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Publication numberUS1405217 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 31, 1922
Filing dateMar 3, 1920
Priority dateMar 3, 1920
Publication numberUS 1405217 A, US 1405217A, US-A-1405217, US1405217 A, US1405217A
InventorsHouser William O
Original AssigneeHouser William O
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Dental film holder
US 1405217 A
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W. 0'. HUSE.

- nimm mm'nowm. APFLIQATION F5115 fh. 3, $920.

Pnted 5am, EL E922;

MSE?? a if@ INVEMTUR UNITED PATENT ,ori-#icm i wiILLIAM o. HoUsER, or LINCOLN, iLLINoIrr DENTA'LFILM HOLDER] i Specification of Letters Patent. :Paten .ITO all .whom t .may lcncer/n l .a citizen of 'the' United States, residing at Jed Je@ .315-1922,

ApplicationA led March 3, 1920. Serial No. 362,950

F ig.v lG ai's a side elevation illustratiA y' modification hereinafter referred to.' ng a i In the .present instance the film-holder consists preferably of a metal strip 7 bent 1 60 Be it known that I, WiLLI-M'- O.. HoUsER,

Lincoln` in the county of Logan'and State 'of Illinois, have invented Improvements in 4Dental Film Holders, of which -the following is a fu'll and completespeciication.

My invention is an improvement in film holders of that particular type'which are used in connection With X-ray apparatus for taking. pictures of the teeth of a` patient forthe purpose 'offacilitating fthetreatment ofthe patient back of and in to said teeth-the cone .of the .tusrmust be adjustedsothaft the projection f of the rays will -be perpendicular tothe the same by: the dentist.

In order that-'a good -lpicture of to be treated'm'ay be taken it isnecessary that when the film is arranged inthe Imouth l'oper relation plane of the lm; and in order to accomplish this I combinewith the'film-holder a relmovable attachment `.that Willcori'ectly indicate the exact position of the ilin .and provide a guide for readily and accurately adjusting the cone for the required exposure.

- For-this purpose the film-holder in the pres- .ent instance is provided with a'smal-l tube -disp' right angles tothe plane :of the 'Hlm supported in said film-holder, and 1n f in connection therewith employ agspider` 0.1'

- erpendicularlv fromthe centerthereof to l Skeleton frame having a stem projecting e inserted in the tube on. the film-holder, Whereby \vhen the parts are `assembled the spider orskeleton frame will. be disposed `parallel with the film and beyond the mouth 'of the patient tothus permit the coneoi1 the X-r'a \'v apparatus to be quickly and 'accuratelj7 adjusted by simply bringing the flaredv outer'end of the same in proper relation to the vspider or skeleton frame; all as hereset Fig; 3 is a detail'perspective view of the film-holder.

Figs, 'i and ivare elevations the film- "'.holden showing variations in the arrangent 'f the film-holdinU-cli thereon here# me h p i fem 10'r1 that when the spider is connected inafter explained. p

.said membersas 7a hold the filiali. The filin-holding-clip y'8, 65 herein shown, isfinade of a`length of vvire. i

the teeth 'be disposed -ray' appara- .cation of the teeth `has attached on one side thereof, prefera upon itself. to provide. members, b disposedat right angles to .each other and aA clip 8 attached to the outer end of one-of to receive and firmly bent upon itself and shaped to-form astraight .bodyfportion with inwardly 4pro- ]ecting ends 8a, 8*, to

metal strip, asiby solder 11,'so-f'that it will laterallywith respect thereto, y prolecting in some `instances more or'. less at either side .thereof according to lthe lo- The-refore I contemplate. furnishing with the indicator or guide, hereinafter particularly described, several film-'holders with' different .arrangements of .th'eclip device, ,such for instance as shownin the several modifications 80 suggested in Figs. 3, 4 and of the draw-.,.

ings. y

In carrying out my invention the member 7b of the film-holder .or bent metal'strip) 7 lengthwise of the member and therefore'at right angles tothe Wire clip 48 andflm A supported therein; and the indicator or guide which I' employ-in'coniiection with 90 [this film-holder consists of a spider or skeleton -frame 1.0, made of two o r more Wires crossing each other centrally and provided with a stem l'Oproject-ingperpendicularly from the center ofthe'spider at. 95-

the junction of the Wires, the wires constituting the spider and its stem being connected together in anysuitable manner, as for instance by means of solder. 'The size ofthe Wire forming the stem 10* is suchthat the 100 outer end thereof will fit snugly Within the tubeA 9 onthe film-holder, and the length of said sten; is ysuch that lwhen tlie parts are assembled and applied in the operation, preliminary to taking the picture by the X-ray 105 apparatus'the spider or guide devicewill be located a`suitable distance beyond the mouthof the patient. One of-thefa'rms of the-spider may be, and preferably is, pr'ovided -with a convenient inark ory pointer,. `11( '10", located at such a .distance fromrthe'.

, IP ,the edges of the mma. and Said Wire cligp isattaclied to the to be photographed.l

t ly .theouter side, asmall tube 9,` disposed Car mark or pointer for the purpose.

23o-the film-holder and said arm. swung lto position directlyiin front of the 'idrn (see Figs'. l andQ) the aforesaid niarlror poin'her Will he on a perpendicular Aline from the cent-er or the tiln^i,`permitting ofthe adjust-- `ment of the cone so that theo-enter of the rays Will strike the center oit said film.,` The proper centering of the rays with .respect to the tilm may he' provided for, also, hy hendng the stem of the spider as shown in@ ,6, and in this instance that portion 12a "of this modified orrn'of'stem. 12 which is contiguou's 'to the radiating arms l@ of the spider ymay he arranged 'on a perpendicular line from the center of'y the film andthe center 13 of the spider will then form the ln thisv modificaion the portion 12" oi the stem co'nnects'the guide device with rhe film-holder,"

` will Serve as a guide in adjusting the cone of the X-ray appaiatustorthe purpose of properly direct-ing the rays towards the hlm. f

The operation of my improved dent-al nlrfrhoider will he readil reference to the drawings; Vfor the rilmhoh.

der seing supplied with a film adjusted in the mouth of pacient so rha't the nim 'will he located in ehe rear of the teetlrto be photographed-oare being I taken of course to have saidv hlm para-'linih eaio. teeth-#and then the guide device appliedhy inserting the outer end of the /s in of the spider in the tube on the iilm-holde iffhen rire parts are thusassem'oled 1he spider will he located beyond the mouth 'oi'I 'the patient andheing exactly parallel .with the face of the -film the cone of the -ray apparatus may he readily and conveniently adjusted ,by bringingV the flared outer end or' thesame in such close proximity to thespider that said A*flared vend will properlzy1 regis ertherewith and consequently assure the proper projection of the rays to the film. 0f course in adjusting :the conein proximit57 to the spider it should he u understood hy' eci the indicator' or pointer l0 or 13% will he on line with the'centerfnf theilared end of said cone to center theyays' as' hereinheore explainec. After the cone' has been adjuet'ed il'froay he awning` to one 1 side and thea-:piden erguida device removed,

after which saidooieeia returned *to ite form# eel-'position for the required e Xpofaure.I` This manipulation .of the cone, for 'the purposes of the 'desired adjust-ment-and shiftif e' more ment to permit ofthe 4,removalyofthe spider.

is provided for in the conventional hype of "X-'ray apparatus From th foregoing, it Will he'lapparene that vmy improved film-holder andA guide de-l .vice provide for not only conveniently posiz tioning the filmv Withinthemolith ofthe pa-'vl taking .the picture ;l and it Will-.loe noted, also,-

tieiatfoiit also for quicklyand accurately atl-f justing theX-ray apparatus preliminary to' that the partsoonstituting'the completek de-v vice are light in construchion so that when applied the inconvenience to 'thepatient `1s reduced to 'the minimum7 and that the faciliy ty'and accuracyl With which the several adjustments may be made preliminary to the exposure serves to' furthermlmmize' the 1nconvenience of taking the required picture of the teeth to he treated as Well as insuring the taking of a good picture by' proper direct-ion of the rays with respect to the teeth and film.-

l'. claim: Y Y I l. ln a dental' film-holder, the combination with av holder lfor the lilm of a guide `device comprising vertical and transverse guide members and a stem for connecting the device' to the holder, whereby the aforesaid guide members are .disposed parallel with;

the iilmin the holder for the purpose set l forth. i f 2. ln a dental hlm-holder, the combina- 'tionwvith a holder for the Film of a guide devie comprisingr a spider, means Vfor connecting'v the spiderl to the film-holder7 and an indicating" mark on the spider .with relation to the Hlm-holder, forthe purpose setforth.

B .ln combinationivith a dental film-M holder comprising a hoch7 lportion having members at right angles lto each other anda p clip attached to one of-said member-s trans-` other member of the film-.holder llongitudmall-y thereof', and a spider having a stern adapted lto tit within said tuhesubstantially as shown and described.

' Winnmn o; novena. i

.105 `VerseljiY ,thereoia of a tuhe attached :to the i

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U.S. Classification378/170
International ClassificationG03B42/04
Cooperative ClassificationG03B42/042
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