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Publication numberUS140808 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 15, 1873
Filing dateMay 10, 1873
Publication numberUS 140808 A, US 140808A, US-A-140808, US140808 A, US140808A
InventorsSilvestee Bennett
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Improvement in water-elevators
US 140808 A
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Patented July 15, 1873.






Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 140,808, dated July 15, 1873 application filed May 10,1873.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, SILvEsTER BENNETT, of the city and parish of New Orleans and State of Louisiana, have invented anew and Improved Water-Elevator, of which the following is a specification:

My invention consists of a stationary case in the form of a hollow inverted truncated cone, inside of which is a revolving inverted cone with one or more spiral flanges extending from bottom to top, and apparatus for revolving the inner cone for raising water short distances in large quantities, for draining purposes and the like.

Figure 1 is a sectidnal elevation of my improved water-elevator; and Fig. -2 is a plan view. 7.

A is the case, which is fixed in any suitable supports at the bottom and top. This case consists of an inverted hollow truncated cone joined at B to a short cylinder, 0, at the lower end, but it is immaterial whether the cylinder be used or not. D is the revolving inverted cone arranged inside of the case; it also terminates at the lower end of the conical portion of the case, and joins thereat a cylinder, E, extending to the bottom of G. F represents spiral flanges on the revolving cylinder and cone extending from bottom to top to raise the water by being revolved against it rapidly. The angle of the revolving cone is sufiiciently smaller than that of the case to diminish the diameterof the annular space between them in the proportion that it increases in circumference, so that the capacity of the space will be the same from bottom to top. Therevolvin g cone is mounted on a shaft, G, which is fixed in a suitable step, I, at the bottom and cross-bar J at the top, and it gears with the driving-shaft K at the top. The water issues all around the top of case A in a box, L, from which it flows away through any channel provided for it.

I may have openings in the case A below the top to let the water escape at any height at which I may wish to discharge it in case it is not necessary to elevate it to the top, and these openings may be closed with covers or doors when the water is to be raised to the top.

Having thus 'described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent- The combination, with a spiral flange, F, of the cone D and case A, the former diverging more rapidly toward the top than the latter, so that as the diameter of the case increases upwardly the distance between cone and case \Vitnesses:

' JNo. H. OOoNNoR,


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