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Publication numberUS1411973 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 4, 1922
Filing dateApr 13, 1921
Priority dateApr 13, 1921
Publication numberUS 1411973 A, US 1411973A, US-A-1411973, US1411973 A, US1411973A
InventorsThomas Mahoney
Original AssigneeThomas Mahoney
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Tacking strip for upholstery
US 1411973 A
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1,41 1,973. Patehted Apr. 4, 1922.



Speeificationof Letters Patent.

' Patented Apr. 4, 1922.

Application'filed.April-13, 1921. Serial No. 460,960.

To all wit-0m it may concern eit known that I, THOMAS MAHONEY,

a citizen of the United States, residing at.

Highland Park,

in the county of WVayne and State of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Tacking Strips for Upholstery, of which the following isa specification. V

In the application of upholstery and .body trimming to metallic structures, such as are now common in niotor'vehicles and the like, it is frequently desirable to provide tacking spots in various places where suchbecome necessary without changing the general design of the structure or adding appreciably to the weight thereof, and at the same t me to avoid the use ofwooden strips, whiclrare subject to climatic changes and become loose and split. p i

This invention relates to a tacking strip for use in combination withupholstery body trimming and the like bodies or structures.

The invention consists in the 1 matters" hereinafter set forth, and more particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

tacking strips which: embody features of the lHVGIItlOI]; Fig. 2 is a view in section showing one method of application oftlie strip; Fig. 3 is a view showing a tacking spot formed in the shell of the body, Fig. I 4.- is a view in detail of a strip with tack-.

ing insert openings; Fig. 5 is a view insection taken on or about-line W-l of Fig. a, showing tack ng inserts therein before compression; Fig. 6 is a view in detail of the body of the strip showing thetacking iiiserts compressed; Fig. 7 is a view in section taken on or about line'VIIVII of Fig. 6; Fig. 8 is a, view-of a tacking tab applied to a spring.

Referrin to formed of bendable metal. that is provided with apertures-2 which may be of any desired form, circular,-rectangular or poly gonal. An. insert of wood fibre 4,WhiCl1 originally conforms in dimension to the'apercompression of the when applied to metal preventsthelatter from .In the drawings, Fig. 1 is, a view of portion of a motor vehicle provided fit-ll.

the drawings, a strip 1 is ture in which it is placed and with the grain thereof transverse to the plane of the strip, is inserted in the aperture and is then V compressed so as to form heads indicated at 5 n F g. ,7, for example, on both sides of the strip 1, which overlie marginal portions of the aperturein which the insert-is placed and grip thestrip so that the insert is firmly held in position. When in use, the

strip may be applied to a tonneau 6 or An around wire supports 8 as'in Fig. 2.

insert 9 of this character may be inserted j directly in the shell of the tonneau at; the rim portion which surrounds the seat upholstery; or a'piecelO with an insert, 11 may be bent around the upper coil 12 or other against anydesired support. v

One advantage of the construction is the fibre orwood insert which thereby holds a tack orthe like with greater firmness than is possible in 11011700111"- pressed wood,.whi'le at the sametime the ex? panding of theend portions of the insert, working out of the strip in whichit is contained. I Obviously changes in'the detail of construction maybe made,' and I do not care a;

limit'myself tojany particular form or arrangeinent of parts.

I claim as my invention I metal band provided with' apertures and fibre inserts extending through the aper-- tures and having the end portions thereof 7 portion of a spiral spring andthe're by provide 'means for tacking this tab 1. A tacking strip comprising a bendable 2. A tacking strip for spring seat 0011- I structionscomprising a bendable metal band provided with apertures and inserts in the aperture each consisting of a plug of a cross section corresponding to the dimensions of the aperturev andhaying the end portions'thereof expanded by endwise compression of the plug to form heads overlying the marginal portions 'of'the aperture. In testimnoy THOMAS MAHONEY.

whereof I afiix my signature. 7

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U.S. Classification428/131, 428/99
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