otherwise displayed upon pieces of stiff board which are preferably out to correspond to the outline of the picture. They are removably mounted in the book so that they may be taken out and used as toys and after such use may be replaced in the pages of the book and retained therein, serving again as the illustrations of the book.

In the embodiment of the invention which I have found most desirable, alternate pages of the book are provided on their lower pol VJ tions with upwardly opening pockets for the reception of the illustrations. The pages of the book are spaced apart at their inner edges where they are attached to the back of the book, so that when the illustrations are in the book and the book is closed its covers lie approximately parallel.

In order that the invention may clearly be understood, I will describe in detail the specific embodiment of it illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which- Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the book partially open;

Fig. 2 is a vertical transverse section through the middle of one of the pages of the book; I

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary top view of the inner portion of the book; and

Fig. 4 is a top view of one of the pages of the book.

In the construction shown in the drawings, the book is provided with a stiff cover 10 adapted to be bent so as to form the front cover 11 of the book, the rear cover 12 of the book, and an intermediate portion 13. Two or more sheets 14 have their intermediate portions 15 secured by gluing or otherwise to the inside of the intermediateportion 13 of the cover. The sheets 14- form pages at the front and back of the book which may be used for fly leaves or for printed matter which does not require illustration.

To the back of the book which, in the form shown comprises the intermediate portion 13 of the cover and the intermediate portions 15 of the sheets 14 are secured a plurality of leaves 20, each of which has on the bottom part of one of its sides an upwardly opening from the lower part of the outer edge of the body portion 23. The pocket portion 24 has a flap 25 along its side and a flap 26,along its bottom. To form the pocket 23 the pocket portion 24 is folded back against the lower portion of the front of the body portion 23 and the side flap 25 of the pocket portion is folded inwardly and secured by gluing or otherwise to the front of the body portion 23. The bottom fiap 26 of the pocket portion 24 is folded under the lower edge of the body portion 23 and secured by gluing or otherwise to the back of the body portion 23.

The rear of each leaf 20 provides a flat unbroken surface upon which the text 27 is printed. In the pocket 2i of each of the leaves :20 is seated an illustration 22 displaying a picture illustrating the text upon the rear side of the preceding leaf 2(). Each illustration 22 comprises a piece of stiff sheet material. such as a board of wood or other fibrous substance, upon which a picture is displayed. Each illustration is of such height that a substantial portion of it appears above the upper edge of the pocket 21 when the illustration is placed in the pocket. Each illustration has at its bottom a base portion 28 which is of considerable width and serves by engagement with the bottom of the pocket 21 to retain the illustration upright in the pocket. The pockets 21 are of sutlicient height to retain the illustrations firmly in position, while leavinga substantial part of the illustration visible to serve to illustrate the text upon the opposite page. The pockets 21 thus serve as a means for retaining the removable illustrations in proper relation to the text. Upon the front ofthe pocket portion 24 is displayed a brief description of the illustration to facilitate the re-placing of it in the proper page. If desired. each illustration 22 may comprise two pieces of board 22', 22 hinged together so as to increase its attractiveness when used as toy.

The inner edge of each leaf 20 is provided with an integral flap 29 which is secured b gluing or otherwise to'the back of the book in such a way as to space the inner edges of the leaves at a distance from each other corresponding to the thickness of the illustrations 22 in addition to the thickness of the leaves. The flaps 29 are preferably made of the same width as the distance to be allowed betweenthe leaves, shown in Fig. 3,

What is claimed is:

1. A book having pages bearing text and pages interspersed among said text-bearin pages and having illustrations so secured thereto as to permit their removal therefrom and their re-attachment thereto and adapted to serve as illustrations for the text when in the book and to serve as toys when removed from the book. p

2. A book having pages bearing text and pages interspersed amongsaid text-bearing pages and provided with engaging means, and removable illustrations each comprising .a piece of stiff sheet material having a picture displayed thereon adapted to illustrate the text and to be used as toys when removed from the book, said engaging means being adapted to permit the removal of the illustrations and the replacement thereof and arranged to retain the illustrations in proper relation to the text when the illustrations are replaced in the book.

3. A book having alternate pages bearing text, and removable illustrations each comprising a piece of stiff sheet material having a picture displayed thereon, the pages of the book opposite the text-bearing pages being provided with means adapted to retain the illustrations in proper relation to the text without concealing the illustrations and to permit the removal and replacement of the illustrations.

4. A book having pages, certain of which are provided on their lower portions with upwardly opening pockets, and removable illustrations comprising pieces of board displaying pictures and greater in height than the depth of-said pockets and adapted to be retained in said pockets in position to serve as illustrations for the book.

5. A book having pages, certain of which are provided on their lower portions with upwardly opening pockets, and removable illustrations comprising pieces of rigid sheet material displaying pictures adapted to be inserted in said pockets and each having an extended blase adapttlald to retain the illustration uprig t upon t e a e b en a ement with the bottom of the goc ket g g 6. A book having a cover and. a back portion and leaves having their inner edges secured to the back portion of the book and spaced apart from each other, each of said leaves having an upwardly opening pocket at the lower portion of one of its sides, and removable illustrations comprising pieces of board displaying pictures adapted to be placed in said pockets and retained in position thereby, the space between the inner edges of the leaves being as great as the thickness of one of said illustrations.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of two subscribing wltnesses.



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International ClassificationG09B1/00
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European ClassificationG09B1/00