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Publication numberUS1409525 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1922
Filing dateJul 13, 1921
Priority dateJul 13, 1921
Publication numberUS 1409525 A, US 1409525A, US-A-1409525, US1409525 A, US1409525A
InventorsMiles Cox Charles
Original AssigneeMiles Cox Charles
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US 1409525 A
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C. M. COX.



' 1,409,525. Patented Mar. 14,1922..

A TTOR/VEYS mutilating or in any CHARLES MILES cox, or s'rnaicnr, PENNSYLVANIA.


To all whom it may concern:

Be -it known that 1, CHARLES M. Cox, a subject of the King of'Qreat Britain, and a resident of Straight, in the county of Elk and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new. and useful Improvements in Brackets, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to brackets espe cially adapted for supporting mirrors.

An important object is to provide a bracket capable of a variety of adjustments so that the mirror supported thereby may be conveniently positioned with relation to light and with relation to the user of th mirror. V

Further, the invention aims to provide a bracket of the class described which may be conveniently applied to the wall without way mar-ring the appearance of the wall.

A still further object is to provide a bracket of the class described which is neat in appearance, durable in use and cheap to manufacture.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent during the course of the following description.

In the accompanying drawing Figure 1 is a plan view of the bracket applie Figure 2 is a side elevation of the same applied.

In the drawing the numeral 5 designates a wall to which the improved bracket generally designated by the numeral 6 is applied. As illustrated in Figure 2 upper and lower L'-shaped brackets or attaching members are applied to the wall and consist of base plates 8 and outwardly projecting apertured ears 9. The aperture in the lower ear 9 is smaller than the diameter of a vertically arranged rod 10 having its lower end .mounted on the lower ear 9 and secured thereto by a thumb screw 11. The thumb screw 11 is provided with a threaded shank freely passed through the aperture in the lower ear and threaded into an axial opening in the lower portion of the rod 10. By tightening up on the thumb screw 11 the rod 10 is securely held in position and when it is desired to remove the rod it is merely necessary to detach the thumb screw 11 and subsequently move the rod '10 upwardly through the upper ear 9.

The arm of the bracket consists of co-act- I Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed July 13,1921. Serial No. 484,4 52.

the rod 26 and secured Patented Mar. 14;;192g.

ing sections 14 and. 15 having their adjacent.

.end; portions formed with overlapping ears 16 which receive a fastening screw 1' 7.- The head of the fastening screw 17 is countersunk in the lower ear 16 and the shank of the screw is threaded into the upper ear whereby to adjustably connect the sections 14 and 15. By loosening the fastening screw 17 slightly the sections 14 and 15 may be adjusted about the vertical axis ofthe fastening screw. 7

I As illustrated in Figure 2 the rear portion of the section 14 is gradually enlarged and is formed with a vertical bearing sleeve 18.which receives the. rod 10 and is adjustable'thereon. The sleeve 18 may be held in an adjusted position on the rod 10 by means of a set screw 20 threaded through the sleeve and engaged with the rod. The sleeve 18 is not only capable of vertical adjustment on. .the rod 10 but may also be adjusted so as to position the'section 14 either to or to the left. 7

A head is mounted upon the outer end of the section 15 and "includesan attaching car 22 secured to the section by means of a fastening screw 24 similar in construction to the fastening screw 17 The aforesaid head also comprises a transversely extending bearing sleeve 24- having its under Side flush the right with the base plate or ear 22 anditsupper side extended above the base plate. ,The transversely extending sleeve 24 slidably receives a cylindrical rod 26 which is engaged by a thumbscrew 28 threaded through one side of the sleeve for holding the rod in an adjusted position.

The mirror 30 is, secured to a pair of mir r01 attaching plates 31 having their rear portions formedwith ears-33 adjustable on 1 thumb screws 84.

14 and 15 are capable of adjustment about the longitudinal axis of the fastening screw 17. The improved bracket may be further adjusted either vertically or about the lon v thereto by means of '1 gitudinal axis of the rod 10. It is therefore apparent that by reason of the multiplicity of adjustments the mirror may be positioned properly with respect to the light and with respect to the person using the mirrori is provided with a sleeve and the other being adjustably connected to said head, whereby the head may be adjusted about a vertical axis, a second rod arranged vertic ally and extended through said sleeve, a set screw carried by said sleeve and engaging said rOd, attaching devices for secu'ring said second named rod to a support, and set screws connecting said attaching plates to said first named rod whereby to hold the mirror in an inclined Or vertical position.


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U.S. Classification248/279.1, 16/236
International ClassificationA47G1/24, A47G1/16
Cooperative ClassificationA47G1/24
European ClassificationA47G1/24