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Publication numberUS1405368 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 31, 1922
Filing dateJul 26, 1920
Priority dateJul 26, 1920
Publication numberUS 1405368 A, US 1405368A, US-A-1405368, US1405368 A, US1405368A
InventorsWarren Joseph A
Original AssigneeWarren Joseph A
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Keyhole protector
US 1405368 A
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1,405,368, l y PaIenIea-Jan..31,192z

C.) Z A nvawtoz Y prote'e'tor in use on 'a padlock, -I desire it' to Vmoved-and will absolutely prevent the. en-

trance of mud and otherextraneous particles from the keyhole, thus insuring e'eotive" Working of the look and permitting easy and ready insertion of the key. p Y

While I have shovvn and described my t AY,be understood that it ybe kWell, vused to' y [protect keyholes of various other types of looks.

n' v; Aveareful eonsideration of i the i A`foregoing V` i Ade'sor/iption taken in conjunction with Atheae-l companying drawings vvill` Venable persons skilled in the art to which thisV invention relates to obtain alf clear understanding of the same, therefore, urtherf description is deemed unnecessary. .i

Whi'lerfhave shovvnand deseribedaparv tieular Construction A' and arrstngeinent`v of partsH tofbeemployed.v and YWhile I' believe Y this Vconstructionto be'suohfas to insureef feetive'results, I desire it to be understood @that minork changes in the shape, s ize5ran'd f; Vl'iA keyhole protector eonfip'risingV a'fhody V30'ofQatsize' to cover the/*keyhole'andexoludel Y'arrangement `oit tparts may lbe resorted to lWithout departing froml the spirit of the invention 'or YYtheffseopeY of #the subjoine'ld claims; f

fvvater and"dirtf,'^a pair ,offexpansib-lef spring `armsv carried thereby and yextendingjlaterallyQl ffromgtheinner face YYtlnareoi, being adaptedv .setmyhandfLfl Y l arranged 0n the outer fae'eeof the body, hav-v nfor insertion in the 'keyhole,a linger-loop 35 s ing` rigid connection with ksaid arms, theconnecting portion extending through said' body, the extremitiesbof said arms beingV directed toward eachother to yliaffilitate in.`

sertion in the keyhole. y

1:2. A device v ofthe class-described comprising a body to cover the keyholeand exelude, extraneousV matter, and a'oombined handle `and retaining member carriedthere by, 'said member being construeted froma another 'and Y this twisted-' portion being" einbeddedin'and extending through'said body,

side thereof.v

s single length ofvvi'rebent betvveenfitsends toforin a linger-loop and a pair'ofsprin'g arms, vthe latter beingtwisted 'aro-undone:

"5`0`1` i thus positioning theearms onf'onesidefof i the body' andthe ylinger-loop on vthe'Qthgfgi Y 3. Arrkeyhole" protecting V"device Compris-g Y `ing a resilientn body 'of asize Yto cover and Y extend on' opposite sides ofthe'keyholefor excluding rain and dirt, said body .having rewhich assist inlretainingthe body in place' the keyhole.

'In testimony: whereof v:have v

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U.S. Classification70/455
International ClassificationE05B17/00
Cooperative ClassificationE05B17/002
European ClassificationE05B17/00F