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Publication numberUS1405532 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 7, 1922
Filing dateApr 6, 1921
Priority dateApr 6, 1921
Publication numberUS 1405532 A, US 1405532A, US-A-1405532, US1405532 A, US1405532A
InventorsLouis Marko
Original AssigneeDagabert A Scheibenzuber, Maria Psotka, Stephen P Nemeth
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Electric-lighted vanity case
US 1405532 A
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Patented Feb. 7, 1922.




Patented Feb. 7, 1922.



Louis-Mmc, or DAYToN, omo, assIGNon or ONE-FOURTH To STEPHEN P. NEmE'rn,

ONE-FOURTH To MAMA rsorxn, AND ONE-FOURTH 'ro vacunar A. scmnnzUBEn, ALL or DAYTONXOHIO.


4 ful Improvements in Electric-Lighted Vanity Cases, of which the following is a specification, reference beingl had thereln to thel accompanying drawing.

y invention relates to vanity boxes and in particular to' a combination vanlty box, mirror, and source of illumination. The object of my invention is to provide a portable vanity box which may bev carrled either in a hand bag or used in theaters or hotels or elsewhere where an illuminated, adjustable mirror is needed, together with a receptacle for carrying various vanity articles, such as powder, rouge, 11p stick, etc.

It is an additional object of my invention to provide a vanity case in which the battery may be placed or detached making contacts with the terminals without any adjustment on the part of the user. It is an additional object of my invention to provide a very simple switch which will be cheap to manufacture and easy to operate and cheap to repair. It is a further object of'my invention to provide a vanity case which may be supported in any positlon and to furnish a supporting means which may be used as a handle for carrying the case. It is an additional objectof my invention to rovide means of retaining the vanit7 artlcles in their receptacle and of closing the case into a unit to exclude dust and foreign material.

It is an additional object of my invention to provide adjustable mirrors.

Referring to the drawings:

Fig. 1, is a perspective of the case with the mirrors open;

Fig. 2, is a section on the line A-A of Fi e 3;

ig. 3, isa rear elevation of the box with the covers removed; l

Fig. 4, is a section on the line B-B of Fi re 3.

eferring to the drawings in detail, 1 is a top and 2 1s a side, the entire casing being preferably of metal, such as aluminum.

The box is divided into three main compartments, compartment 3 or the switch com- 'tact at 10 with the Specification of Letters Patent.. .Patented Feb, 7, 1922, Application led April 6,

1921. 'serial N6. 458,933.

partment which is adjacent to a part 4,`th e lamp compartment.

5 is the vanity article compartment and 6 is the battery compartment. In compartment 3 is an arm 7 actuated by aknurled head .8 on the exterior of thebox. This arm 7 carries a contact plate 9 that makes conase .11 of the lamp 12. The lamp 12 is contained, in the compartment 4 and is supported b the partition 13. This compartment has'a g ass face 14 which, whenthe front mirror 15 is removed by being raised. upwardly in its retaining-tracks 16 on .the face of the box, can b e removed to allow access to the 1am The other end of the plate 9 is connected at 17 to a wire 17 that connects at 18 to a binding post that has attached to it the contact plate 19 to make contact with the contact' plate -20 on the battery 21 as will be' seen in Figures 3 and 4.

The front of the\box is equipped with swinging mirrors 22 and 23 mounted on the box at hinges 24.-24. These mirrors may be removedfor repair or cleaning as they are contained in U-shaped tracks 25 which form a part of thelmetal back 26. When the mirrors are folded over upon one another-as will be seen in Figures 2 and 4, the metal back 26 of one ofthe mirrors is on the exterior and breakage of the mirrors is thereby prevented. Upon the back of ythe box are eyes 27-27 containing a combined handle and support 28 as will be seen in Figures 3 and4 and the attachment can be seen in Figure 2.

In the vanity box or receptacle 5 are contained the several vanity articles. 29 is a puff for a rouge box and 30 is another puff for the face powder. 31 is a cream box for face cream, held in position by the retainers 32. 33 is a lip stick and 34 is an eye-brow pencil retained by the clips 35 and 36 respectlvely.

Any desired combination in thls box, a preferred arrangement being shown. To cover this box there is a sliding cover 37 and to cover the battery compartment is a sliding cover 38.l

can be placed 'While I have shown and described certain Ido not desire to be limited to such details,

as obvious modifications will occur to a person skilled in the art.

Having thus fully described my invention, what l claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. ln combination in a vanity box, of an electric lamp, a source of supply of current therefor, a compartment for vanity articles, vanity larticles therein, a sliding cover for said compartment, a mirror mounted on one side of the vanity box, with a folding mirror on each side thereof ,adapted to fold one upon another across tlie face of the box, and adjustable means attached to the side edges of said box which may be used as a handle and as a support to hold the same at varying angles.

2. In combination in a vanity box, a switch compartment, a lamp compartment having 4one face thereof open, a vanity article compartment and a battery compartment, an electrical connection connecting said battery .compartment with said switch compartment,

a switch in said switch compartment, a lamp in said lamp compartment connected thereto,

said switch being connected to said electrical' connection, a battery in said battery'compartment adapted to make contact with the electrical connection when litted into said battery compartment, a removable cover 011 said battery compartment to permit of renewing the battery, a receptacle for vanity articles, vanity articles therein, a removable sliding cover for the compartment in which said articles are located, a mirror mounted on the opposite facel of the vanity box, a mirror mounted on one side thereof, another mirror mounted on the other side thereof, said lasttwo mentioned mirrors being adapted to fold one upon another across the face of the box.v

. 3. In combination ina vanity box, a casing, combined means of supporting said casingin any desired position and of carrying said casing, `switch actuatingmeans on the exterior of said casing, a switch actuated thereby on the interior thereof, a lamp cartoV ried on the interior thereof, with the head of the lamp exposed and the base 4thereof being adapted to make Contact with said switch and an electrical connection between said switch and a detachable battery, a detachable battery carried in said case, vanity

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