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Publication numberUS1411538 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 4, 1922
Filing dateOct 20, 1919
Priority dateOct 20, 1919
Publication numberUS 1411538 A, US 1411538A, US-A-1411538, US1411538 A, US1411538A
InventorsInez Sweetland
Original AssigneeInez Sweetland
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Hand drill
US 1411538 A
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Patented Apr. 4, 1922.

IWW/77W Ufff/w' /7 SWW/Md,

Lis in line with the drill at all times.

1 ispne of the important features of myn- UNITED s'mrEsl PATENT OFFICE.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Apr. '4, 1922.

Application led October 20, 1919. Serial No. 331,864. v

To aZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ARTHUR I-I. SWEET- LAND, a citizen of the UnitedStates, residing at Long Beach, in the county of Los Angeles, State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Hand pistol form. with a pistol grip, lubricatingl means, cooling means, switch means which may be easily' turned on and off; making a device which may be usedL with great eiliciency. f

The device consists mainly pf a pistol. shaped case which holds an armature Shaft which in turn is geared to a chuck in which drills may be set. 'On this armature shaft I mount a cooling fan which sucks air from openings in a protected position in the lower part of the case, around the motor armature, the fan being mounted in such a manner on `the inside of the case that it is impossible to catch the lingers therein.

The device is made so thatithe user can get a good firm hold on the pistol grip, thev button for the switch being directly above the grip and adapted for operation by the thumb. rlhe chuck is mounted in direct line with the hand grip, so that the applied frprce his vention. 'llhe motor shaft extends out at one end so that a grinding wheel may be mounted thereon, and for other purposesl as hereinafter described.

I will describe a preferred form of my* 4invention indetail, 'referring to the aecomo:

panying drawings, in which- Fig. 1 is a side elevation of my devlce;

Fig. 2 is a vertical central longitudinal sec'I tion thereof; Fig. 3 is a horizontal section taken on line 3-3 of Fig. 2; and Fig. 4 is an end elevation of the device.

In these drawings the numeral 10 desig nates the case in which my device is mount-z ed, and 11 the hollow pistol grip. Arma-1 ture 13 is mounted onshaft 14 which re shown in Fig. 2. On shaft 14 I place pinion 17 which meshes with large gear 18 mounted on chuck shaft 19 supported in bearin 20 at the lower forward endof the case. T ese gears are sized in such proportion that the chuck shaft will turn from 500 to 900 R. I. M. depending on the pressureon the pistol grip and the size of the drill. The drill chuck 22 is mounted on shaft 19in an ordinary manner. ,Y o

On the rear end of armature shaft 14 I place fan .24 which has for its function the cooling of the whole device. Air holes 25 are placed on the forward lower side of 4the case behind. the gear case 10a. the shaft 14 revolves the fan 24 which sucks air through the air holes 25, around the armature and forces it out through hollow handle 11 and through openings .26 at the back of the case. placed in such a position on the case that it is impossible for dirt to fall into 'the case. By this means I keep my device cool and. also keep theinside ofv the case clean.

These air holes 25 are 75 The fan rotates in such a direction that it will push the lingers out if they happen to be linserted through openings 26.

Oil holes 27 and 28 are providedffor the oiling of the two shafts 14 and 19. i

`End thrust of the chuck shaft 'is taken 35 by a simple end thrust bearing. This may be in the form of a hard steel ball set in a socket 42 in. the wall of gear case 10, the end of the shaft bearing against vthe ball, one side of which may be flattened sli htly for that purpose. K

`lectrical connection is made through cable 30 toV contact 31; and the' circuit is .closed by pressing on push button 32 which shoves push rod 30 forward until contact 95 Armature shaft it-*projects forwardatloll 14b for the purpose of mounting a small .grinding wheel, if desired; and for the purpose of carrying a collar or disk 40; by

Turning of 70A The motor is preferably ay series 10o means of which the shaft 14b and chuck f il volves in bushings 15 "and 16, as is best shaft 19 may be held from` turning when 110 the chuck is being set or loosened-the chuck being operated by rotation. The fact that gearl? is smaller than gear 18 facilitates this operation, shaft 14 being easily held from rotation. rlhe gear ratio inthe spel ciecase here described is 6 to 1.

The drill here described and illustrated (the dravviny are full size) successfully operates drillsS up to one-quarter inch and does fast work.' It is easlly handled; the grip is natural-fthe palm ofthe hand comes 1n a directfax-ial line back of the drill axis, and the fingers clutch the motor case while the thumb presses, against the push button and against the case. The grip is naturally firm. Due to all'these features the drill is easily and accurately held in proper alignment, and ,breakage of drills due to .unsteady holding is very small. If it is desired to put more pressure on the drill the same may be used as a breast drill.

From the' foregoing it willbe seen that l have provided a hand drill simple and compact in character, and one that may be used with great efficiency in limited spaces. The hand is in a direct line with the chuck and ,drill and the push button in a convenient place. The oiling and cooling systems are efficient and simple; and the drill is of light weight. The casing may be of aluminum.

It will 'be understood that my device may be modified in` detail of structure and arrangement without departing from the features herein typified; and also that it may be used for spec-inc purposes not herein mentioned. Such variations l do not exclude, except as specifically stated in the following claims.

Having described a preferred form of my invention, l claim L" 1. The combination of a motor casing, a handle at the rear end and extending to one side of the casing, whereby the casing may be supported by one hand with the fingers thereof engaging both the handle and body of the casing, and 'the palm bearing against the back ofthe handle, a motor within the casing, a chuck shaft journaled in the casing on an axis between the motor axis and the side of the casing beyond which the handle projects, so that longitudinal pressure exerted on lthe handle by the palm of the hand supporting' the tool' will be in substantial alignment with the chuck shaft and the center of mass of the'casing and motor is at one side of the axis of the chuck shaft, and driving connections between the motor and chuck shaft.

2. The combmajtionuof a motor oasinghaving' approximately' the form of a pistol adapted to be held in one hand w" 'L1 the fingers grasping the body and the palm bearing against the handle thereof, a motor within the casing above and forward of the handle, a chuck shaft journaled in the forward end of the casing on an axis below the motor and in alignment with the portion of the case against which the operators palm bears, gearing connecting the chuck shaft and motor at the forward end of the casing, and a supplemental casefor said gearing extending below the main case.

3. The dombination of a motor casing having at its rear end a handle that extends laterally beyond one side of the casing whereby the latter-may be supported by one hand with the fingers thereof engaging both the handle and body of the casing and with the palm bearing against the back of the handle, a motor within the casing, a chuck shaft journaled in a bearing supported by the front end of the casing, said shaft extending forward from the casing and in substantial alignment with the portion of the handle against which pressureof the palm of the operators hand supporting the tool is exerted, and ,gearing connecting the motor and chuck shaft.

.4. ln a hand drill or the like, a case carrying a motor, the shaft thereof extendingbeyoud one end of the casing, a chuck shaft journalled in the case and geared to the motor to run at a speed lower than motor speed, a chuck on the shaft adapted to be set and loosened by revolution relative to the shaft, and a thumb wheel on the projecting end of the motor shaft which may be grasped to hold the motor shaft and chuck shaft stationary while rotating the chuck.

5. rlhe combination of a motor casing having approximately the form of a pistol adapted'to be held and supported in one hand with the lingers grasping the body of the casing and handle and the palm hearing against the handle thereof, a motor within the casing, a chuck shaft journaled in the casing and extending forwardly therefrom, gearing connecting the chuck shaft and motor, and a switch controlling movement of the motor mounted on the rear of the body of the casing above the handle portion thereof in positiontoy be operated by the thumb of the hand supporting the casing.

ln witness that l claim the foregoing have hereunto subscribed my name this 13th i day of October, 1919. y


Witness z l( incinta ll. ldnmncnn.

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