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Publication numberUS1407464 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1922
Filing dateFeb 15, 1921
Publication numberUS 1407464 A, US 1407464A, US-A-1407464, US1407464 A, US1407464A
InventorsHolder For Coupon Books
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Combined holber j
US 1407464 A
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.1 407 1 4 Patented Feb. 21, 1922.

l a E y/9.

citizen of the UnitedStates,

f HQ



Application filed February 15, 1921.

ments in combined holders for coupon books 15' and'ice picks, and it has for an object to provide a compactreceptacle for a book containing coupons for the purchase of ice, and a holder associated with-the receptacle for retaining the pick with which the ice may be chopped or broken.

Another object of the invention resides in providing a combined holder of the above character made from sheet metal in two blanks and folded together in a new and improved manner.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, the invention will be more fully described hereinafter and Will be more particularly pointed out in the claim appended hereto.

In the drawings, wherein like symbols refer to like or corresponding parts throughout the several views,

Fig. 1 is a perspective view'of a combined holder constructed according to the pres-- ent invention;

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view taken therethrough 0n the line 2-2 in Fig. 3;

Fig. 3 is atop plan view of the combined receptacle with the. book and pick removed;

Fig. 4c is a plan view of the blank of the book receptacle; and

Fig. 5 is a plan view of the blank form ing the ice pick holder.

Referring more particularly to the draw ings, the book holder is composed of a sheet metal blank out and shaped to provide a back 1 having an upper extension piece 2 provided with an opening 3 whereby the device may be suspended from a nail or other fastening at a convenient position, for instance, near the door Where it may be most readily used.

7 At one side of the back 1 extends the front piece 4 which is bent upon the two lines of scoring 5 and 6 between which is formed Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented res. 21, 1922..

Serial No. 445,187.

one side 7 of the receptacle for the coupon l cook.

Beyond the front piece 4 the blank provides the second side 8 which is folded over on the line of scoring 9 .and carries a flap 10 bent upon a line of scoring 11, and, as shown in Fig. 3, fitted against the rear of the back 1 to which it may be soldered or otherwise secured. At the lower edge of the front piece 4 a bottom 12 extends with a line of scoring 13 connecting it with the front piece. A flap 14 extends downwardly from the bottom 12 and is adapted to be folded upwardly as indicated in Fig. 3 in rear of the bottom portion of the back 1. The flap 10, at its lower edge, may be engaged beneath the flap 1d and the two soldered together at this point.

The blank is bent upon the lines of scoring to provide a deep receptacle for receiving the coupon book represented at 15.

Referring more particularly to Fig. 5, the blank for the ice pick holder comprises a single piece of sheet metal formed with downwardly converging edges 16 and 17 and provided with intermediate spaced lines of scoring 18 .and 19 upon which the sides 20 and 21 of the blank are folded. Between the lines of scoring 18 and 19 is provided an end wall 22. The blank, when folded over upon its lines of scoring, forms a body closed on three sides. The open side of this body is placed next to the end wall 7 of the coupon book receptacle. and the inclined edges 16 and 17 of the walls 20 and 21 of the ice pick holder lie against said wall 7 of the receptacle and cause the ice pick holder to have a tapering configuration which accords substantially with the formation of the ice pick indicated generally at 23.

The lower end of the ice pick holder is left open as indicated at 2a in Fig. 2 in order to allow drippings from the pick to pass freely from the holder. The walls 20 and 21 of the ice pick holder are soldered or otherwise secured to the wall 7 of the It is also noted'that the ice pick holder is placed against the forward portion of the wall 7 of the coupon book receptacle in order to space the handle of the ice pick 23 as much as possible away from the wall or other supporting surface from which the combined device is suspended. This is advisable in order to erm'it ready removal and insertion of the ice pick in the device.

It will be apparent from the foregoing that I have provided an exceedingly compact and inexpensive combined holder for a coupon book and ice pick which may be suspended at a convenient point in connection, for instance, with a refrigerator so that after the ice is delivered, the pick 23 will be near at hand for reducing the ice to the proper size to fit in the compartment reserved for it in the refrigerator, and alter the ice has been served the book 15 may be quickly and efficiently removed from the receptacle to permit tearing out of'the book the proper amount in coupons 'to cover the cost of the ice ust delivered.

It'is obvious that various changes and modifications maybe made in the details pon book provided with walls of lesser height than the book Wherebyto expose the upper portion of the book, said receptacle provided with suitable means for suspending it from a supportya holder for an ice pick secured to one side of said receptacle and composed of three walls bent at substantially right angles,a fourth Well being omitted, the edges of thetwo walls adjacent the omitted wall being tapered and placed against-one side of the receptacle and secured thereto, the Walls of the pick holder being extended above, the walls of the receptacle, said pick holder being open at its bottom, substantially as described;


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U.S. Classification248/314, 211/50
Cooperative ClassificationA45D27/29