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Publication numberUS140842 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 15, 1873
Filing dateApr 19, 1873
Publication numberUS 140842 A, US 140842A, US-A-140842, US140842 A, US140842A
InventorsSamuel S. Eembeet
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Improvement in pencil-cases
US 140842 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 140,842, dated July 15, 1873; application liled Apri119, 1873. e

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, SAMUEL S. REMBEET, of Memphis, in the county of Shelby and State of Tennessee, have invented new and Improved Combined Calendar Pencil-Cases, of which the following is a specification:

The invention is an improvement in calendar pencil-cases; and consists in providing the case with a perforated cap and a scale of lineal measurement, as hereinafter described, whereby the same is adapted to be applied to pencils of any length and to be used as a rule or measurein determining the length or other dimension of any object. I have a lineal scale of measure, thus combining a pocket-pencil, calendar, and rule in one small article of general use, very desirable to have always present, and which may be conveniently carried in the pocket.

Figure l is a side elevation of my improved pencil-calendar and rule. Fig. 2 is a sectional elevation taken on the line .fr w of Fig. 3; and Fig. 3 is a cross section taken on the line y y of Fig. 1.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.

A and B represent the two tubes of a telescopic pocket-pencil with seven sides, whereon I have arranged a scale, C, of lineal measure, extending from end to end, and near the upper end a table, D, signifying the days of the month, in four circles of seven numbers, and a part of a circle for the excess, and on the end is the cap E with letters F signifying the days of the week, the said cap being detachable, so that it can be turned to adjust it, as required by the varying numbers of days in different months. Ahole is formed through the cap, as shown in Fig. 2, which is of sufficient size to allow the pencil to be passed through it. Thus the case is made applicable to pencils longer than itself, and also admits of the point of a pencil being drawn up into the part A for protection when not required for use. The cross-sectional form of the cap and case B prevents one turning on or in the other, and the former is provided with a hole through which the pencil may project when longer than the case.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure... by Letters Patent- 1. The cap E, perforated as shown, in combination with the case B, said parts being inscribed with the letters and numbers indicating the days of the week and month respectively, as' shown and described, for the purpose specified.

2. A pencil-case formed of the two parts A and B, one sliding in the other, and graduated to indicate inches and fractions of an inch, as described, to adapt it for use as an extension rule.


vWitnesses HW. H. MoNcRrEF,

"13. H. OAUDLY.

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Cooperative ClassificationG01B3/1084