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Publication numberUS1412172 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 11, 1922
Filing dateDec 13, 1916
Priority dateDec 13, 1916
Publication numberUS 1412172 A, US 1412172A, US-A-1412172, US1412172 A, US1412172A
InventorsDuley Harley H
Original AssigneeGen Fire Extinguisher Co
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Automatic sprinkler
US 1412172 A
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1,412,172, Patented Apr. 11, 1922.

INVENTOR flarly liDzzZg,


HARLEY 'H. DULEY, or nn'rnorr, ivrrcnrealv, essrcnon To GENERAL Fran nXTm GUISHER COMPANY, or NEW YORK, 1v. Y., A CORPORATION or NEw onK.


pressure by a cap retaining device, including means normally maintainingthe retaining device in operative position and adapted under the action of heat to be rendered inoperative, so that the retaining device will release. the cap and permit it to openfor the discharge of water to extinguish the flames;

The object of the invention is to provide a cap retaining device which is simple of construction, positive, reliable and eflicient in action, and which, while guarding against the release of the cap until a predetermined degree of heat has been reached, will release the" cap withcertainty when such temperature is reached for the reliable and certain discharge of the water.

The invention consists of the features of construction, combination-and arrangement of parts hereinafter fully described and claimed, reference'being'had to the accompanying drawing in which Figure 1 is a sectional elevation of an automatic sprinkler embodying my invention, and showing the parts of the retainer in full and dotted lines in normal holding and releasing positions.

Figure 2 is a sectional elevation of the automatic sprinklertaken substantially on theplane indicated by the line 2-2 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a perspective view of the parts of the retainer removed and disposed in assembled relation.

Figure etis a perspective view of the lever member of the retaining device.

Figures 5 and 6 are, respectively, similar views of the post or strut and theretaining plate forming part of the releasing device.

Figure 7 is a top plan view of the cap.

Referring to the drawing, 1 designates a nozzle provided with a screw threaded portion 2, by which it may be connected with a pipe containing water under pressure.

Specification or" Letters latent. v Pate f d A 1 Application field December 13, 1916. Serial No. 136,777. g 1 I This nozzle is adapted to be closed by acap 3 between which and its seat'4 at the discharge end of the nozzle may be interposed a seallngdisk, or gasket 5, of copper or other suitablematerial. The cap 3 is in the form of a circular disk having a central depression 6, for a purpose hereinafter de SCIlbGd. F

Rising from the nozzle are curved arms 7 connected at their' upper ends by an internally threaded collar '8 which receives an adjusting or tensioning screw 9 having a conlcal lower end 10, said screw being provlded at its upper end with a head 11 of suitable form supporting the usual deflector or dlffuser 12. A setpin or; screw 13, of a suitable type," may be provided; for locking the adjusting or tensioning screw in adusted position against shifting movement.

The cap 8 is designed'to be held in closed position against the water-pressure by means of aretaining device. *This retaining device consists of an upright post or strut 14L of ap-"- proximately triangular form and having an upper obliquely bent end15, the lower end of said strut terminating in a-reduced portion 15" of less width than the bottom poition of the body of the strut, whereby shoulders 16 are formed at the opposite sides ofsaid portion 15. The lower edge of the por tion 15 isdesigned to engage the recess6 in the cap 3, so as to exert bearing pressure thereon so as to hold the cap in position.

Supported by the post or strut 1 1 isa lever 17 having upper and lower arms 18 and 19. The arm 18 is relatively shorter than the-arm 19, and said arms are disposed in parallel relation with their free edges in' vertical alinement, the opposite ends of the arms being connected by the body portion of the lever which extends at oblique angles thereto. The arm 18 is formed with a depression 20 which receives the conical end' 10 of the screw 9 and forms a seat recess 21 at the angle of intersection of said arm withthe body portion of the lever 19, which recess 21 receives, the upper end of .theangular arm 15 of the post .or strut 14. The 7 The recess 22 receives the reduced end 15" of the post or strutl l, the shoulder 16 of which rests against theupper surface of the form and is arranged to rest upon the lugs 23 and against the outer surface of the body of the strut 14 and is provided with retaining lugs or projections 27 to engage the sockets or openings 24 in the arm 19, where- V by to positively connect the strut and lever together. The retaining plate is normally secured to the face of the strut 14 by the use of a suitable fusible medium 28, such as sol der, which is designed to melt at a predetermined degree of heat, thus holding the parts of the retainer assembled against any tendency to collapse under ordinary conditions, the retainer thus acting as a rigid device held by the screw 9 with a proper degree of pressure against the cap 3 to prevent said cap from opening under the water pressure, as will be readily understood.

In the normal position of the parts shown in full lines in sigure 1, it will be seen that the retainer composed of the parts described held united in the stated manner will bear firmly against the cap and thus hold it closed. hen, however, the solder 28 is subjected to a predetermined degree of heat, as through the breaking out of a. fire in the immediate vicinity of the sprinkler, the retainer plate 26 will be released from positive.

connection with the post or strut and will tilt outwardly by its own weight, and the tendency of the lever 17 to tilt upon the angular end 15 of the post or strut 14, thus disturbing the stability of said post or strut which is displaced by the pressure of the fluid on the cap 3, so that the retainer as a whole will be collapsed or tilted out of hold ing position, thus allowing the cap 3 to be forced open for the discharge ofthe water. It will be evident, however, that until the fusible connecting medium is melted the retainer plate will hold the parts of the re tainer assembled rigidly as a unit, so that the cap may be held closed against any possibility of opening under any desired pressure imposed by the screw 9, whereby any premature collapse of the retainer and opening of the cap will. be avoided. It will be seen that the construction of retainer for securing this end is simple and that the .parts are capable of being easily and conveniently assembled, and that the rigidity of connection of the parts under normal conditions is ensured by reasonof their interengaging connection. Furthermore, it will be seen that as soon as the retainer plate is released by the melting of the fusible medium, an instantaneous collapse of the retainer will be established, ensuring the positive and. reliable opening of the cap.

I claim In an automatic sprinkler, the combination of a nozzle, a cap for closing the nozzle, an adjustable tensioning screw, a lever havin a short u or arm en a in said b b 2-:

screw and alonger lower arm provided with a central recess and apertured lugs at opposite sides thereof, a strut having a reduced end passing downward through said recess and engaging the cap and an angular upper end engaging the short arm of the lever, a retaining plate having projections engaging the apertures in the lugs of the lever, and a fusible connection between said retaining plate and the strut.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification169/39
International ClassificationA62C37/12, A62C37/08
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