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Publication numberUS1409867 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1922
Filing dateMar 15, 1921
Publication numberUS 1409867 A, US 1409867A, US-A-1409867, US1409867 A, US1409867A
InventorsWilliam O. Kbtoaia
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William o
US 1409867 A
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VANITY case.

APPLICATIUN HLED MAR. 5 I921- l,409,867. Patented Mar. 14, 1922 WITIVE88E8 2/ 5 W-"Gillndall j 9710M V6 4 TTORIIE Y8 UNITED STA'IES 01* NEWARK, NEW JERSEY.

wrnmen: eQ Kennett,

n'rsn'r oFr-lcs.

V Apyllinwthm. filled liliemh.

To all whom it may corwe-m:

' Be it known that 1, Jvhnmen (Ll. .iirmmuh a, citizen of the United iitutes, and e resident of Newark, in the coiinty of'Essex and FilllLi/B of New. Jersey, have invented new and use-.- ful Improvements in Vanity Cases, of -which the following is a, full, clean, and exact de scription.

The object'of thejnvention is to provide certain new and useful improvem nts in va'nity cases whereby the interior of the case body is divided and means creprovided for securely holding two porcelain or similar disks or carriers carrying different cosmetics, such, for instance, as rouge and com pact face powder Another object is to permit of readily placing a partition in position in, a vanity case and securely holding it therein.

Another object is to dispense with glue, cement or similar adhesive material for fasttening the disks or cosmetic carriers in position.

Another object issto allow oi cheaply and accurately manufacturing the partition.

lVith these and other objects in view, the invention consists of certain novel features of construction, as hereinafter shown and described and then specifically pointed out in the claims.

A practical embodiment of the invent-ion is represented in the uccompan ings forming 0,. art of this specification, in which similar 0 aracters' of reference indicate correspondin parts in all the views.

Figure 1 is a p an view of the improved vanity case with the cover in open position and with the front virall of the case body shown in section; l i

Figure-2 is an enlarged cross section of the same on the line 2-2 of Figure 1;

Figure-'3 is an enlarged longitudinal SF"- tion of the-same on the line 3-43 of Figure 1; and

Figure 4 is an enlarged perspective view of the partition.

The body 10 of u vanity case is provided with a hinged cover ll and is arranged to contain two porcelain disks or similar carriers 12adapted to support 'therougc, compact face powder or other cosmetics 13. In order to securely hold the cosmetic carriers 12 in osition in the vanity case body 10 and to al ow of replacing-the same by others after theoosmetic has been used. the following arrangement is made: ithin the ing draw.

lipcclfieutmn cl'Lct'ters Patent l; a,tgnj;ed M r. 14 1922.

5, mm. s mi R0. tuners.

ease body 10 its a partition 15; preferably made from a single sheet of metal or other material bent to provide a transverse well 16 integrally a. horizontal segnientsl flange 18. From the segmental edge of each flange 18 extends integrally upward a segmental clamping band or arm 19 having its ends 20 rojecting beyond the, flange 18 and en agm g the peripheial edge of the corresponding cosmetic carrier 12 it the front and rear thereof. Each and 20 has a. projecting top portion 21 bent. inwardly to engage the top of the corresponding cosmetic carrier 12, to securely hold the cosmetic carrier in position in the case body 1Q.

From the top edge to the middle of each clsmpin band 19 extends integrally a. down? wardly ii end in a longitudinally extending arm 26 having its end terminating in an u )wardly bent lug 27-1 The arm 26 is adapts ,to-support the corresponding cosmetic carrier 12 715 ent lug 25 terminating at its lower,

end its lugs 25 and 27 engage the peripheral 12. at the sides there i lugs 25 and 27 of the arm 26 resting on the bottom of the case body 10.

In order to fasten the partition in place in the case body 10, the front and back of the "fieuse body are each provided with inwardly struckuip lugs 30 and 31 overlying the front and rear portions of the horizontal flanges 18 of the partition 15 to hold the partition ago-inst upward movement in the case body It). i

From the foregoing it will be seen that the partition 15 can be readilypleced in position within the case body 10 with the lugs 30 and 31 sprun over the bottom flanges 18. It will also lie noticed that after the partition. has been placed in the case body 10 the cosmetic carrying disks 12 can be readilyplaced in position and held in Place by the clamping bands 19 and by the ugs 25 and 27 of the arms 26 on which rest the said disks. It will further be noticed that glue, cement or similar adhesive-mate of being made of one single piece of sheet nnilcinii run in: itl'y chnnply innnul anturod Hui i5 1 its i2.rriiiigc-iiutiii it dods not. in tho i a-J mh'im'l HPCUIL, to line oo;-:motir.=-; rnrri sd by Lin: (llhiilfi 11:.

Having thus describe-1i my invention, I vifii!!! in; new and desire to sncnrn by lJQt' tn-s Patent:

1 in 2L vnuity case, a partition made of n :niigln pit-cu of material comprising a d mliiwlmp partition wall, bottom. flanges extending; in opposite directions from the ni inihors of the said wall, and clamping hands rising from the said flanges and liuving their free ends projecting from beyond the flanges to engage the cosmetic carriers held in tin, nus

2. in. a vanity case, n box body having in- \\;'arll y struck-up lugs, a, partition n nth: of a single p ecewf sheet metal comprising a doubled-u transverso wall, t e members of whinh'nre provided. with segmental horizontal bottom flanges adapted .to rest on the bottom of thi+,.body oftl e vanity casennd adapted to he engnged bythe said lugs to hold thn partition in plane, segmental claniping bands extendingmtegrallynpward from the side edgesn'f the said bottom flanges, the

l free ends oftlig said clamping hands being in imitam tim Winn-dimnsi. h bottom '0 lie; ifftleran tyrase ,and.

aila tdd .tl g-g nid ings to adapted to clanipingiy enga the peripheral tires of rosiiietic oarryin isks at-the front and minthereof, the (and; having imvardiy u'ojcrting members engaging the top of the ,cosmetic cnrryingudinks H 3. In iryanity oilse, a box-body havinginwardly,strii ;l 11i ,l ugs,=3. pg ri ition made of a ,single. ipiere 0i shge lz,metnl qnmprising a doiiblndiip tr ins -fir se a,ll,lj;l1o u ernl nrs of ill ich, iirn iiiniiirlnd with, sie, niental horizonno] oe segnie-iitalrlamp- .engingi. with c irri s in the cation in hands extending integrally upward from tho side edges of the said bottom flanges, the I'm-r (ands oi the Said clumping lJul'ulS being adapted to nlu n iingly ungagn thoqgoriphoral incur; oi' rosmrtio carrying disks at tho front and war 'lhornoi', tho cIldS-J having inwardly projnrtiin; members engaging the top of thn irosinutlir; carrying disks, and longitudinal inns extending integrally from. the said. segmental hands and on which are adapted to resttlwsaid rnsruetic carrying disks, the rnds; of tho said longitudinal arms having upturi'uid Hang-0sengnging' the peripheral face of the. said disks at the sides thereof.

=1, The combination with a vanity,'of n rnruoviiiiiu purtitinn in the case, oppositely extending liiisn flanges integral with. tl'iepartitioin, urcuiite spring clamping nrrn in- '6 low-n! with the has: flanges, and 'n'dnptedto embrace ifOSl-l'lllllfl carri'rs iii-Who"Pne,9i1id' iii-ins including reduced extensions at their free ends adapted to retain said carriers against movement.

The combination with a :vnnityinase, of a removable partition in the-case; 'arcualae spring arms integral with, opposite 'sides of the partition, longitudinally extnilinp; arms integral with the intermediate. {JOItiK-YHS 0197 the arruate nrn'is, said longitudinal nndarcnate arms adapted to o-act in holding -r.0s-' inetiv carriers within the case.

(i. The combination with avanity case, of n reinnvahle mrtition-iri tlle"()a,S$1 3J(ll-l8;te spring arms integral with- OPIJQSitBESidQS-Of the partition,- longiti-idim l-ly extienrlin g'arms integral with tho intermedziato pm-nm siof= the iirriuzir arms, said longitudinal and are uni-e air-in adapted boon-not in hbldi'ng-l cosnmtiu rriers within tlm'taasm-nimd msans at the we nods of al] llhfl ail'l'llSwFliip i dfl WI-LI 1A KEN-D Li;

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U.S. Classification132/294
International ClassificationA45D33/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45D33/006
European ClassificationA45D33/00V