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Publication numberUS1411349 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 4, 1922
Filing dateJan 10, 1920
Priority dateJan 10, 1920
Publication numberUS 1411349 A, US 1411349A, US-A-1411349, US1411349 A, US1411349A
InventorsHamilton Karl M
Original AssigneeChicago Cleveland Car Roofing
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Reenforced car end
US 1411349 A
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'REENFORGED CAR END- APPLICATION FILED JAN. O. 1920- 1,41 1,349. Patented Apr. 4, 1922.




To all whom it may concern.'

Be it known that I, KARL M. HAMILTON, a citizen Ot the United States, residing in Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have inventeda new and useful ,Improvement in Reenforced Car Ends, of which the following is a specification.

The invention relates to reenforced car ends, and the principal obj ect of the same is to strengthen the ends of a car against horizontal and twisting strains, so as to preserve its proper shape in use. A further object is to apply the reenforcement inL such manner that it will not robst-ruct any part of the interior of.

thel car body. A further'object is to provide a reenforcement which is of aunitary char-,

aoteland may be appliedatthe time of making repairs to .car .bodies already oonstructed. A Afurther object of the invention "is to connectthe reenforcing frame rwith the exterior metal members of the car end so vas tojoin said members with the side plates oi thereof 'frame at' points on said side plates which are .at a considerable distance from the end of the car. Y

With such objectsin view, as well` as other advantages which may be incident to theuse oivtheimprovements, the invention consists in the parts and combinations thereof hereinafterset forth andclaimed, with the understanding that the several necessaryv elements constituting the same may bevaried in proportions andarrangementwithout departing from the nature and scope ofthe invention.

In order to make the invention `more 2 is a horizontal section 'of the same.

on line 11i-Hof Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a vertical section on line III-III of Fig. .2. l

. Referring to the drawings., l indicates the side plates and 2 the end plate of the car rootframe. 3 is the end sheathing (Fig. 1).

elevation of a portion Specification Of Letters Patent. A Patented Ap'. 4,1 A1922,

: Application med January. 10, 1920. serial No.' 350,610.

Exterior to th'e end sheathingl are arrangedfvertical Z-bars 5 secured tothe car body frame and to the end sheathing in a known manner by bolts. Y..

The'reenforcing end frame; does. or` may comprisey the :following structural` elements or their equivalents: 7, 7 indicate apair-.Of angle bars which are. of L-shape in'cros's s ectlon. Each of said bars is bent at the point 8 to form a transverse end member V9 and a diagonal bracey and tief'member'l The end ,members 9 are applied together one ontop of the other, contacting onltheir plane faces v4sothat the vertical flange of one member standshupwardand the vertical end platel extending substantially :from 'one 70 flange ofthe other depends, said vertical 'flanges being fitted against ithe inner ver. tical faceof the'c'arv endplate 2. Themembers 9 thusforrna supplemental reenforcingV saidfvgusset plate lbeing formed with La dey pending vertical flange 13 clampedby bolts'. 14 to the side plate, and formed with. a hori.; zontal flangegl whichextendsjfor afdisvtance lalong the`horizontal iiangeiot'fl the member-9 andissecured thereto by boltsor l rivets 16.A

The rearor outer ends of the diagonal memberslO are connected with the side plates at a distance from the end of the car, as seen in Fig. 2, said diagonals being preferably arranged at an angle of about forty-five de rees with the end plate andV with the` si e plates. This connection is formed by a bracket plate 17 having a vertical {iange which is secured tothe side plate by bolts 18 and a horizontal flange to which is riveted' the horizontal partof said member 10. n f Y v The exterior' vertical'members or end posts 5 are preferably in the form of'Z-bars, which y are secured at their upper and lower ends respectivel to theV roofV and under framesof the c ar.` hesupplemental end` plate 9, 9l is rigidly` connectedk with said V'end posts by the bolts 6 which pass ,through thelvertioal.

flanges of the membersv 9, the end plate 2 and the flanges of the posts 5. Y The described reenforcing end frame as a whole 1s of very simple A'and economicalcona struction and may be applied to new cars or to those which areA being repairedWit-h ,the minimum of labor, and Vsaid 'frames-may be constructed andv sold as units'for such purposes. All of the bars 7 are or may be `constructed as vcounterparts of each other ac-. cordingto a single pattern.

IvVhat is claimed is l. In a car end the combination ofthe end and side plates, and a reenforcement comprising a pairof metal bars'eachextendingyacross lthe car and bent, to form an end y memberand a diagonal member, said end connectinglthe ends yofasaid diagonal'memmembers being parallel with each other and -With said'vcar end plate and secured together so as toy form a continuous supplemental ,end plate, means connecting said end members with the side plates, and means lates. A 2. In a car end t e combination ofthe end and side-plates, and a reeni'orcement com prising a pairoi'vmetalv bars each bent to Y laidV against vone another and secured together platesf" c end member and a diagonal member and form an end member andv a Vdiagonal member, lsaid endmenibers being parallel withVV each other and Withsaid carend plate and soas-toiorm a continuoussupplemental end plate extending from sideplate Ato side plate,

:means connecting said end members;with

the lside plates, land means coniiecting'the ends of said diagonal inembers Witlrthe side 3. In acar en'dthe combination o'i 'theend @and "side, plates, and 'afreenftorcement coin-" pri'sing :a lpair-of Lvl-bars each b ent tol form an'l'end 'member and a diagonal member, said` endV members being parallel With eachother and withfsaid .car Y end plate' and secured together s o as to' form a continuousl supplemental lend 'plate lextending from side plate to -side plate, means connecting said f end memberswith the side plates, and' means connecting vthe ends of saiddiagonal meinbers' with. the side plates, Y

4. In a car end the combination of the end and side plates, and a reenforcemei'it comprising a pair of L-bars each bent to forman end member and a diagonal member, said -endmembers being-parallel yWith each other and with said carend plate and superposed and secured together so as to form a continul ous supplemental end plate extendinof from Vside plate'to' side plate, means connecting saidv` endmembers with the side plates, and

means Vconnecting the ends of1 said diagonal members with the side plates.`

5. In alcar end the Combination of the end andjside plates, and a reenlforcement com-v prising a pairof- Lebars eachbent to term an each extending Vfroml one side plate tothe other side late, said end members'being parallelv Witi each other and With said car end: plate 'and secured together so as to form a continuous supplemental end plate extendnecting said end members With the side plates, andvv meansl connecting the ends of said diagonal members with the side plates.

6. In a car end the combination of the end and side plates, and a reentorcement coinprising a .pair oi' L-bars each bent to for-in an iend memberl and' a diagonal member, said end members being parallel with each other and with said car end plate and secured Vtogether so as to form a continuous supple- ,ing `troni si'de plate `to side plate, means conlsaid end members with" the side plateaV means connectingthe ends -otsaid diagonal Y members v'v-.fith theside plates, externa-l end posta/and lmeans connecting saidsupple mental yend plate with said posts. y

8. A' reenforcing `supplemental car end a diagonal .bracingand tie "member, said end members being superposed and secured together iii vparallel arrangement Sowas to 'form a continuous supplemental end platel 4extending fromside to side of the carV and' adapted to `be attached to the end plate, and

said diagonalmembers extending outwardly and away from the end members `and adaptdistant Jfrom the end plate.

9. A. reenforcingfmetal reenforcemeiitv extending diagonally from av side plate to thefend plate and thence along the end plate towards the opposite side plate, a second flanged reenii'orcement eX- tending diagonally from said opposite side plate to the end plate and thence extending parallel with the firstk reenforcementand with the end plate towards the first mentioned side plate, land means securing `rigidlyv together' the transverse and parallel Vportions of said reeniorcements to forni a double reenforcementaloiig the median por-V tion of the end plate, the end portions; of said parts forming Vsingle reenorcements ior the out-er portionsV of the end,v plate.

10. A reeni'orcing metal' Vframe for lcar ends, comprising, in combination, a. pair ofV bracing members each extending continu@ ously from the end ota car side plate along the car end plate and thence diagonally to iframe, comprising a pair of ilanged metal bars'each bent to form an end inemberand Y ed to be attached to YVtheside plate zit-points traine it'orrv car i 'ends` comprising, in combination, a'anged' i ifo rif-5 the other car side plate at a point distant from its end, said members being secured one to the other to form a supplemental end plate extending from side plate to side late, and means whereby each end of each o said members is attached to a side plate.

l1. In combination with the .wooden end wall of a railway box car, of a-metal reenforcement for the same comprising substantially upright members on the outside of the end wall and a transverse brace'onthe inside oi the car composed of two members with their inner ends overlapped to a dis-y tance corresponding tothe distance between the upright members7 the upper end of each upright member being secured to both members or' said transverse brace.

l2. In combination with the wooden end wall of a railway box car, of a metal reenforcement for the same comprising substantially upright members on the outside of the end wall, a transverse brace on the inside of the car composed of two members with their inner ends overlapped lto a dis# tance corresponding tothe distancebetween the upright members, the upper end of each upright member being secured to both mem# bers of Vsaid transverse brace, and means for securing the ends of said transverse brace to the side walls of the car. 1

Y 13. In combination with the wooden end l wall of a railway box car, of a metal reenforcement for the lsame comprising substanright members and their outer' endsk pro-- vided with means extending diagonallyy across the corners of the car and attachedv to the side walls thereof, the upper ends of'said upright members being secured, in Y end wall, a transverse brace on the inside of the car composed of two members with their inner ends overlapped to a distance corresponding to the distance between the upright members, the upper end of each upright member being vsecured to both members of said transverse brace, and means providing diagonally arranged reenforcing elementsfor connecting said transverse brace to the side walls of the car.

15. In combination with the wooden end wall of a railway box car, of a pair of substantially upright reenforcing members on the outside-of the end wall', a transverse reenforcement on'the inside of the car comprising two members overlapped for a distance corresponding substantiallyto the distance between the upright members, the members ofy the transverse reenforcement having inwardly projecting, horizontal anges which are secured together at'said overlap,`respectively r`upwardly and down- I wardly projecting flanges which lielatwise upon and arek secured to the end wall of the car, the. upper ends off'said 'upright members being anchored Veach to bothvof the members of said transverse reenforcing structure, and means' for connecting said transverse reenforcement to the vside Walls ofthe carp 1 i,


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