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Publication numberUS1408638 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 7, 1922
Filing dateJun 3, 1920
Priority dateJun 3, 1920
Publication numberUS 1408638 A, US 1408638A, US-A-1408638, US1408638 A, US1408638A
InventorsWilliam Prellwitz
Original AssigneeIngersoll Rand Co
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US 1408638 A
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Patented Mar. 7 1922.

315M ,1 am

unrrso her-em" nestles.

WILLIAM rnnmrwrrz, on :ens'ron', rnnnsrnvenm, Assrenon TO monesoLL-Imnn coMsAnY, or JERSEY e1 new senses, A CORPORATION or new messy gfigg Specification of Letters Eatent. Patent g-fl M ar, '3, Application filed June 3, 1920. Serial No. 386,278.

jl fl l it may concern. claimed in this specification and shown in Be it known that l, WILLIAM lhzniimvrrz, the accompanying drmvings in which, a citizen of the United States, residing at Figure l is a vertical longitudinal sec- Boston, in the county of- Northampton and tional view o l a compressor with the piston 5 State of Pennsylvania, have invented a eerpartly broken away. i

55 tom new end useful Improvement in Coinlflgure is it new similar to Figure 1 pressors, of Vl110l1 the iollowmg 1s a spec with the piston in different position, and ficetion. ligure 3 1s top plan. view of the coin- This invention. relates to compressors for pressor with the head, removed. it I compressing air or gas and obtaining fluid Referring to the drawings, the cylinder A 6t.- under pressure free from oil, but more Pdffand crank case B may be formed in an'v-suitticnlarly to a compressor usually of small able numner, end in this instanc the upper size which may be mounted on it motor 'v'eportion (.7 of the crank case forms the usual hicle and used for inflating: the tires. as for breathing space for the crank communiinstance, the heavy pneumntic tires of motor eating with the atmosphere at the open- 65 trucks which require C(H'lSltlGl'ltblfi pre sure. ings D. The compressor may, however, be bu it in piston reciprocetes in the cylinder i any desired size and may be used tor any and is preferably provided with the outer other purpose for which it. is t'ound applihead E and. the inner heed F connected'by 2e cable or in any connection, in which it is the reduced neck G. The piston is con 70 desired to obtain compressed air or gas free nected to the crank H/by the piston rod 5 from oil, as in the manufacture of dried and the piston and cylinder are supplied or desiccated milk, in which compressed air with oil from the crank case B, the oil beihg is commonl used to spin-y the milk'into the indicated at K. l desiccators. ,7 The cylinder is provided with suitable 75.

The primary object of the invention. is to head L having tl-ie inlet opening O and the enable the pistoninnd cylinder operative outlet P. Bet-Ween the head L and the cylpgirts to be supplied with oil by splash lubriindex A is preferably plziced a plate Q, cercntion from the-crank case, Whi e ntthe some tying the inlet valve It and the discharge time preventing an excessive amount ol oil valve S. These VZIlX'QS are preferably in the 8 3 from accumulating on. the pishon and on form of strips of sheet metal, secured to the the WilllS of the cylinder, In pumping up plate Q by means ot the screws and nuts T the pneun'uitic tires of a motor vehicle, esand U. The valves are ndn'ptedto' sent over peciallt a motor. truck, compressed air tree the inletport V and the discharge port N from oil should" be obtained, as the oil inrespectively in the plate Q; and require no jul'es the tiland giccgrdmqge with my lubrication. :GOWQl pins X and are plfifinvention I am enobled to secure the desired erabl provided for centering and guiding comparatively high pressure Without adthe mlve plates R and S and a stop Z prefmixture of oil with the ir, ernbly formed on the head L limits the lift 40 Another object of the invention is to proof the discharge valve S. The head L and vide air valves which hzwe no rubbing sur plate Q mny be secured together as by means faces and hence can operate withoutth use of the bolt a, and the head and plat are se of oil or u'ny means of lubrication so that a cured to the cylinder by means of the bolts further source from which oil may mix with 7) passimg through suitable bolt holes in the 45 the air is eliminated. head L and also through the bolt holes 0 in Further objects of the invention will herethe plate Q inafter appear, and to all of these ends the As the plston KOClPIOCZItGSVlH' the cylinder [invention consists of the erinnggernent of A, air is compressed' in the usual manner '1wiLts, :1n(l con'ibinations of eleinents Substnnand. disclmrgedet, the outlet l, which may fiwtialhfns hereinafter fully" described 41nd be suitably connected to inflating a tire. 10) i 1 omese outer head in the cylim ier partially overlap ping the travel of the inner heed, means for supplying oil to the inner head of the piston and operative pares, and to the cylinder, and a circular groove extending inwardly inside the cylinder at an angle to the axis and communicating with drainage apertures in the walls of the cylinder and a cooperating

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Cooperative ClassificationF04B39/04, F04B39/0005, F04B39/1073, F04B39/0292
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