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Publication numberUS1410515 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 21, 1922
Filing dateOct 1, 1920
Priority dateOct 1, 1920
Publication numberUS 1410515 A, US 1410515A, US-A-1410515, US1410515 A, US1410515A
InventorsLuther Saddlemire Robert
Original AssigneeLuther Saddlemire Robert
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US 1410515 A
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1,410,531 5. Patentd Mar. 21, 1922.

Y INVENTOR WITNESI'SES Z 9 ,3 11). Sappwmm Y By W ATTORNEYS rr s fi hl i i ifia.

' ancnrracnn.

rai ers.

Specificationof Letters Patent. l atgntgd M1 21, 1922,

Application nee October 1, 2920. Serial No. 414,017.

T 0 all whom it may concern:

Be it known that 1, ROBERT L. SADDLE- MIRE, a citizen of the United States, and resident of Schenectady, in the countyof Schenectady and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved Receptacle, of which the following is'a full, clear, and exact description. i

My invention relates to a receptacle, and more particularly to a receptacle adapted for use in connection with preserving, canning, etc., but not necessarily limited to this adaptation.

In connection with receptacles of the type specified, it is well. appreciated that it has been customary to provide a lid or cover, together with a bail, adapted to co-operate with the cover for retaining the same firmly in applied position.

It has also been customary to utilize a gasket or other suitable medium providing a tight joint between the cover and the body of the receptacle.

Objections have arisen in connection with the use of the conventional bail, in that the same is permanently attached to the receptacle rendering the latter diflicult to handle while cleaning the same, etc.

In connection with the second provision, i. e., the utilization of a gasket, it is well understood that it has been extremely difficult to provide an air tight seal, which is absolutely essential to the preservation of the contents of the receptacle.

Having these defects in mind I have now constructed a receptacle more particularly adapted for use in connection with preserving, but which may be utilized for any suitable purpose, where air tight receptacles are to be provided, and by means of whichan improved type of closure is provided.

A further object of my invention is the construction of a device of the type specified, which may include as part of its structure, an improved air seal which shall effectually guard against any deterioration of the contents of the receptacle incident to air escaping into the same.

Reference is had to the attached sheet of drawings as illustrating one practical embodiment of my invention, and in which drawings;

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a receptacle constructed in accordance with my invention and showing the parts of the same in completely assembled and closed position.

Figure 2 is an enlarged sectional side view taken along the line 2-2 of Figure 1. and

Figure 3 is a bottom plan view of the device as illustrated in the preceding figures. In these views the reference numeral 5 indicates the body of areceptacle of any suitable material, which is provided adjacent its upper edge with an outwardly extending flange 6.

The cover 7, also of any desirable shape and material, is utilized in covering the free edge of the receptacle 5, it being noted that the cover is formed with a downwardly extending flange 8 of a diameter sufiicient to permit of the enveloping of the free edges of the body of the receptacle 5, the length of the flange 8 being sufiicient to permit the lower edge of the same to lie adjacent the upper face of the flange 6.'

In this connection it is to be noted that the lower edge of the flange 8 is. as has been clearly illustrated in Figure 2, under cut so that an interposed ring or gasket 9 of any suitable material, will be crowded inwardly to form a tight seal upon the cover 7 being firmly seated upon the flange 6.

Now with a view of effecting the seating, a bail, conveniently including a piece of stiff wire 11, bridging the surface of the cover 7 is provided, which bail rotatably mounts a cam preferably including a single sheet of material, comprising a lever 11 formed adjacent its side edges, and one of its ends with a pair of downwardly xtending cars 12,

The wire 10 extends through openings in the cars 12 it being noted that these openings are eccentrically disposed as has been clearly shown in Figure 1, so that a cam action is permitted, which action will cause a seating of the cover 7 upon the lever 11 being swung to the position shown in Figures 1 and 2.

To now provide means, which will permit of the removal of the bail formed by the wire 10, it will be noted that the lower face of the flange 6 is formed with a series of recesses 13, and that the ends of the wire 10 are extended downwardly, as has been indicated at 14, the extreme end portions of the downwardly extending portion of the wire being upturned, as has been indicated by the reference nu meral 16, these upturned portions being adapted to project into diametrically opposite recesses 13, whereby to anchor the bail.

From the foregoing it will be seenthat I have provided a receptacle which shall embody air tight construction, and in which the cover securing means may be instantly released upon the same being disengaged fromthe cover. 7

It will further be noted that a receptacle constructed in accordance with my invention body and extending outwardly therefrom, a cover adapted to rest on the upper edge of said body, a member adapted to extend across said cover, means associated with said member for engaging said cover to retain the same in seated position, the ends of said member being extended to provide hooks, the outer ends of each of said hooks being adapted to extend into on of a series 01"? recesses formed in the lower face of said flange.

- 2. A receptacle including a body portion, a cover adapted to close one end of said body a bail associated with said body, a lever, a pair of ears formed at one end of said lever and extending at right angles to the body thereot, said ears being mounted and eccentrically disposed upon said ball and being adapted to engage the upper face of said cover.


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U.S. Classification215/284, 215/352, 215/290
International ClassificationB65D45/28, B65D45/00
Cooperative ClassificationB65D45/28
European ClassificationB65D45/28