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Publication numberUS1409868 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1922
Filing dateAug 5, 1920
Priority dateAug 5, 1920
Publication numberUS 1409868 A, US 1409868A, US-A-1409868, US1409868 A, US1409868A
InventorsEdward T Kien
Original AssigneeW M Hardwick, Emmett S Newton
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US 1409868 A
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Patented Mar. 14, 1922.


Snom/I tot l Edward T Hi en.




Patented Mar. 14, 1922.


EDWARD fr. RIEN, or cHA'rraNoosA, TENNESSEE, Assrerium or @NE-FOURTH 'ro w. M. HARDWICK AND oNE-FoUnTH 'ro EMMETT s. NEWTON, Bora or onaar- TAN'OOGA, TENNESSEE.


Specication of Letters Patent.

Patented Mar'. 14, 1922.

Application filed August 5, 1920. Serial No. 401,322.

To all whom 'it may concern.' Be it known that 1 EDWARD T. KrEN, a citizen ofthe United States, residing at Chattanooga, in the county of Hamilton and State of- Tennessee, have invented certain new and' useful .Improvements in' Pumps, of which the following is a specifica-tion.

My said invention consists, in an improved or modied form of my invention in pumps which forms the subject matter of my application No.v 345,7 88, led December 18, 1918, whereby a positive and improved action of such pumping mechanism is secured, all as will be hereinafter more fully described and claimed. A

Referring to the accompanyingdrawings, which are made a part hereof and on which similar reference characters indicate similar parts,

Figure .1 is a view of a pump of said improved form, largely in vertical section,

Figure 2 a view in elevationof the interior of the pump head,

Figure 3 a view in elevation of the interior of the head at the-opposite end of the piston chamber,

Figure 4 a view in elevation of the piston housing and pistons therein, and

Figure 5 a view showing the piston members separately, but in the position they occupy when assembled for' opera-tion.

The pump structure comprises a baseV 10 having a pump-head 11 rigidlysecured in one open end thereof by bolts 12 which pass through perforations in said pump-head and into perforations 13: in said base. Said head 11 has a reduced -threaded annulus 14 on which a cylindrical casing 15 is mounted by means of a threaded. joint. Said cylindrical casing 15 extends through tothe other side of the base where it is further centered and supported by means of a follower member 16,packin ring 17 and bolts 184. A chamber 19 is thus provided in the base entirely surrounding said cylinder 15.

Within the cylinder 15 is mounted apiston housing 2O within vwhich the rotary pistons or rotors 21 and 22 are mounted. The piston housing 2O has a tail-block 23 mounted over the outer end thereof and a bearing block 24 is mounted against the outer end of said tail-block. The several parts being scarred together and in position by a series of bolts 25 extending through perforations in vsaid cylinder housing 20, tail-block 24 and head 11, rigidly bolting said parts together. The journal 26 of piston member 21,- as well as the other several journals of said piston members, are mounted inball bearings. The stem 27 of member 21 is connected to be directly driven p leads from an exhaust port at the opposite Y end of the piston housing and 1s adapted to discharge the `compressed gas under an oil deflector or balie 32 into a gas and oil separating chamber 33. Shaft 34 of piston member 22 has .a fan 35 on its outer end positioned to draw air through a radiator,

condensing the gas as it leaves the separating chamber and also to force air -into the annular chamber between cylinder 15 and piston housing 205 and parts attached thereto, thus serving to keep said parts and-.oil air-cooled.

Oil contained in chamber 19 serves, through the medium of the ports leading therefrom to the various bearings 'and to the pistonv chamber to keep all parts thoroughly lubricated, and oil commingled with the gas and passing through the pipe 31 strikes the deflector or baie 32 and is returned into the chamber 19 and used for lubricating purposes, as in the application before refe rred to.

Head 11 is formed with segmental openings 36 to afford an outlet for the air driven .through the chamber within cylinder- 15 to K through pipe 31 into the gas and oil s eparator. By maintaining the pressure in the separating chamber 33 the lubricant con- 'tors,means for admitting -as at one end tainedLin thei chamber 19 is forced throughA the several parts to lubricate the various bearings, as will be Areadily understood. Y Having thus fully` described my sadin- 5 vention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, isi

1. In a gas compressor, 'a casing, a housing in sid casing, an oil chamber surrounding `the casin a pair ofV rotors in said housing, horizonta y spaced shafts carrying said robetween sai of the housin rotors, a pluralitoof con uits 'leadingfupwardly from the ttom of the oil chamber, a pair of conduits extending horizontally through the housing` and branches leading therefrom for admitting sealin liquid at a plurality of points -underneat each rotor and-also communicating with the4 bearings of the shafts, I,and means at the endV opposite the inlet providing an outlet for the gas and sealilg liquid, substantially'as set forth.

2.- n an air com -ressor, a casing providing' an upper'cham r completely surrounding the casingfor gas and -a lower chamber.

for lubricant, a housing in lsaid casing, rotors inthe housin having intermeshing vanes, a driving, sha carrying one of said rotors, a fan 'shaft carr 'ng the other, an inlet for gas at one end o the rotors, an outlet at the other end communicating with the cham" ber', passages leading'from the bottom ofthe the chamber and the underside o A -Witnesses:

lubricant chamber and extending.. throu h thehousing between the chamberand t e underside of each rotor andbranch passages 35 extending to the bearings' of said Ashafts whereby bric'ant under pressure Vis su plied to said rotors and said bearings, su stan- I branch passages extending to the bearings of saidfbhaftswhereby lubricant under pressure is supplied to sald rotors and said bearings, and passages intermediate said housmg and said lubricant'containing chamber whereby said fan may cool said lubricant and sald rotors, substantially as set forth.

- In witness whereof, have' hereunto set. myhand and seal at Chattanoo a,\Tennes see, this 23rd' day of July,-A. nineteen hundred and twent EDWAtD T. KIEN. [La] L. S. BA Mrs. J.

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