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Publication numberUS1411252 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 4, 1922
Filing dateJan 31, 1920
Priority dateJan 31, 1920
Publication numberUS 1411252 A, US 1411252A, US-A-1411252, US1411252 A, US1411252A
InventorsHarold S Bassett, Arnold J Tanner
Original AssigneeHarold S Bassett, Arnold J Tanner
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Holder for metal tickets and the like
US 1411252 A
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1,4.1 1,252. Patented Apr. 4, 1922.

7 A VEA T 0R6 j/aroZd 6'. fdaasett and Jzwah! f 5777267" UNITED STATES PATENT QEFICE-I;

{mm-.1) s." BASSIETT'AND Anivbrp Ji atinee, or sham HAVEN, connncfrrcfirf II O DER ronmnr'iinrroxn'rs ann THE LIKE.

To; all whom it may concern: Be it known that HAROLD S. BASSETT and ARNOLD J. TANNER, citizens of the United States, and residents of North Haven, in the county-of New Haven and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Holders for Metal Tickets and the -like,of which the following is a specification.

The present invention consists of an improved'holder or clip for carrying articles of a class tov which metal railway andot-her tickets, tags, or the like belong; and which articles are desirablykept in a definite order or separated from coins in thepocket, for example. The. holder is useful also for the distribution of tickets or the like in quantity because, where used for that purpose, counting, packeting and. checking may bev dis pensed with.

The object of the invention, amongst others, is to provide 'an efficient holder, simple in construction and easy of operation.

Accordingto the present invention, the holder is composed chiefly or entirely of one piece of wire or metalstrip bent so as to form a," substantially straight and rigid leg or member on which tickets or the like, having a holetherein, are carried; and an other leg or member is provided, the latter being partly parallel with said straight.

member but having its free end bent so as to be self-bearing upon the straight member, under its own spring tension, thus constantly holding the device closed to keep the tickets on the carrying member. The holder is self opening under action of placing and removing the tickets on and from the carrying member.

The two members aforesaid are united by a loop of the wire and in this loop, a plate is suitably mounted and secured. This plate performs several functions, viz., it serves as a convenient handle; it provides a name plate or advertising medium; it reinforces the construction, partlcularly' the carrying member which desirably should be rigid, but the retaining member is left free to move so as to open and close the holder; and further, said plate serves as a stop, preventing the tickets passing around the loop.

Embodiments ofthe invention are illustrated in the accompanying drawings wherein- Figure 1 is a side elevation of one form of the holder;

Specification of Letters Patent. v Patented Aprl, 4, 192 2. Application filed January 31, 1920'. Serial iZN'o. 355,317.

Figure12 a section taken on line looking in the direction indicated by arrowa; 1' 7 Figure 3illustrates samples of perforated ticketsor the like; 7 1

Figure 4 is a perspective view illustrating a modified form of the holder especially useful for tickets having an'elongated hole, and I Figure. 5 is a perspective view showing another .modification in which the holder is composed .of flattened wire or tapering metal strip whereby thecarryingmember is made heavier and thus more rigid than the lighter retaining member. 1

, Referring now to the drawings, the device shown in Figure 1 consists of one piece of wire bent to form the straight leg or carrying member 1, which member is connected 16y the loop2 with the leg or retaining memer 3. length, is substantially parallel with leg 1 and is turned downwardly near its ,endto form the gradual incline at 4. and then turns upwardly at its extreme end 5. At the bend or ofl'set 5,.under constant self spring ac- The latter member. in part of its tion, the member 3 bears on the end of the member 1, which latter member, at the point of contact, is flattened so as to better seat the member 3. The plate 7, secured by cars 8 within the loop 2, besides providing a convenient handle, also gives stability to the device, rendering the member 1 more rigid and tending to prevent the lateral movement of the member 3. The plate 7 also prevents the tickets from passing around the loop and thus being taken off the holder by way of the retaining member. A ring 9 provides means for securing the device to a chain.

The configuration of the tickets 10 may vary, likewise the perforations therein may differ in shape, but still the-tickets can be carried on the holder. and be conveniently placed thereon and readily taken off. The handle provided, permits the device to be held firmly in'a position to facilitate removal of the tickets one or more at one time. v

I In Figure 4 the construction is modified for herein the carrying. member is composed 'of two wires 11', with a closed outer end'andthe other ,or inner end being twisted at 12 around the member 3 to give stability thereto and to secure the said member 3 .to the loop 2. This form of the holder is particularly I suitable for tickets having. an. elongated. hole therein and possesses the.

advantages that the carrying member is made more rigid; the tickets-are tightly held so that they cannot jingle and the endof, the movable or retaining member, when;

closed, is located between the Wires 11', ensuring positively that there canb'e no lateral or side movement of the retaining member, also, the rtwist' in thewire operates as; a stop preventing tickets from sliding therebeyond. urthe-rmore, the rounded end of the member L and globular end of member 3' en sures that the pocket Willnot be pierced.

" Various other modifications Within the scope ofjthe appended claims may be made,

as forexal'nple, to provide greater rigidity to the carrying member, the holder may be made entirely of flattened wire or ametal' strip as shown in Figure 5, Wherein'the carrying member is formed of stock heavier than the other part and to provide a stop for tihetic'kets in this instance, the Wire or strip is bent at 14: warm a lumpor raised portion.

- In operation, the carrying member is passed'throughthe perforationsin the tickets and during this operation the retaining members is raised to open the-holder. When taking ofi a ticket the latter in its movement, raises the retaining member to open the holder, which upon removal-of the ticket closes by. its own action. 'lhe'fl'attened carrying'member'of the last described modification, it" should be noted, serves conveniently as a name plate or the like.

u VWe clainu- I i 1. A holder for perforated tickets andthe like comprising" substantially "rigid carrier member capable of receiving and carrying said tickets, a resilient retaining mem-,

her having. its free end bent and adapted to be held in self-locking engagement Within an opening or recess, provided at the free end of said carrier member,and means located between said members for stopping the passage of the "tickets from the carrier member to the retaining member; a i

2. A holder for tickets or the like ha; ing a handle, a' substantially straight and rigid carrying member and a selifclosingitaih ing member, all composed-ofone pieceof "material, and a reinforcement plate secured to said handle providing a; stop for the tickets in one direction of travel; I 3. A selfopening and closing holder'fo'r perforated" tickets, tags and the like corn prising'a handle;a substantially rig-id' ia'nd straight carrying member;' a stop for said HAROLD BASSETT, ARNOLD J'. TAN-NEE.

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