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Publication numberUS1411624 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 4, 1922
Filing dateMay 10, 1921
Priority dateMay 10, 1921
Publication numberUS 1411624 A, US 1411624A, US-A-1411624, US1411624 A, US1411624A
InventorsMiroslav Grottger
Original AssigneeMiroslav Grottger
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Camp cooking kit
US 1411624 A
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1,41 1,624. Patented Apr. 4, 1922.




Application filed May 10, 1921.

To all 'witam 'it 'may concern:

Be it known that Minosnw GROTTGER, a citizen of Czecho-lovakia and resident of Bridgeport, in' the county of Fairield and State of Connecticut, has invented certain. new and useful Improvements in Camp Cooking Kits, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a camp kit designed to contain culinary articles and a camp cooking stove.

An object of the invention is to provide a camp kit which, while of convenient size, will have an interior arrangement capable of compactly carrying all the necessities for the preparation of a camp meal.

A further object is to include in the camp kit a novel and simply constructed camp cookin stove which will, in fact, consist in part of a removable portion of the kit itself.

With the above and other objects in view, the invention comprises the construction, arrangement and combination of parts as now to be fully described and as hereinafter to be specifically claimed.

In the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specification,

i Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the novel camp kit as when closed to be carried;

Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the main body portion of the kit, showing` the cooking stove thereof removed and in condition for use;

Fig. 3 is asectional view of the cooking stove taken on line 8-3 in Fig. 2' and looking in the direction of the arrows, showing the main body portion in elevation;

Fig. 4 is a plan view of the tray of the camping kit which constitutes a portion of the cooking stove, showing the stove top and its associated parts removedgand Fig. 5 is a plan view of said stoi/'c top and its associated parts.

As very clearly shown, the camping kit consists, broadly, of a main. body portion and a. removable tray 11, said tray constituting the lid of said kit and being detachably secured to said main body portion by means of loops 12 upon the ends of the main body portion and lugs 13 extending from said tray and entering said loops, numeral 14 representing any suitable form of looking means for said tray.

With more particular reference to Figs. 2 and 3, it will be seen that the main body portion of the kit is divded into compartments to carry such articles as the peroolator 15,

specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Apr. 4, 1922.

Serial No. 468,239.

dishes 16, a drawer 17 for culiuary articles and a frying pan 18 and that means may be provided for securely holding such articles in statlonary position. For example, the dishes are suspended from metal' hanger brackets 19 by straps 20 enveloping the dishes in any convenient manner and having thelr opposite ends carried upon said hanger brackets.

The camp cooking stove of the camp kit consists of the tray 11 and the stove top 21 with its associated parts, as presently to be described, said tray constituting a support upon which the stove top is removably mounted in order that the tray can be easily cleaned. As disclosed more clearly in Figs. 2, 8 and 11, that portion of the tray which serves as the base of the stove, denoted by 22, is provided adjacent its opposite ends with strips 23, 24 which provide ways to rcceive laterally bent portions 25 of legs 26 extending downwardly from the opposite ends and adjacent the four Corners of the stove top, said strips being notched as at 27 to allow the laterally bent portions of said legs to be placed in alignment with said ways, as will be understood. Numeral 28 denotes a holding member upon said base 22 for a can 28a for the purpose of containing the f'uel to be burned in the fuel holders 29 arranged under openings 80 in the stove top and 31 denotes the usual burners arranged upon the stove top and over said holes. The fuel holders are preferably supported upon the underside of the stove top by means of the lugs 32.

The manner of inserting the legs of the stove top in the ways of the tray will be obvious. After the laterally bent portions of said legs have been placed in alignment with said ways, said stove top is moi/'ed to the p0- sition in which it is shown in Fig. 2; that is, so that its straight edge 38 bears against the wall 34; of the tray. As shown. in said Fig. 2, the opposite edge of the stove top is cut away on the semicircle denoted by 35, the cut away portion being so arranged that when the cal 28a is inserted in its holder the possibility of aecidental removal of the stove top is precluded.

Having thus fully described the invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A camp cooking kit consisting of a main body portion and a tray removable therefrom and constituting the supporting the position of said laterally bent portions n said ways.

Sgned at Bridgeport in the county of Farfield and State of Connecticut this 7th day Vof May, A. D., 1921. i



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U.S. Classification126/38, 190/12.00R
International ClassificationA45F3/46, A45F3/00
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