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Publication numberUS1413391 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 18, 1922
Filing dateDec 9, 1919
Priority dateDec 9, 1919
Publication numberUS 1413391 A, US 1413391A, US-A-1413391, US1413391 A, US1413391A
InventorsBrainard Clark
Original AssigneeBrainard Clark
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Combined tobacco box and holder for cigarette papers
US 1413391 A
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Patented Apr. 18, 1922.

125. CZ/a/rj, By 09M `invention has been devised.

UgNlTEo stares earsrrigcis.



COMBINED TOBACCO BOX AND HOLDER FOR CIGARETTE rarnnsz Y Y To all whom t may coa-cern: l

Be it known that I, 'BRAINARD' CLARK, subject ofthe King 'of AGreat Britain and Ireland, residing at Lucknov'vf7 Victoria Street, Rozelle, in the State of VNew vSouth Vales, Commonwealth vor Australia, have inventedY new and useful Improvements in a Combined Tobacco Boxand Holder for Cigarette Papers, of which the following is spec'iication. i

Personswho are inthehabit of makingtheir own Y cigarettes are often inconvenienced-V owing to the factV that the small packages of paper, invwhich the tobacco is rolled, become mislaid or through being kept in the clothes `pockets the paper frequently becomes damp with perspiration, and in consequence thereof -the gummed edges of the paperV Aadhere4 to the next sheet and become useless.A It is with a view to overcome these difficulties that the present The Vbox Vprovides a place for keeping the papers which is Vconvenient and atv the same time protects them from outside moisture. Y

The invention may be applied to the Ordinary tins in which many brands O tobacco are retailed to the consumer or it may be applied to a better classcontainer which would then be used in place ot the ordinary pouch. It has been designed for use par-v ticularly with'that class of paper which is packed zig-zag fashion in a package having a longitudinal opening through which each succeeding sheet will protrude as .the top oneis withdrawn from the package.`

The invention consists of a box, in which the tobacco is held and provided with, preferably,- hinged lid Within whichis a Acentral longitudinal recess adapted to receive the package of papers. cover plate of suitable material such as tin is provided,

having a longitudinal opening at 'ornearV its centre .which fits into the lid over the package ot' papers in such a way that the sheets of paper will protrude and may be pulled through the opening in the coverr plate, one at a time'as` they are required.

In the accompanyingv sheet of drawings, Fig. 1 is a plan thrown open.

of' the box with the lid l Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Apr. 18,1922, Application med vDecember 9, i919, serial No..aeaevafaenewea March 3,1922; serial 110.540,935-' I. Fig. 2 isa sectional elevation taken-bn the line A. B. of I Tig.V l.

-1 is the box in which' the' ataca-(51151' packed, Qi'the flanged lidY thereof, '3 the hinge, 4 the recess Vformed by depressing a l VpzIate which is frictionallyheld within'the lidV flange flO against accidental displacement and'by which'the' package' or papers y is'held in position within the` recess, 7 theVV 1 longitudinal vopening inthe cover plate, 8-

the sheet of' paper protruding through the opening 7, while 9 is an Y indentation stamped in the angel() of the lid for the Y Y l.

purpose of assisting in holding Ythe cover plate 6 1n. position.`

For some purposes it maybe desirabley to dispensewith thecover plate Gand provide other and cheaper means for vsecuring the package of papers 5 in the recess 4. One method would be to so shape the longitudinal edges of Vthe recess as to grip the package Y when it ispressed into the recess'.

I' claim In combination with a receptacle lid hav-r ingra continuous marginal langelprojectingy laterally therefrom, the said lid havinga depression formed therein extending from` onevflange to the opposite yflange, said de-l pression forming a seat for receiving and retaining a package of cigarette papers in position, a flat cover Vplatesnuglyfitted and frictionally held Within the V,langeuot the lid and adapted .to overlie and abuta package of cigarette'pap'ers to maintain the lat'- f ter in position in the depression, said .covery plate having a longitudinal slot in the Ypor-A f tion which'overliesthe package of-cigarette Vpapers permitting withdrawal ofthepapers .Y

Yone at a time, and retaining members formed on the flange for enga-ging and removably retaining Vthe cover plate'in position. Y

- In testimony whereof I have signedY my "name to this specication in the presence of Y tivo subscribingwitnesses. v Y c f Y iBRAINAaD oLAaK. yVitnesses'f l g R. MAssEN, I-I. C. CAMPBELL.-

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U.S. Classification206/237, 206/38
International ClassificationA24F23/04, A24F23/00
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