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Publication numberUS14085 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 15, 1856
Publication numberUS 14085 A, US 14085A, US-A-14085, US14085 A, US14085A
InventorsJoseph Cheevee
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Improvement in apparatus for curing varicocele, sterility, impotency
US 14085 A
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2 -SheetsSheet 1. J. CHEEVER.

Electro-Galvanig' Apparatus.

No. 14.085. I Patented Jan. 15, 1856.

u. PEYERs. Phnhrulhogrlphar. Walhingion. o. c.

2 Sheets-Sheet 2. J. CHEEVER.

Eiectro-Galvanic Apparatus.

Patented June 15, 1856.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 14,085, dated January 15, 1856.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOSEPH GHEEVER, of Boston, in the county of Suffolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improved Electro-Galvanic Apparatus to be Applied for the Cure of Varicocele, Sterility, Im potency, or various other Diseases of the Genital Organs; and I do hereby declare that the same is fully described and represented in the following specification and the accompanying drawings, letters, figures, and references thereof.

Of the said drawings, Figure 1 represents a front view of my apparatus. Fig. 2 is a vertical and central section of it. Fig. 3 is an inner side view of the electrogalvanic backpad.

In the construction of my article I take a common suspensory bandage and apply to its body-belt A a back-pad, B, having fixed upon its inner surface, or that one which is to be brought into contact with the flesh of the body of a person, a series of plates or buttons, a a, &c., made of zinc or some other suitable electric exciting material, they being connected together by a suitable electric conductor made to extend from one to the other, so as to bring them all into electric connection. In the drawings these buttons or round plates are shown as stamped in relief above the inner surface of the sheet of zinc'S. To said sheet of zinc or one of said buttons one end of a metallic chain, T, is attached. From thence the chain is carried into the interior of the body-belt, which is made hollow or tubular to receive it, and it is carried along within said belt until it reaches near to the first buckle, U, of the scrotum sack or bag, G, where it is carried through the side of the body-belt and is led into the strap V, thence down through said strap to near where it is confined to the scrotum-sack. At this point it is led out through the strap, (such strap being made tubular like the body-belt,) thence down over the outside of the scrotumsack, which I make of silk or other suitable non-conductor of electricity. Said chain is then carried through the scrotum-sack and fastened to one of the buttons or plates thereof, to be hereinafter described. I provide the inner surface of the bag or scrotum-sack O with a series of plates or buttons, 00 w, &c., which I connect together by chains or flexible conductors of electricity. If the buttons of the scrotum-sack are made of an electro-positive metal those of the back-pad should be of electro-negative metal; so, if the buttons of the scrotum-sack are made of an electro-negative metal those of the back-pad should be of an electro-positive metal.

When applied to the body the two metals, in consequence of the perspiration or the acids thereof, will produce an electro-galvauic circuit, which will pass through the testes and genital organs, and by its peculiar action will produce curative or useful results in the cure of varicocelc, impotency, or various diseases and weaknesses to which the genital organs are subject.

By applying to the scrotum-sack a series of plates, connected together by chains in the manner above described, the flexibility of the sack is preserved and it can be worn without any particular inconvenience to the person. Besides, the employment of electro-positive and electro-negative plates, constructed as above set forth, operates to great advantage in diffusing electricity over and through the diseased parts. The arrangement of the chain or conductor that extends from the electropositive to the electro-negative metal not only insures its being out of the way, but protects it from oxidation and liability to disruption.

I am aware that there is nothing new in the application of galvanic electricity for the cure of diseases, and that electro-positive and electro-negative metals have been applied, in pads and in various ways, to diseased parts of the human system. I therefore do not claim such; nor do I claim making a scrotum-sack of network but What I do claim is 1. Combining the electric plates of an elastic scrotum-sack by chains or such a series of electrical conductors extending from one to the other, as described, as will permit the neccessary expansion or contraction of the sack to take place without obstruction therefrom.

2. Extending the connecting-chain'of the positive and negative plates into and throughout one of the straps of the scrotum-sack and thence into and through the body-belt, substantially in manner and so as to protect said chain from injury, as hereinbefore specified.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my signature this 1st day of August, A. D. 1854.



R. H. EDDY, F. 1 HALE, Jr,

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