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Publication numberUS1409878 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1922
Filing dateSep 14, 1920
Priority dateSep 14, 1920
Publication numberUS 1409878 A, US 1409878A, US-A-1409878, US1409878 A, US1409878A
InventorsLester Mainland Charles
Original AssigneeLester Mainland Charles
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Valve-lifter guide
US 1409878 A
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V 1,409,878. Patented Mar. 14, 1922.

K g r I C. L. MA/NLAND A TTOR/VE Y 8 u uireo 'sreres rarest enrich.

V cna'nrns nnsrnn IiIAIilTLAND, or norms, LONG ISLAND, new Yofnn.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Mar. 14, 192'.

Application filed September 14, 1920. Serial Nb. 419,281.

relation to a lifter guide," especially designed for use in connection with the tappet valves of an internal combustion engine.

The invention broadly contemplates a guide for reciprocating members, provided with means which improves the working and increases the life'of both the member and the guide.

Another obj ect of the invention is to provide an adjustable means for a guide which automatically compensatesfor wean on both the reciprocating member and the guide:

A more specific ob ect of the invention is to provide'in combination with the lifter guide of a valve, means which silences and .prevents rattling, due to vibration resulting from wear.

A further object in view resides in the provision of a silencing and wear compensating means of this character whic is removable whereby to admit of replacement or repair of the means when worn.

A; still further object of the'invention is to i parent from the following detailed descrip-' tion, reference is had to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this application, and in which: 7

Figure 1 is a diagrammatic fragmentary sectional view ofa tappet-valve, push rod,

lifter guide and cam, said lifter'guide being constructed in accordance with the inventit i1 is a horizontal sectional view reference, 10 designates a tappet valve hav ing the usual valve stem 11, the lower extremity of which is received by the push rod 12'which is bifurcated at its lower extremity as at 13 to provide a bearing for the roller 14. A cam shaft 15 of usual'constructioii provided with a cam 16 serves to intermitten'tly lift the valve.

ln'the usual-form of lifter guides, it hasbeen found thatthe push rod and the guide due to constant operation become worn after continued use, to such an extent that lost motion results in rattling, In order to compensate for this wear and silence'the operation of the tappet valve, means is provided for automatically taking up the wear. Inthe improved form of lifter guide 17, the same is recessed as at 18, and a removable section 19, is arranged in said recess. able section and the lifter guide arep'rovitied with registering exterior grooves'20-20 and grooves and embraces both the removable section and the guide atthis point. If desired, the extremities of the ring may be turned in as at 22 to bite into and grip either the guide or the removable section.

In positioning the guide on the'push rod, it is desirable to arrange the recess and .removable section on the side onwhich the cam 16 strikes the roller, as it has been found that the wear usually occurs on this side.

By this arrangement it will be seen that the resilient ring will exert a tension to normally effect the contraction of the guide and section 18 on the push rod for the purpose of automatically taking up wear. When the-push rod, guide and its removable section have becomeworn to such an extent that the confronting faces of the removable section and the guide abut, the removable section may be taken off and its confronting. face round to admit of its further use.

From the foregoing it will be seen that asimple and effective means for overcoming the disadvantages of the present type of guide is provided, but it is understood that no limitation is necessarily made to the precise structurai details, as the right to embodiments other than those actually illustrated herein is reserved to the fuil extent indicated by the general meaning of the terms iii-which claims areexpressed and by variations in the phrasin of the same.

Having thus described my invention, It

The removv a split resilient ring 21 is arranged in said new and desire to L sleet:

able sect-i011.

2. valve lii guide, comprising a tubular member liming an axial recess therein, s section arranged in said recess, and resilienl; means embracing?" and searching respectively "with lhe lu uler member and.

secure by Lesguide member and removguide for push reds comprising effecting relative axial messes said section for normally pressing said seclion against the valve lifter whereby to compenssle for wear on the valve lifter, the section, and said guide.

3. The comhinatien with e velve lifter inch-of a guide therefor, comprising :i tubuler neinber having an axial recess, a movsble ection mounted. in said recess, and resilient means for removsbly retaining said sect-ion in saidrecess and eiiecting movement ef the same E0 exert a pressure on the lifter rod whereby e0 compense'he for wear on said elements,


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International ClassificationF01L1/14
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