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Publication numberUS1406030 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 7, 1922
Filing dateOct 29, 1921
Publication numberUS 1406030 A, US 1406030A, US-A-1406030, US1406030 A, US1406030A
InventorsJohn F. Kelly
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John f
US 1406030 A
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` v co., or Tamron, NnwgannsEY, -A CORPORATION orNEWJJnnsEY.

Toull fio/1,0m t maycmtccrn:

- v Be itfknown tliatLIpJoHN afi citizen of the United.States,"=residinu'at,l Trenton,-in the county-f ofMercer landtate,

of New Jersey,have-invented certain-'new and useful Improvements in Lavatories;4 and I do herebydeclare thefollowincr to be a full, clear and exact description of?) the invention,such as will enable others skilled` in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.' A y v The invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in lavatories, particularly those of the vitreous type, and has for its object the provision of a supply for drinking water, Vmore particularly ice water, comprising a duct formed integrally with and within the lavatory structure, having a discharge spout overhanging the bowl, but above any possible rise of the water level therein, and a faucet or valve device attached to the lavatory structure, and communicating with a source of drinking water and with the duct, the parts being so constructed and arranged that they occupy minimum space, and do not interfere with the other elements lof the lavatory, but,

nevertheless, admit of connections being made directly with the source of drinking water, at a minimum of labor andexpense The invention is illustrated in the accom.- panying drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a typical lavatory, involving Vthe separate drinking water supply;

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary sectional elevation of the portion of the lavatory containing the said drinkingwater supply device.

Referring to the drawing, 1 indicates the slab of a lavatory, which is preferably formed as an integral structure of china, clay, or other vitreous material, or, in the alternative, of cast metal, involving the pendantskirt or apron 2, and the bowl 3, said bowl being providedwith the yusualwater inlet 6. Mounted on the slab at the. rear of the bowl are the wash water traps or faucets 4 and 5, between' which is-disposed the usual waste attachment 6. y

Formed in the body Vof the slab 1, preferably adjacentV one corner of the bowl, is a duct 8, the forward or discharge end yof which is directed upwardly and housed within a bulbous projection'Q, which forms a spout or dischargefoutlet 10, above the i 'if L :Specification of Letters Patent. yIlalellied Feb. 7,1922- l ala'otcber 29,1921'. serial No.' 511,282; l i

highest possible water level in the bowl', V and y adapted to. discharge drinkingwater toward the center' of thebowl so that'fa drinking receptacle may beheld beneathl thefspout "level fz'the' l'bgnd; ther-afm.' abba the* 10 to receive fthe 'water therefroim-V- vPreferably"the` duct is formedY partly within the slab 1 and partly within an integral Vboss or projection 7, formed integrally with the slab, whichboss is provided with a vertical o ening 11, extendi through the saine and connects with the duct 8.

Mounted within the vertical opening 11,

is a suitable valve'mechanism adapted tov control the supply of drinking water, preferably ice water, to the duct. In itspre- Vferred form, the valve mechanism comprises a cylindrical casing 12, having its opposite ends provided with external screw threads 13 and 16, to receive the lock nuts and packing Washers 13 and 15 at the lower end and 17 and 18 at theupper end, which kserve to lock the casing 12 tothe slab and iny proper relation within the opening 11. The intermediate portion of the casing 12 is provided with openings 20 communicating with the `duct 11, below whichopenings is av valve 'seat 19. Abovethe openings 20 the casing is provided with a perforated partition 21, which forms a pocket Vto receivey packing washers 22 and 23, and a helical spring 24. lMounted longitudinally in the casing 122is a Valve comprising a head portion 25 cooperating with valve seat'19, anda stem 26, provided with a removable button 27 at its top,`which serves also to confine the helical spring 24, which normally seats the valve. The lower end of the casing 12 is interiorly screw-threaded to receive the end of a supplypipefor drinking water. Surrounding 'the upper portion of the casing is a cap 28,

provided with a screw-threaded flange 29 engaging a thread on the 'exterior of the flock nut 17, said'cap being provided with a through the slab, an

central opening, through which the button 27`on the end of the valve stem projects.

From the foregoing description, it will be apparent that the lav'ator may be directly connected with ka source o supply ofy drinking water or ice water, without the provision of elaborate and expensive connections and attachments, the only accessories to the lavatory being the relativelyl simple valve mechanism whlch is readily connectedV to the lavatory slab and the supply pipe for y'fthe drinkin water.

y1. A lavatory comprising an integral bowl andrslab, supply, waste and overflow attachments; and a separate drinking water A"supply.including a. duct formed -within the slab havingA ardischarge spout overhanging Y the bowl. l

" 2,'VA lavatorypcomprising an inte ral bowl and slab, supply, waste and over ow bowl and'slab, supply, waste and overflow attachments; and a separate drinking water supply vincluding aduct formed within the slab having a discharge spout overhang# to said duct. v

'ing the bowl, Vand a valve controlling the suppl p4. lavatory Vcomprising Vani-integral f bowl and slab, supply,'waste,and overilow attachments; fafnd a separate drinking wa- Yter supply including a duct formedl within the slab having a dischar spout overhangingthe bowl,2"and a va ve located in an Y y openin ,throu hthe slab andconinunica'tingr-'wit said uct. Y

n testimony 'whereof I affix vm y 'JOHNF.

l signature.

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