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Publication numberUS1412958 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 18, 1922
Filing dateJul 10, 1919
Priority dateJul 10, 1919
Publication numberUS 1412958 A, US 1412958A, US-A-1412958, US1412958 A, US1412958A
InventorsPearlmutter Samuel B
Original AssigneePearlmutter Samuel B
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Fountain shaving brush
US 1412958 A
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1,412,958. Patented Apr. 18, 1922.


srarss PATNT @FiFiE.


Continuation of application Serial No. 170,109, filed. May 21, 1917. This application filed July 10, Serial No. 309,793. Renewed. September 12, 1921. Serial No. 500,268.

To all whom it may concern.

Be it known that I, SAMUEL B. PEARL- MUTTER, a citizen of the United States, and

resident of Revere, in the county of Suffolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in'Fountain Shaving Brushes, of which the following is a specification,

My invention relates to fountain shaving brushes and is a continuation in partfof my application Serial No. 170,109, filed May 21, 1917.

Fountain shaving brushes have heretofore been constructed with means for the feeding of soap into the bristles comprising a flexible bulb forming the soap reservoir and which also comprises the handle-of the brush or is at the end of the handle. With a brush so constructed it has been difiicult to operate the feeding means simultaneously with the manipulation of the brush for lathering the faceand with the hand that holds the brush, it being more convenient to hold the brush in one hand and to operate the feeding ineansiwith the other hand. a

An object of my invention is the provision of a fountain shaving brush which is arrangedfor the feeding of soap into the bristles of the brush by the hand by which the brush is held and during the manipula 'tion of the brush in lathering the face.

With previous types of fountain brushes there have been no convenient means for readily ascertaining the amount of soap in the device and it has been necessary to take the brush apart to acquire this knowledge.

further object ofmy invention, there fore, is a brush having means whereby the amount of soap held in its reservoir may be known at a glance.

* The brush in which the above objects are incorporated comprises a set of bristles, an intermediate flexible and compressible bulb,

and a'terminal soapreservoir and handle.

oflholding a brush embodying my invention. l H

Fig. 2 is a sectional view along the longitudinal axis of the brush.

F 1g. 3'is a section along lines 3- -3 of Fig. l. Y

s here shown, the brush comprisesthe set of suitable bristles 10, the flexible bulb 11, and the soap reservoir andhandle 12. The ends of the bristles 10 are set in a groove 13 of a retaining member 1 1' of suitable material, preferably hard rubber, and

be securedtherein by any suitable cement or, if said member 14 is of rubber, the bristles may be vulcanized therein.

Said retaining-member 14' is interiorly threaded I Specification of Letters Fatcnt. H Patgnted Apr, 18, 1922,

as at 15 and is adapted to-be detachably, re-

ceived upon the threaded .portion 16 of a connecting-member 17 which may also be and preferably is formed of rubber- Said member is formed with a grooved andadapted to be suiiiciently tightto prevent leakage of soap from the reservoir formed the handle 12 and the bulb 11 and the connection is such that the retaining-mem-.

her with its bristles beeasily unscrewed to permit the filling of the reservoir'with liquid soap. The outer surfaces'of the retaining and connecting members, at the threaded joint, are adapted to form a substantially continuous surface to give the. of

feet of a single member and to avoid the formation of dirt-retaining grooves or depressions.

A nipple 19 extends from the retainingmember intothe bristles of the brush and a passage 20 the rethrough having parallel side walls communicates with thesoap reservoir for the passageof liquid soap to the bristles upon the manipulation of the flexible bulb 11. It is to be noted that the retaining member 14 is formed with aninternal recess 30 hereinformed witha fiat bottom 31; and

that the passage 20, communicating with said recess, has a sharp entrance. Also, the discharge end of the passage terminates in the middle of the nipple 19 comparatively re-,

motelfrom any of the bristles of the brush;

and thatsaid passage is of substantial length as compared to its cross sectlon. Such an arrangement has been found by experience to retain soap in the reservoir even if the brush 7 'Ihe threaded connection' 'between the retalnlng and connecting member is rests on. its side, and soap will only'be discharged from the reservoir into the bristles by actually pressing the bulb.

The compressible and flexible bulb 11 is formed, preferably, of rubber and has two opposed openmgs thereinin which the conbrush is held in the handle, and compressed to force soap into the bristles, when desired.

. The bulb may assume any desired form but the more or less spherical shape here shown is found'to be very satisfactory. The bulb may also form a part of the soap storage reservoir, of which the handle comprises the major part.

' The hollow handle 12 is formedwith-a reduced and curved neck portion21 which fits 7, within'the opening in the bulb 11 remote from the bristles and the bulb is adapted to be frictionally retained thereon against leak age.

The handle 12 is formed with such suitably curved or shaped and preferably con caved walls 12 that it is easily and naturally grasped between the third and fourth fingers andthe palm of the hand in the manipulation of the brush, and the bottom 12 is made flat so that the brush may be stood on end when not in use. The handle is preferablyv formed of glass or other transparent mate-,

rial whereby the amount of liquid soap in the reservoir may be known at any time.

A liquid soap is adapted to be introduced into the handle 12 and the bulb ll'through the opening in the connecting-member, access to which is permitted by the removal of the retaining-member 14:, and thehandle 12 and flexible bulbll may be more or less completelyfilled with soap, after which the retaining-member may be screwed in place or, simply the handle 12 may be removed from the bulb 11 and filled and the bulb stretched into place over the end or neck thereof. V

In using the device, the brush is grasped by the hand in such a way that the handle is held between the palm and the thirdand fourth fingers, the shape of the handle being such that this is naturally accomplished and the length of the handle, or its distance from the bristles, is such that the handle 12 constitutes the main means by which the brush is held. The bulb 11 is grasped between the thumb and the first finger and serves mainly to guide the brush in thelathering opera- .tion. The material comprising the walls of the bulb is adapted to be sufliciently rigid to not yield to the slight pressures which may occur in moving the brush over the face but.

to yield only to a direct squeezingpressure.

misses Upon the necessity for feeding soap into the bristles, the bulb is squeezed between the. thumb and first finger and a supply of soap is forced out through the passage 20 into the bristles. The amount of soap sofed, may be {)egglated by Varying the compression of the Ll 7 As described above, alljof the components of the brush are of rubber, glass or some non-metallic substance whereby there is notendency for corrosion of the various parts thereof and the hygienic properties of the brush are thereby enhanced;

I claim: H

1, A fountain brush comprising a bristleretaining memberhaving a bulb-receivingportion, an intermediate flexible andcom pressible bulb-received and supported by said member having a handle-reoeivingcportion, and a terminal hollow handle received in and supported by said bulb, said bristle retaining member, bulb and handle arranged in substantial alignment and in fluid inter communication.

2. A fountain brush comprising a, bristle retaining member having a' threaded por-' tion, a flexible and compressible bulb having a complementary threaded portion to which said'retaining member is detachably secured, and an opening remote from said threaded" portion, and a hollow handlehaving a neck portion received in said opening and fric v tionally engaged bysaid bulb. i

3. A fountain brush comprising abristle retaining member having, a central nipple and an outer annular bristle recess atone end thereof, and a screw-threaded recess inthe otherend thereof, an exterio'rly screwthreaded member received in the recess of said retaining member having an aperture therethrough and an outwardly formed flange, a flexible and compressible bulb having an end opening therein received over said; flange and frictionally retained on said flanged member, and having. a second end opening, and a hollow handle having an annular grooved neck portion received in said second opening, the walls of said bulb fric-. tionallyengaging and retaining. said handle.

4:. A fountain brush comprising a, bristle 115 portion, an intermediate, hollow, flexibleand compressible bulb, and a terminal hollow handle, arranged for fluid communication, therebetween, said terminalhandle, having concaved side walls by which it may be 120 grasped and heldby the lower fingers of the hand, and said bulbv having a convex side wall by which it maybe held and manipus lated by the upper fingers, of the hand.

5. A fountain brushcompr-i sing aibristle. 125 retaining member, and a soap reservoir in cluding a flexible and compressible bulb fordelivering soap to the bristles, said retain ing member having a central nipple. and an outer bristle-receiving portion at one end 130 thereof, and a flat face at the other end. In testimony whereof, I have signed my thereof, and a passage for soap of substanname to this specification in the presence of a tial length compargd witllll its'crodss(-1se%tion subscribing witness. v having arallel si e Wa s exten e rom 5 said fiat face to the surface of said nipple, SAMUEL PEARLMUTTER' said passage having a sharp entrance for Witness: soap. H. B. DAVIS;

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