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Publication numberUS1413384 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 18, 1922
Filing dateMar 28, 1921
Priority dateMar 28, 1921
Publication numberUS 1413384 A, US 1413384A, US-A-1413384, US1413384 A, US1413384A
InventorsBeyermann Hugo F
Original AssigneeBeyermann Hugo F
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Fountain hairbrush
US 1413384 A
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1,413,384. 1mm@v Ams, 1922.

MIM f INVENTOR Andnay saires stars' HJUGO Yr. BEYRMANMOF CHICAGO; fruitore.. y


a citizen of the United Sta-tes,V residingkat Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have inventedfnew and useful 1mpfrovements in ountain Hairbrushes, .of whichV the following isa specification.

T his'invention relates vto fountain brushes and an object of the invention is to-provide a brush particularly kadaptable for applying tonic, liquid shampoo oranalogous liquids to a persons scalp. fr i Another object ofthe invention is to provide a brush construction which is designed to permit thorough and efcieiit application7 to the vscalp of a'person, tonic, shampoo or the like, which bruslrstructure comprises a reservoirfadapted to contain a limited quantity of the liquid to be applied which Vreservoir has outletthrough a plurality of tubes placed amongst the'bristles ofthe brush, to provide va valve structureforcontrolling the outlet of liquid through said tubes and also to provide means for forcing or urging the liquid outwardly through'the tubes;

Other objects of the invention will appear in the following detailed description andin the accompanyingdrawing wherein:

vF ig. 1 is'aobottom plan Vof the improved fountain brush. n

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section through the fountain brush taken on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal horizontal section through the improved fountain brush.

Referring more particularly to the draw-V ing, wherein like characters indicate like and corresponding parts throughout the several views, the brush includes a back. 1 which is hollow as at 2 to provide a recepa tacle for retaining a limited quantity of Y tonic, liquid shampoo or the like. The reservoir f2 isV charged through theopening 3 which is normally closed 1 by a removable plug ,4. The bristle carrying plate 5 of the brush structure isfprovided with inwardly extending clips or flanges 6 by'means of which it is securely attached to the brush back 1. rlhe bristle carrying plate 5 may be Aformed of any suitable material, andrcar- Vries a plurality of bristles VZ lto provide a brush similar to any approved type of hair brush. A plurality of relatively small tubesV 8 extend through theY plate Vand have their outer ends terminating short; of the outer ends of, the bristles to preventv contactlof Specification ofLettersPate'nt.

' tubes.

registration with thel tube'sFS.l

1921. sei-iai No. 456,11..

"Patented A1511?. 1s, 19292;.

the tubesvwith the;head of theperson'upon Y @which the brush is'used.' .The'tubes Sai-e adapted to dispenseYV the Vtonic or 4other liquid contained in the reservoir 2famongst vthe bristles 7 to permit thorough application of the liquid :to 'the' scalp."v 'Ihe-licpiid` isV prevented from passing through the tubes- 8 Vwhen fthe brush is notin vus'e'by asliding valve plate 9 which is :provided-with a plu` rality ofelongated or ovalshaped openings 10 adapted to' register with the tubes 8 to permit the passage of liquid through the Y .Y The valve platef9 has a stem; 1'1V formed' Vthereon which projects outk ofthe-V70 brush back 1 and isslidablyicarrie'd' by suitable guide 12 lon thefhandle 13 Vof the v .l l

brush. A' spiral spring 14 engages the outer.'

V,end of the stem 11.A and normally'urge's the stem inwardly tojmove the opening 10 out of rlhe tension of the 'spring l-'m'ay be regulated by adjustmentoffa set'scre'wlicarried by a suit;- able bracket 16 lon the `handle13-` The valve stein 11 .has a shoulder'l; formed thereon againstwhich acam'18- engages.- r'lhe cam 18 is pivotally supported as shown at 19 upon the handle 13 and it hasY an operating handle '20 formed thereomqthe flat surfaces of which are Apositioned'at right angles to V v the flat surfaces ofthe handle 13. vThe@ movement of the handle 20 towardsthe ,han-

dleV 13 of the brush will rotate thercam V18 and urge the .valve stem 11 and valve plate 9 'outwardly against Vthe tension Of the spring-14 to move the openings 10 into Vregistration with the tubesY 8.

To Vinsure the dispensingV of the.'v liquid Y vfrom the reservoir 2A through the tubesv 8,k

a resilient 'receptacle 21 is positionedY in the recess22 formedv in the handle v13.. Theresilient receptacle 21 is'prefera'bly formed of i soft rubber Ysimilar to the receptaclesin Y t' fountain pens of thefself filling type. A pin 22 projects laterally through the seat-fof Ythe handle 13 and preferably has ahead .v

formed thereonxand positionedfinteriorly of the handle, which head'engages therecep; ftacle '21. The cam' operating handlef20 has-1"* ka lateral extension 24V formed uponoitsfree Y end which 'engages'v the pin 22 and'lforces'f y i Yrois Y' -it inwardly, pressingthe receptacle 21 Yand* Y forcing air into the reservoir 2 to cause disf placement of the lliquid through the open-'f 110v -V tending flanges 25 are struck fromfor formed uponthe bristle vcarrying.'plate 5 and form-` ings Y1()v and tubesy 8.`Longitudinally eXlf guides for the longitudinal movement of the valve plate 9. In use, the reservoir 2 is filled with any suitable Vtype of liquid through the opening 3 and when it is desired to apply the liquid to a persons scalp the hair or scalp is brushed in the usual manner during which time the @am operating handle 2O is pressed towards the handle 13 for moving the valve plate 9 to permit passage of the liquid outwardly through the tubes 8. As previously stated the movement of the cam operating handle towards the handle 13 of the brush will compress the resilient receptacle 21 and force the liquid out of the reservoir 2 through the tubes 8 to permit application of the liquid by the bristles 7.

It is, of Course, to be understood that the invention may be constructed in various other manners and the parts associated in dierent relations and, therefore, I'do not desire to be limited in any manner except as set forth in the claims hereunto appended.

Having thus described my invention what I claim is:

1. In a fountain brush, a brush back formingl a liquid containing reservoir, a bristle carrying plate carried by said back, a plurality of liquid dispensing tubes carried by said plate, a slidable valve plate for preventing dispensing of liquid through said tubes, a valve stem formed on said plate, an operating lever for the valve stem pivotally carried lby the handle of said brush, and a cam moved by loperation of said operating lever and engaging said stem to move said .and engaging said valve stem for normally urging the valve into closing position relative to said dispensing openings.

3. In a fountain brush, a brush back, a handle, said brush back being hollow to provide a liquid reservoir, a bristle carrying plate provided with dispensing openings, an

^ operating lever, a eollapsible receptacle within said handle, a pin positioned in the path of said operation lever whereby the collapsible receptacle will be collapsed by movement of said lever to force liquid through said dispensingV openings, and a valve for controlling passage of fluid through said dispensing openings operated by said lever synohronously with collapsing of said receptacle.

In testimony whereof Il aiHX my signature.


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